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December 05, 2007

I'm Dead, and I'm Just GIDDY About It!

Hi!  My name is was Emily Quartermaine!  I had a super amazing life.  "You can never be too rich or too thin"?  Could easily have been written just for me!  Crazily pretty and not yet even 30, I had:  a promising career as a doctor (which I only had to spend 42 minutes in medical school to get), a handsome and rich fiancé, a loving mother and a loving-though-morally-questionable brother, great friends, usually fabulous hair, and a ton of mascara and lipgloss.  Other than the occasional flashback to a romantic slip-up a year or so ago (which I agreed never to speak about publicly because it made my mom and passers-by on the street cry), and the unnecessary death of my father a few months back, my entire existence was really fantastic! 

Then some asshole killed me.

And for a minute, I was, like, totally buggin'!  But then I realized:  DEATH IS AWESOME. 




My fiance's aunt expressing serious concern about his mental health and well-being?  Hee!



Seeing a newspaper headline, announcing my brutal slaughter at the hands of an unknown killer?  Uproarious!


A detective accusing my fiance of murdering me?  Hysterical!



I'm telling you, death gets SUCH a bad rap.


Watching Natalia Livingston in these scenes, I want to reach through the screen and shake her, yelling, "You're putting the emPHAsis on the wrong sylLABle!"

And while I'm there, I'll beat Bob Guza about the head with heavy objects.  Preferably ones with sharp edges.

Most screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.


Hey, call me shallow, but at least she isnt 'umming' or nervous twittering all the time and another good thing .. she no longer has that awful French manicure..

My fiance's aunt expressing serious concern about his mental health and well-being? Hee!

Trufax, I sat here for a minute trying to figure out who the hell his aunt was. I kept thinking 'Laura didn't have a sister. At least not one that the show acknowledges anymore'. This show has made me forget Alexis! The show runners should burn in hell just for that.

Becca - this site is making my week... no month!
Thank you!

I love the screen caps of Em (dead Emily... Demmie?. You and Clarissa have picked the perfect shots to show how insane this nonsense has become.

I can't figure it out. GH was (ok, I'll admit a long, long time ago)a great show. They kill any chance to use cool and sexy spies, they rewrite or totally ignore character history on whim (Don't get me started on Jerry and Bobbie), and they leave really talented actors on the backburner while bringing in loads of semi-talented (or less) newbies.


The whole "Lost Potential" concept is killing me.

I think though that I may have the answer.

Every once in a while Awesome Writer breaks out of the basement and gives real writing and plot to the show. Just when we get our hopes up and think that some characters might actually remember their family, lost loves, or have some sense of self awareness - it's gone.

It's almost... evil.

I think that there must have been two very talented twins, separated at birth. One gave us years of exciting sexy writing with Robert, Luke, et all. Then in a weak moment he took in his mentally unstable long-lost twin for the weekend and woke the following Monday to find he was locked in a basement with only a cot and space heater for company.

His evil twin took over his life, his home, and his job.

Now millions of viewers are looking at his brother and crying "Guza!, What are you doing?".

If only AW could get a message to the police...


Free AW! Let Guza have the space heater for a while!

You're just spot on about the Emily crap. I'm already fully committed to just keeping my finger on the FF button through it.

I look very much forward to your comments on the whole Lizzie rant thing. Feel free to rip into the whole Leyla mess as well. I'm completely certain that both will be highly entertaining. Far more so, then this actual piece of shit show.

Alice, I had never thought about this, but it's so true.
"The nurse, over the course of a few weeks, gets a repeat of the entire Robin-Patrick arc. Who am I speaking of right now? She got involved even though she knew he was a playboy. But he was "gorgeous" and funny and the sex, whoa boy. But then she got invested and he dumped her. The only difference between the two stories: the nurse tried to save him in the latest "crisis" while he tried to save Robin in the hostage crisis."

Anyway, I say, yeah, Nik and DeadEmily zombie-living happily ever after death is a stretch, but any one of these damn couples are a stretch.

The writing is crap and inconsistent and the lack of proper accountabilty and arbitrary plot point whitewashing leaves everything tainted and sincerely compromises enjoyment. hatred and frustration is fast turning into apathy.

Damn Sarah! You took the words right out of my mouth!

Sarah, you are the Awesome Commentator! Feel free to bash all GH characters that say dumb things. I'm cool with it.

There's really no place to post non-post related things, but I just noticed, and wanted to comment on, the Girls Inc. ad---yay! It's a great organization. To keep it GH related: I've been donating to this organization for years, and I can tell you it's a great antidote to GH's narrow view of women! They even have a program in which "Girls learn to analyze critically what they see and hear in the media, advocate for change in entertainment, news, and advertising media, and create images that are more realistic and reflective of their lives."

That was funny as hell and I'm not a Emily fan. I miss AT!

How in the hell did this turn into something about Liz. I didn't agree with what she said, but god some people take things and run with it. NO wonder the TPTB keep this going, it's so talked about. IT WAS ABOUT HAPPY DEAD EMILY! It's funny people can't go a day without talking about her negatively more than they do their favorites positively, which just makes it better for us Liz fans.

But is it worth it Kentisha? Is it?

Personally I'd rather have my favorites talked about in positive terms constantly than run down like Liz just becuase of airtime and a really bad story. But that's just me....and I care about silly things like character history and integrity and show history...so call me crazy.

As a long time Liz fan i'm thrilled with the airtime...I still hate the story and the writing for the character. And i would take a dramatic drop in airtime again if I got the character I fell in love with ten years ago back.

THANK YOU for pointing out how bizarre this storyline is. I mean, how many ghosts are you going to have walking around...speaking of which...what happened to Alan? NL is usually a decent actress, but this sappy performance is hard to defend. I keep expecting someone to wake up from a dream....

I don't get this crap either. I'm trying to be openminded about it and give it a chance..because Id o think Nick and Emily were cute together once although dull and boring. But it is just one big What the ......
She is way too happy and showed no interest in seeing how her family was doing over her death.

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