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January 30, 2008

Well-Kept Secret: Sarah Brown Returns to GH Tomorrow

ABC Daytime has approached this event with its usual subtlety, so perhaps you haven't heard, but Sarah Brown is back on General Hospital starting tomorrow! 


With the darker hair, doesn't she look eerily like a slightly smaller-jawed Minnie Driver?

I am excited to see Sarah Brown back, but unsurprisingly GH has already messed up her return.  Yes, before her first airdate.  It's not me being cynical, it's them being stupid.  I promise.

First, this whole "who could the super-secret woman in Milan with a plane ticket to Port Charles (nonstop!) possibly be?!" game would have only been interesting if this was truly a surprise return.  Instead, with all the hype, I spend my time wondering whether they had poor Sarah spend her first couple of days on set as a pair of legs trying on cheap shoes. Oh, the shoes!  Holy cow, that was unintentional hilarity.  There's this array of what I guess are supposed to be super-fancy pumps, but you see a label and it's Nina?!  And I think I recognize two of the others as Nine West and Steve Madden?


I'm not saying I don't own lots of mid-range shoes -- on a related note, did you know it's possible to buy nine pairs of shoes for $200 at a DSW clearance sale? -- but I am not some powerful, super-rich mafia princess.  Wouldn't Claudia be wearing Manolos and Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, not mass-market knockoffs?


And second, way to build the suspense, writers, when the previews of Claudia's first week in town already show her hooking up with Sonny.  Spare me.  The power of the Corinthos wang prevails once again.  That thing is more magnetic than Saturn.

And "Who will end up on top?"?  Really?  Was "Someone's going to get screwed" taken?

So welcome back, Sarah Brown.  Your return as Claudia means there could finally be a woman character on this show who is independent and strong and on par with Sonny and Jason, without being vilified or sexually exploited, and . . .

Sorry, I couldn't even finish that sentence, I was so overcome with laughter.  Welcome back, or whatever.  Beware of the wardrobe department, and any promises of "the ____est story ever told."

Screencap courtesy of Clarissa.


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