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January 05, 2008

Jacob Young Has It Made

Some of you may not have a crippling, all too embarrassing addiction to a "reality" show on MTV and therefore may not watch MTV. I wouldn't blame you, as you always run the risk of contracting some sort of communicable disease from your TV set should you happen to catch A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila or any season of The Real World post-Back to New York.

But Made is actually a very cute show (I'm a sucker for both makeovers and underdog stories) and its new season premieres this Monday. On a brand new episode next Saturday, January 12th, at 3 PM, Made presents "Made: Soap Star":

Erick, a seventeen year old from Pennsylvania, is tired of feeling invisible.  So he's decided he wants to be MADE into a soap opera star to gain the celebrity he so feels he deserves. With soap sensation Jacob Young as his coach, Erick only has 5 weeks to learn the ins and outs of being a daytime star in order to nail the  once in a lifetime opportunity to audition for All My Children.

It's the highest quality program Jacob Young has appeared on since he played Rick on The Bold and the Beautiful.

I do hope, for Erick's sake, that "the ins and outs of being a daytime star" do not include being taken to Jacob Young's stylist...


I do hope he's not reading for the re-casting of a role...you know in case the "real" actor comes back or something.....

Remember when MTV showed, you know, videos? And not an endless parade of skeevy alcoholics having random sex with other skeevy alcoholics?

And does anyone remember the very first episode of "The Real World", before they started manipulating the heck out of the situations in that series? I loved that season.

Kat, I think the first season of The Real World is basically perfect television, and I would re-watch probably everything up through Seattle, if they'd put them out on DVD. I cannot sit through even an episode of the new seasons, though. I can't decide if it's that I'm too old, or the show is too gross.

Re: Mal's post, I am going to need a definition of "soap sensation." My only experience with Jacob Young is when he was Lucky on GH, and he was . . . sensationally loud. Okay, also sensationally cute, while also sensationally not really Lucky.

Didn't Made already do an AMC episode? Three heinous teenage girls randomly decided to be actresses, so Melissa Claire Egan, Bobbie Eakes, and Jeff Branson each got saddled with one. Is casting via MTV reality show some sort of budget-cutting measure?

Okay, don't judge me, but I had a big time crush on Eric and totally shipped him and what's-her-name from Alabama. What? I was in high school and it was the first season of The Real World and still considered legitimate, ground-breaking television, then. I went to the MTV music awards that year and followed him and other cute boys around the UCLA Pauley Pavilion like a crazed teeny-bopper. Fine. You can judge me.

So Mallory? If it's possible to contract communicable diseases from my TV, what kind of maladies should I be tested for from watching the various train-wreck programming on VH-1? Even in passing, The Pick-Up Artists and I Love New York makes me want to go douche myself.

i hope jacob young won't be serving as an acting coach for this guy. JY is truly one of the most horrific actors on television currently.

during one of his scenes i was appalled to find that zarf was not the worst acting on the show.

Jacob Young was also someone's dream date in an episode of What Not to Wear and he ended up taking her to the premiere of Dreamgirls.

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