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March 19, 2008

Can I Get Disability Pay for Outrage Fatigue?

If you are totally unspoiled for GH, stop reading now.  I used to be one of you, but I feel like 1) I should probably read the magazine that we write for (I heart paychecks!), and 2) with GH it really is helpful to know at least a little bit of what's coming up, so that you can take adequate precautions (e.g., hide heavy objects, soundproof living room walls, warn neighbors about possibility of random expletives).

I will admit that I was already suffering from a bit of TV outrage last night.  I watched my cheesy guilty pleasure, Dancing With the Stars.  Innocent fun, that show!  (Side note:  Jason Taylor = made of sexy.)  So what genius decided to ruin the night by making the adorably curvy Marissa Jaret Winokur dance to Tpain's "Low," with special emphasis on "gave that big booty a smack"?  That is the tackiest thing I have ever seen on that show, and I've watched six seasons of outfits made entirely from illusion fabric and sequins! 

ANYWAY.  Back to GH.  Upping the TV outrage since 2002 or so.  So I'm flipping through the front part of Soap Opera Digest that I allow myself to read (I like my spoilers in small quantities, just like I do spicy food, cultural activities, and CNN), and what do I see but a preview of what's to come next week with Carly.  Hey guess what everyone?  Carly's going to miscarry!  Do you know why you're thinking "are you effing kidding me with this?!"  Because Carly has miscarried like 17 times before and, oh yeah, SO HAS EVERY OTHER WOMAN ON THIS SHOW.  And usually as the result of spectacular[ly unnecessary] violence, as is the case this time in which some combination of Diego the Undead Serial Killer's bomb and Claudia's bitchiness will culminate in Carly miscarrying.

Look, I don't even like Carly.  Laura Wright is fabulous, and I'm sure she'll sell the scenes, but Carly is still about 98% odious.  And I don't like Carly with Jax.  I never have.  And I did not want to deal with years of Jax suffering through co-parenthood with Carly.  So this is not some fangirl reaction.  What is it with this show and endangering pregnant women?  It is seriously disturbing.  Like, more disturbing than its obsession with guns.  Even more disturbing than Carly's vision of heaven being in a dive bar, in Claudia's cheap red shoes, playing pool, drinking cheap beer, lusting after Jason.  Yes, that disturbing!

I get that soaps are about drama, and miscarriages can be dramatic, but it is about 20 miscarriages past the point where this show can claim any artistic originality with this, right?  Am I crazy?  Is everyone going to respond with how per capita, Port Charles women actually carry pregnancies to term at a much higher rate than any other soap towns, having figured this out using several soap encyclopedias and multi-tabbed Excel spreadsheets? 

Okay, maybe I am overreacting (well, I NEVER!).  Let's try to compile a list in the comments of all the poor Port Charles women who have had miscarriages or stillbirths in recent years, shall we?  I'll start:  Elizabeth (x2).  If we want to get crazy we can tally the newborn babies in peril, too.  And those of you who watch other shows can weigh in on whether my soap outrage is legit, or whether I am going to have to come up with some other reason to skip town to Tahiti next week.  And also, as always, you can count your blessings and/or gloat that you don't have to watch what the people running GH have done to this once amazing soap.


Hi Carl-That is exactly what happened. She and AJ were fighting AGAIN and she stormed down the stairs and he followed right behind her....then she fell. She went to the Q's to fight w/ AJ knowing she was pregnant. She brought this all on herself as always. Sonny was there at the bottom of the stairs so Carly screamed that AJ pushed her. Which was a lie. AJ did not push CXarly down at all. It may have been an accidental fall technically, but she created the drama 100% that put her in peril.

And have you noticed the miscarriage is always someone's "fault" on daytime. Cause medically miscarriages are nature's way when something is wrong with the fetus. Or that's what I've gleaned from watching prime time medical shows.

I bet Jax is kicking himself now for turning away from Sky. The character would have had her drama but he would not have suffered all these years of 4 different baby mamma dramas. Do ya'll remember the Carly locking Sky in the boatshed incident? I couldn't help the evil smile that came on my face at the irony of Carly taking her turn at being trapped in freezing water. As a Skye fan yesterday was all good for me. At least Sky got a warm bath and love scenes with Jax out of it. I'm bad.

Lucy Coe miscarried three times (I think?), and at least on of them was definitely on GH. It was Scotty's baby, and she was passing it off as Alan's. Then she miscarried Kevin's baby on Port Charles. What was the third one? Does anyone remember?

Michelle, yep, originally Courtney was told she couldn't have any other kids because of complications from her miscarriage. But, when she did get knocked up, I distinctly remember the OBGYN telling her that she had been stressed, and just relaxing and letting it happen is what made the difference. It was such a WTF moment I couldn't possibly ever forget it.

Just saw this as part of the "new" possible miscarriage story for Claudia or Carly, so here's my list:

I started watching around the time of Tania Jones, but I know at least Lesley Webber had a miscarriage before that. . .

Lesley Webber
Tania Jones
Holly Sutton
Anna Lavery
Tiffany Hill
Lucy Coe
Lily (both she and baby died in explosion)
Liz (more than one)
Carly (more than one)

and I'm sure there are many more. . .over the years.

Now I know from close to personal experience, that some women have many many miscarriages, BUT it is most often a fertility thing, and that would actually make a good, prolonged storyline for someone. But I'm sure the writers would botch it and there'd be some "miraculous" cure and that would blow the story right out of the water.

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