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March 07, 2008

An LML Survivor Speaks Out

I'm sure that many of you have already seen the interview Carolyn Hinsey did with an anonymous Y&R actor about Lynn Marie Latham's time with the show and I'm way behind the times for only discussing it now (check back tomorrow for my thoughts on this new movie called Titanic!), but I simply have to comment on this anonymous Y&R actor.

He/she? Is awesome.

Here are some choice quotes:

Carolyn: I think she was talented, but she seemed to have a lot of pet causes for a one-hour show.

Actor: Oh, please [I like to think this was in reference to the 'she was talented' disclaimer, in which case...hee!!!--ed.]. We couldn't keep up! First it was, 'Why is everybody at the gym with this bottled water all the time? Don't they know that pollutes the environment?' So the bottled water was gone, not a huge loss. Then it was, 'Can I also say that the fires in the fireplaces, romantic though they may be, are polluting the planet in the worst possible way? You can't build a house anymore with a wood-burning fireplace. Let's stop that.' "Uh, okay, now we're doing a soap opera supposed to be about romance, without any fireplaces. Then she saw the movie "Blood Diamond" and that was it. No more diamonds.

Carolyn: I remember that, because Phyllis got a pink ring from Nick and I was like, "What the hell was that?"

Actor: Exactly. It looked like it came out of a Cracker Jack box. The other thing was, she didn't understand the character of Ashley. She wanted her out, too. Ashley was out.


Carolyn: IS Y&R going to murder [LML's friend's] character?

Actor: No, I think our producers are reluctant to have one more f--king murder in this town. I heard one of the new writers suggested maybe someone in town could read in the newspaper that the crime rate in Genoa City just dropped precipitously.


So much love.

Like everyone else reading it, I wonder who the actor is. It could be Michelle Stafford, but she's pretty forthright and I don't think she'd need to speak out anonymously with her face blurred like she's on an MSNBC documentary or anything. Melody Thomas Scott has every reason to despise Lynn Marie Latham, what with the whole firing her husband who was a long-time producer thing, but I would think her loathing would be so great that she wouldn't really care about things like bottled water and fireplaces. Mentioning the shabby treatment of Eileen Davidson's Ashley makes me think it's Peter Bergman, because he's made comments about that before, and if this is the case, I'd love him even more than I did before, which would bring my levels of love up to...um, stalkerish.

There's always the off chance that it's Hunter Allan, though.


I was convinced that it was Jeanne Cooper, though Mel and Jess Walton are also possibilities.

Did Latham fire Ed Scott?? Then as a Days fan, I love her!!! I'm sorry for Y&R fans that she screwed your soap so badly, but she's helped mine!
I love Ed Scott so much, I'm thinking of starting a fan club for him. Is that weird?

Oooh that Hunter Allan... Peter Bergman it could be... man I wish we knew who it was. But I agree with angmc about Ed Scott. Sign me up for that fan club.

I don't watch Y&R, but I think I will on Monday just so I can send love vibes to my TV in hopes that they hit whichever actor/actress gave this interview. Love!

Crime in Genoa City? Who do they think they are, General Hospital?

Ha ha...

And I've started watching Days!

I for some reason think it might be Eric Braeden. I have no idea why but I totally can see him sitting around bitching. Maybe I just like the mental image. Whatever.

I am pretty sure the actress friend of LML that's getting fired is Tammy Lauren (Maggie), which is kind of too bad. I like her and Paul as a match. He needs a woman and she's been somewhat of a decent policewoman. I thought and was hoping it would be Vail Bloom. Heather sucks and has from her introduction. They need to do a big re-do where that story is concerned. Where the heck was Grandma Mary? As far as who gave the interview, who knows, it could have been Judith Chapman. There was tinge of Gloria to the answers.

I thought maybe the "friend" that was hired was the DA. Can't think of her name, but I heard she's about to get the boot, and she really hasn't added much to the show. She kept boasting about how she's won all her cases, and yet she's dismissed every one she's been involved in.

I bow at the feet of the Awesome Actor...I hope they team up with the Awesome Writer and start taking this industry over!

Interesting read. As for who the actor could be...hmm. Sounds like someone who's been around probably longer than LML. Someone who has no respect for her but doesn't outright hate her guts. Someone with decent enough airtime to not complain about cast underusage. Someone who either plays or in close acting vicinity to Phyllis, Ashley, Gloria, Kevin, and Jeff/Will. Someone who likely has gym scenes. And someone who does love scenes and has maybe a fireplace residence. Someone with little regard for JiMin's character.

My guess, Christian LeBlanc fits.

OOh! Good guess. I can totally see it being Christian LeBlanc. Hes always been kinda snarky and honest a la Ric Hearst.

It's not journalistically ethical to do an anonymous Q&A interview. If the interviewee won't reveal him/herself, then the interviewer should at least get comments from the people being slammed in the interview. It's called journalistic balance--fairness.

Ivy, when was the last time you saw Christian LeBlanc in the gym? LOL! I don't think he or Lauren even own gym clothes;)

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