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February 19, 2008

Can You Buy Self Awareness on Amazon?

If there is anything, in the world, that is as baffling as the PSA at the end of yesterday's General Hospital, I haven't seen it. And, you know, I watched the entirety of General Hospital: Night Shift and the Melaswen era of Days of Our Lives, so I know from baffling.

But watching Megan Ward valiantly tell us that violence is never the answer while Dylan Cash tried his best to read cue cards about gun violence without messing up, I found myself thinking that there are ways that I can justify the existence of Casey the Alien, or people coming back from the dead but I can't wrap my mind around the ludicrous hypocrisy of the powers-that-be at GH and ABC Daytime for having the audacity to say that violence is bad when they produce a show that is five hours a week of violence and murders being glamorized and deified. That's a lack of self-awareness on an epic scale.

Because WHERE would the audience POSSIBLY get the idea that violence is peachy keen, jellybean?

Could it be the artfully lit shootouts set to romantic ballads?

Could it be that when I google "Sonny orders Jason to kill", I get links to


Could it be that when I google "Sonny threatens to kill", I get links to


Could it be that when I do a little digging around through the transcripts at TV Megasite, I found Sonny threatening to kill Alexis, the mother-of his child, twice

  • Once, just for being the District Attorney: "You're not going to allow me to do anything because you have no authority over me here, no power over me here! And if you don't keep your mouth shut, stay out of my business, I will treat you like any other D.A.--have you thrown out on your butt, locked up for corruption or even disappear! And I don't want to hear "I'm the mother of your daughter" crap
  • Again, after Sam bumped into her at the opening of the Haunted Star: "Keep your distance from her. You got to respect the fact that [Jason]'s just trying to protect her, right? Sam doesn't like you; you don't like her. Keep your distance, otherwise--hey, whatever Jason does, Jason does".


Could it be that the leading men and moral compasses of this show are a life long sadistic criminal and his unrepentant hitman who are unfailingly portrayed as right, just and good people?

Because from where I'm sitting, the only reason why this is classified as a "bad" shooting on this show is that Michael is a kid and also shot Kate completely by accident. If he were a couple of years older and did it on purpose, it would be totally lauded and we'd hear about what a good man Michael is.



i thought it was better than nothing. The PSA was about TEEN violence. Me being a teen(15) thought it was good to put in. Any show can get away with adutl violence(I watch several of them...GH is not the worse) but once a child has a gun something needs to be adressed...i thought GH went about it maturly(SP)

Just out of curiousit, Courtney, which show is worse than GH? (I'm not being sarcastic -- I really am curious.)

Courtney, I think the reason everyone is so upset is that Michael's behavior was not just a kid's extreme reaction to difficulties; then a PSA might have been warranted. But the character learned about guns and hits on people and solving problems with violence from the adults in his life, people who are celebrated for the same behavior. It takes hypocrisy to the terrifying limit.

Exactly....my friend and I have been keeping track of all the violence on this show this week and it was already in the double digits by Wednesday and Michael's FATHER is all over that list. And yet his father's actions will be celebrated and held up as an example of how a man in love REALLY reacts when his family and woman he loves is threatened. They run around and threated to kill EVERYONE.

EXACTLY BETH! To keep a post op near death Kate calm and restful Sonny soothes her by vowing bloody vengeance on evryone even remotely related to her shooting.

Sonny-"Don't you worry babe. I am going to murder everyone I see who has ever looked at either one of us funny because of what someone did to you here. I'm not even investigating who the real shooter was, I am just gonna start murdering right away. Don't you feel better now that a bloody massacre is being delivered on your behalf by me and my professional killers?"

Guza thinks this is what women dream of hearing while coming out of anasthesia after getting shot and clinging to life with a bullet lodged in our chests. Ahhhh, the romance of it all.

Uh Sonny, Kate hates violence.

I can only hope he follows through with this threat too. That he will kill Michael, his Son, and the hooligans who sold him the gun and bullets. Since Jason and Carly are culpable here too maybe he will shoot them too justifiably. If so I see a Sonny suicide as well in our future. I mean, all of that is IF he keeps his word to Kateto murder the responsible parties.

This Effin Show!!!!!!!!!!

And we thought GH had lost all the comedy from their writing...I haven't laughed at this show this hard since Ghost Alan told Tracy Monica's favorite position in bed!

Lately I have been thinking that The Shield is less violent/crazy than GH. Now that's seriously not what I should be pondering...

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