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January 06, 2008

General Hospital Week in Review

The General Hospital powers-that-be may not feel the need to shake things up and do something different (you know, like not suck), but that doesn't mean we have to fall into the same trap.  So I'm trying something new with this week's Week in Review.  (Preview:  There's even audience participation!)  Please be supportive, dear readers.  I have to sit through every episode of GH without fast-forwarding because of this blog and our SOD column, and I don't get hazard pay or anything.

Most annoying thing on GH last week?

♦  The ridiculous, stereotypical, caricature-ridden version of Kate's Manhattan that the writers keep forcing on the viewing audience, an audience that presumably contains people who live in or who have visited New York City and therefore know this show is complete crap.  (In fairness, practically everyone knows this show is complete crap, but those with actual New York experiences have extra reason to think so lately.)

♦  Robin and Patrick ringing in the new year by having a patient die on their operating table and then "toasting" with champagne in plastic glasses on the floor of the hospital.

♦  Jason bailing on Liz on New Year's Eve to do work (reminder: which involves killing people for money), leaving her alone in that stupid safe house with her painter's block.

♦  Sonny getting arrested, as if anyone who has watched this show since the mid-90s actually thinks Sonny is going to go to jail at all, much less for being a dickhead in an art gallery in Cartoon Manhattan.

♦  Kristina Wagner's trying to figure out how to do this thing that she used to know was called "acting," or "being in character."

♦  Diane and Alexis squealing like school girls over being nominated for "Litigator of the Year."  Setting aside the teensie weensie problem that really, neither of these characters are litigators (they seem to spend most of their time doing contracts and family law),  why the hell would some women lawyer's group in Philadelphia be giving an award to lawyers from New York?  And why is "dueling shallow bitches" the only way these writers can write for middle-aged career women?

♦  More of giddy Dead Emily.

♦  Spinelli not taking the occasion of Georgie's death to realize he is a freak who needs to learn to talk like a human being. 

Spinelli: Actually what drives me is the desire to fill the vaccum that is my idol mind.  Lest the winds of rememberence blow thoughts of Georgie into my mind.

♦  The return of Luke's Hot Flashes, this time in the form of that stupid-ass trial.

♦  Alexis and Jerry/James/French mobster guy headed down the romance path.

♦  The skirt of Carly's NYE dress


♦  Lulu getting kidnapped.  Again.


Most awesome thing on GH last week?

♦  The reaction of Carly, an allegedly loving wife, to Jax being sick


♦  Kirsten Storms' portrayal of Maxie's grief over Georgie's death.  (If I thought the Daytime Emmy nominations even remotely made sense, I would insist she get one.)

♦  Kate's dress, hair, and makeup on New Year's Eve



♦  That there were only four episodes.

Most screencaps courtesy of Clarissa.



Or the software that tracks the # of site visitors also keeps track of what search engine searches lead people to us.

I am officially so damn frustrated with this piece of shit masquerading as a show that I can't even rant anymore......

HOWEVER, I will say 2 positive things-I believe (and it may only be false hope-but let me have it, damnit) that Kimberly cut her g.d. hair b/c it looked MUCH better in the, like, 2 seconds of airtime she got. And, even BETTER, I actually kinda liked Patrick again for a few minutes....once I regained consciousness after fainting from the shock of hearing an apology pass his lips. Hell, I even thought he looked hotly distraught later.

Oh, and YAY! about the new message board forum. So great to have a place to come and bitch to my heart's content-a place that is not loyal to any particular couple or character but where the posters also appear to have an education level above that of a slow first grader.

Happy New Year, indeed, Becca and Mallory!

Well this show has too many annoying things to single out only these few and I would have liked an 'All of the above' category. Seriously, I have never been so saddened by the destruction of a show in my life. GH has truly reached a new low and my former favorite, TG needs to retire soon rather than put up with this crap and humiliate himself further. There I said it.

I never thought GH could destroy Luke Spencer. Maybe TG just doesn't care anymore. But, let's just say for the first time - his vacation is a welcome reprieve.

Wow, your biases are going a little too far for me these days. Maybe I'll just re-read your old columns for a while.

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