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February 14, 2008

Oh, Happy Day!

In the words of Lisa Simpson: Today's top story-- little girl on cloud nine as dream comes true.

After months of complaining about her incredibly cheesy, relentlessly horrible, repetitive plots, out of character characters, unbalanced storytelling and boneheaded casting decisions, long-suffering fans were given a gift from CBS, as they finally took the hint and showed Lynn Marie Latham the door.

I repeat:

Lynn Marie Latham was fired.

I just...I feel like Julia Roberts presenting Denzel Washington with his Oscar. I could start singing "I'd like to teach the world to sing". I could...like, skip through the streets. I am so excited that I'm not even going to be pessimistic and worry about what head writer will come in next.


Let's just hope that Bob Guza is next.

OMG...that is exactly what I was thinking...GH is so much better since Guza went on strike....please let him go....

My thoughts exactly...CBS has just ignited hope in this ABC watcher's heart.....

Watch Frons stomp it out....

Amen. Let's pray to God that Guza is next. I liked GH so much better when he was gone. Which really doesn't say all that much since "liking GH so much better" is really code for mild dislike as opposed to out and out hatred.

I'm so cynical about soap writers these days, but this is good news. More than anything it's good news because a hack writer/producer actually gets sent packing instead of staying around for years and years. Whatever the reasons, I'm just thrilled she's gone. I know Y&R has its share of problems, but I think the show can move into a higher gear if the new writer can wrap up some of the current stories. The basic core of Y&R is still there (unlike AMC and GH, which have been gutted), and if nothing else, LML's reign has reminded what Peter Bergman can do when given a lead role, even with crappy material.

I have to admit a tiny part of me is still angry with them for writing out Laura on Knots Landing.

Hey, maybe Y&R will get Hogan since Corday canned him.

It looks like we are all on the same page about Guza, athough knowing Brian Frons, he fire him and then hire Latham.

If Brian Frons can't fire his beloved Guza maybe put Garin Wolf as co-head writer to maintain the balance Wolf has brought to Gh...instead of Guza's "Sonny, Carly, Jason and Lulu" hour.....

AGH Kat!!! Don't scare me with that very real possibility.....let us live in our dreams!!!!

Please let Guza(GH)and Esensten and Brown(AMC) be next. These writers along with Frons have destroyed the whole ABC Daytime lineup.

So Y&R, the consistently number one soap for years, recognizes a problem in their writing and takes immediate steps to improve it by firing the head writer. GH, on the other hand, has seen a precipitous dropoff in viewers the past few months (years, actually), but still stubbornly retains their head writer. *sigh*

Did Frons and Guza sign a blood oath to remain BFFs forevah? Was the devil in fact involved in this deal in any way?

And I think Hogan Sheffer could be fabulous on Y&R, as long as they don't hang him the way they did at DOOL.

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