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April 30, 2008

And Emmy Season Officially Begins!

There are few things in life that Becca and I enjoy more than the Daytime Emmys, as readers may remember from our 2007 Serial Drama Daytime Emmys Live Blogging Extravaganza. It's a win-win situation for us, you know? If our favorites are nominated, we get to feel the exciting validation of "Yes! A strange body of voters who are prone to terrible mistakes agree that our favorite person to be named in the prehistoric prenom process should have a one in five chance of being called the year's best! Wooo!" and if they get snubbed, we can get our moral outrage on, all "How dare they not recognize the brilliance of [Insert Snubbed Actor Here]?! As God is my witness, I will never care about shoddily produced awards shows again!"

So between the potential for celebration AND criticism, we're on cloud nine and then if you throw in glorious or fugly fashion AND supermodels being upstaged by Muppets, it's pretty clear that this is the most wonderful time of the year.


Um...to sum these nominations up, I only have this to say: ...???...?!?!...???...

(and also: SUCK IT, BRIAN FRONS!)

(But mostly ...???...?!?!...???...)

Outstanding Younger Actor

Van Hansis (Luke, As the World Turns)
Jesse Lee Soffer (ex-Will, As The World Turns)
Darin Brooks (Max, Days of Our Lives)
Tom Pelphrey (ex-Jonathan, Guiding Light)
Bryton McClure (Devon, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Younger Actress

Jennifer Landon (ex-Gwen, As The World Turns)
Rachel Melvin (Chelsea, Days of Our Lives)
Vail Bloom (Heather, The Young and the Restless)
Emily O'Brien (Jana, The Young and the Restless)
Tammin Sursok (Colleen, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Supporting Actor

Trent Dawson (Henry, As the World Turns)
Daniel Cosgrove (Bill, Guiding Light)
Brian Kerwin (Charlie, One Life to Live)
Kristoff St. John (Neil, The Young and the Restless)
Greg Rikaart (Kevin, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Supporting Actress

Kelley Hensley (Emily, As The World Turns)
Heather Tom (Katie, The Bold and the Beautiful)
Judi Evens (ex-Adrienne, Days of Our Lives)
Gina Tognoni (Dinah, Guiding Light)
Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Lead Actor

David Canary (Adam/Stuart, All My Children)
Thaao Penghlis (Tony/ex-Andre, Days of Our Lives)
Anthony Geary (Luke, General Hospital)
Peter Bergman (Jack, The Young and the Restless)
Christian Leblanc  (Michael, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Lead Actress

Maura West (Carly, As The World Turns)
Crystal Chappell (Olivia, Guiding Light)
Nicole Forester (Cassie, Guiding Light)
Michelle Stafford (Phyllis, The Young and the Restless)
Jeanne Cooper (Katherine, The Young and the Restless)

Outstanding Daytime Drama

General Hospital
Guiding Light
One Life to Live
The Young and the Restless

Thoughts about the nominees, after the jump! And remember--we don't watch some of the soaps nominated, so I'll only comment on the ones I know. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the nominations for As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Passions in the comments.

Outstanding Younger Actor

I actually like Darin Brooks as Max. He's charming enough to make a good portion of the audience ignore the family ties between Max and Stephanie and, to be honest, it's nice just to see Days get some love from the people doling out nominations. I'm still a little bitter that Kristian Alfonso didn't get nominated last year. Not that I hold a grudge or anything...

But Bryton McClure? When was the last time Devon had a real storyline? As it stands now, he pops by every once in a while to recap the action going on in Lily's life. And he seems bored as hell when he's doing that, although I might just be projecting because I am bored as hell watching it.


Outstanding Younger Actress

That category is...just...it's like a bunch of random letters thrown together and, coincidentally, they just happen to form the names of women eligible for nominations in this category. Because, sorry, but no. Kirsten Storms (and Julie Marie Berman, but mostly Kirsten Storms, because what they've done to Lulu's character has had a big impact on Julie Marie Berman's performance) gets snubbed in favor of ADA Barbie? And Tammin "Suresucks" Sursok? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE WORLD?

Seriously, though, I don't get it. I actually don't have a problem with Emily O'Brien's nomination, because I think she's funny and manages to make an utterly horrible character and storyline seem sort of okay, but the other two are mind boggling. Vail Bloom is suuuuper pretty, but I could never buy her as the ADA and her facial expressions never changed, no matter what the situation. And with Tammin in the role, Colleen became an eighth grader looking whiner with NO storyline who SOUNDED Australian, despite living in Wisconsin and being brought up in New York City. Double you tee eff?

(And ouch, how much does it suck to be Christel Khalil right now, by the way? Three of her castmates, two of them massively untalented, get nominated and she gets...nothing.)

I'm glad for Rachel Melvin, because I feel like she's become a really great actress since she was once one of our most loathed characters, but I wish Kirsten Storms had gotten a nomination alongside her. Maxie's pretty much the best character on GH right now and the fact that she went from being so awful to so awesome has a lot to do with Kirsten Storms. She's so charming! And funny! And heartbreaking! Damn the man.


Outstanding Supporting Actor

It seems like Kristoff St. John and Greg Rikaart will get nominated for just showing up to work. I can sort of see why Greg Rikaart got nominated, but Kristoff St. John? Really? I'll quote myself regarding Neil: When you can barely muster something other than a monotone when you ask about your wife's death and when your most memorable piece of dialogue is about coffee pot etiquete, there is a problem.

But I guess that coffee pot story really hit a nerve with the Emmy voters...

NOTE: I know nothing about the role Daniel Cosgrove plays on Guding Light, or how he plays it, but I am rooting for him to win because of how awesome he was on Dirty Sexy Money. So, so awesome.


Outstanding Supporting Actress

I found this category to be almost as shocking as Younger Actress. I love Tracey E. Bregman, and I'm always happy to see her get nominated, but I am flabbergasted that Judith Chapman didn't get nominated. I mean, I hate Gloria and the way that Judith Chapman plays the role, but I was convinced that she'd get a nomination. I actually figured that she was going to win, because that's how anything Gloria related rolls. I don't know why, I just assumed that the Emmy voters would be part of Y&R's "LOVE HER! LOVE HER, DAMN IT" train. This is why it's good to be pessimistic, because when things occasionally don't suck, you wind up even happier than you would be if you were a normal person.

Judi Evans getting nominated is slightly surreal. I mean...really? Is she even the best supporting actress on Days? Better than Mary Beth Evans? O...kay. Not that she's not good, and I totally enjoyed her scenes with Stephen Nichols, but it's just...weird.


Outstanding Lead Actor

I have almost no issues at all with this category, actually. David Canary rules at life, Anthony Geary will get an Emmy nomination for anything he does, Christian LeBlanc is reliably great and Peter Bergman is amazing in every single way. I am most excited about Thaao Penghlis because he was responsible for the GREATEST MOMENT IN THE HISTORY OF DAYTIME TELEVISION, AND PERHAPS ALL VISUAL MEDIA and an Emmy nomination is the least the world could give him. I was holding out for a Nobel prize, but beggars can't be choosers.

I do, and please don't, like, stone me for this or anything, kind of wish that Thorsten Kaye had gotten nominated instead of Tony Geary. Not that Tony Geary isn't great, and not that Luke isn't an important part of GH, but...did he really do anything this year? Besides have a very, very hammy heart attack? I know Thaao Penghlis can bring the cheese like no other, but Luke's heart attack was so very cheesy. Although it's entirely possible that Thorsten Kaye didn't get nominated because of his part in the tragedies known as "The Satin Stalker" and "Greenlee and Zach Trapped Underground". He's always good, but maybe he was tainted by the awfulness of the stories he was in? 


Outstanding Lead Actress

I am a sucker for Michelle Stafford, even when Phyllis is annoying the hell out of me (which is often). And I think Jeanne Cooper just gets nominated because she's Jeanne Cooper, which is fine with me (note: I am not just saying that because the woman could beat me up), but it's kind of bullshit that Melody Thomas Scott didn't get nominated. She was the only person who, like, acted during the Nikki/Victor breakup, she was part of what made the Senate race bearable and she was phenomenal during Victoria's coma. I'm so disappointed on her behalf!

I'm also mildly surprised that Laura Wright didn't get a nomination (and the woman who replaced her on Guiding Light did!), but I'm not, like, outraged about it. I am contemplating going on a hunger strike to protest MTS's snub, though. Does getting Starbucks violate the terms of a hunger strike? Perhaps I'll strike in another way...like refusing to see the new Ashton Kutcher/Cameron Diaz movie. How will that stick it to the haters? I don't know, but it will, damn it. I need to take a stand somehow.


Outstanding Daytime Drama

According to Mirriam-Webster, synonyms for "outstanding" include exceptional, magnificent, extraordinary and remarkable.

When I think of those words, I do not think of a show so boring and repetitive that it made me fall asleep on multiple occasions, whose boringness was only broken up by terrible stories about porn, an ill-advised recast, a long and mostly pointless prison storyline, a long and mostly pointless political storyline, a poorly written device to write off a core character, appalling hairstyles, a cheesy story about psychopaths with plastic surgery, bad photoshop, a disaster story so wretched that even Bob Guza laughed at it and the continued employment of daytime's only robot cast member.

But that show seems downright brilliant compared to General Hospital, which I have come to conclude is not meant to be entertainment but, rather, serves merely as a vehicle for the powers-that-be to give the finger to their actors, their audience, people who have heard of General Hospital, people who work at hospitals and the person who invented the television. Because the fact that this EFFING SHOW was rewarded with a chance to be called Outstanding Daytime Drama in a year that brought us the firing of Stuart Damon and his subsequent humiliation via tracksuits, the intelligence insulting reveal that James Craig is Jerry Jacks, two ridiculous trials that showed us exactly how little the writers care about logic or the real world, ongoing blatant disrespect of Genie Francis, the rape of a character being played as him breaking his marriage vows in a hilarious way, the out of nowhere obsession Robin had with having a child, the violent murder of Emily Quartermaine, Emily's happy ghost, obvious rewrites of stories that weren't good to start with, the violent murder of Georgie Jones, a shitty spinoff and Steve Burton's hair, amongst other atrocities, is so unspeakably wrong that I don't even know how to process it.


How do you feel about the nominations? Did your favorite get a nod, or were they in the snub pile? What do you think about ABC's near shut out in the acting categories?


The Younger Actress category is, by far, the most outrageous. How in the fresh hell did Vail Bloom and Tammin Sursok manage to acquire nominations over Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) and Marcy Rylan (Lizzie, GL)?! The mind. It boggles. Jennifer Landon and Rachel Melvin seem to be the only two that belong in that category. I hope Rachel wins. I've always thought Jen Landon was good, if a little overrated, but it's time for some DAYS love at the Emmys.

Also, Thaao Penghlis must have included the legendary TONY ON A HORSE bit in his Emmy reel. It's the only way to explain how the Emmy voters, who perpetually go out of their way to snub DAYS actors, finally gave that show some recognition (like Mallory, I'm still bitter over Kristian Alfonso's snub last year). If any DAYS actors win, I think we all have Thaao to thank.

As an on and off again 26 year viewer, I wish I cared about GH but I don't. I get a glimpse of snippets of the show very irregularly and can't say I am invested in even one character on the show. Tony Geary;s Emmy nom for Luke's heart attack storyline was so unbearable and embarrassing I could not watch it. Luke and Tracy are caricatures, vets and core characters are gone or on once every 3-4 months. Characters have been deconstructed to a point where there is no redemption. Storylines start and stop without explanation. Truly, no storyline deserves an emmy, certainly not the writing or directing. No way should GH win best show. The show, if Frons, Guza and Phelps aren't fired, should be cancelled and put it along with viewers out of our misery.

The entire Emmy process is totally a popularity/political game. I don't get worked up about this crud...if I did, I'd lose my mind. Kelly Monaco deserved it the year she was nominated. Laura Wright deserved a nod. Kirsten Storms deserved a nod. Greg Vaughn during the addiction s/l. It's all ridiculous.

All the GH people here crack me up like GH is the only soap on earth and the only one to have decent actors. First of all did any of you know Kirsten Storms did NOT submit any scenese from Georgies death in her real and if I saw a scene from Kirsten in early 2007 which is what she submitted I would have passed on her. The same thing with Julie Berman, Her finest hour on GH the whole year, the rape reveal, and she submits some episode where she is screaming like a banchee.

Many other actors other than those on GH were overlooked, Robert Woods on OLTL deserved a nod as did Thorston Kaye on AMC over anyone at GH. GH had no one in the supporting categories worth a damn based on the material they submitted. And I blame the writing for the crap they are given to work with. Becky Herbst is a joke, KMc even said she had no material last year, Laura Wright another joke - she had nothing as a lead nor did NLG who I love.

Face it. CBS houses the best soaps with the best writing and that is why they got the lions share of the nominations. Why don't you look to where the problem it. Brian Frons and his cast of incompetents.

And holding up past winners because you did not agree with an actor who won sounds like sour grapes. Your fave got overlooked so you now trash past winners. Sounds bitter.

Guza has to be paying someone off, it's the only logical explanation for GH getting a nomination. Also GH is up for outstanding writing team and scenic design(the craptastic CGI). Why do they insist on celebrating the suckiness that is GH?!

I'm still in shock over GH and also NBC actually getting 4 acting nominations (THAAO!!) in one year. The Judi Evans thing is kind of random though, not that she's not awesome but she was on for like two months as Bonnie and then some walk-ons as Adrienne. I bet she submitted her last day as Bonnie, those were really good scenes.

I am so disappointed and shocked that Kirsten Storms was not nominated she really just kicked ass this past year!! The stuff surrounding Georgie's death should have guaranteed her a spot.

People here keep referencing how overlooked Kirsten Storms was. As another poster said, she did NOT submit the Georgie stuff which is why she did not get nom'd. Stupid move but I won't blame the emmy's but Kirsten. Get over it people. GH stinks and Y&R, ATWT, and GL are far superior in stories and writing which is why they got the bulk of the nominations. Rather than blaming the emmy process, why don't you blame who is really at fault. Bob Guza and his horrible writing team

Um, let's dial back the attitude just a bit, okay? The comments on this post are specifically for people to bitch about the Emmy nominations, so please don't blame people for venting or being bitter.

And Lucy and Faith, I see what you're saying about Kirsten Storms not submitting her best material, but my feeling is that even her worst material would be better than anything Tammin Sursok and Vail Bloom had to offer.

Regarding the list of GH atrocities over the past year, you left out the most horrific -
Nikolas making love to a tumor (dead Emily)!

Y&R Younger Actress noms - O'Brien, I like. She must be a good actress for me to feel anything for her character after the whole the-tumour-made-me-do-it story. Suresucks & Bloom, Bloom, Bloom Shake the Room?! WTF?! If they were anymore wooden I could make furniture from them :(

I was disappointed that Kirsten Storms did not get nominated for younger actress. I don't know how she got left out. Same with the actress who plays Lulu - both of these young ladies are superb.

I do wish that Deidre Hall had been nominated. Her scenes during John's death and afterwards were heart-wrenching. I don't know how she could get passed for a nod this year.

OK, I'm sure nobody will even read this, since I just had to skim through over 60 posts to be sure nobody already said this: Lauren is a good Y&R character, but I don't think T Bregman is a very good actress at all. That is probably blasphemy to say on here, but it's what I've always thought. She was absolutely ridiculous when she was trying to convey Lauren having panic attacks. Very unconvincing and annoying to sit through. And of course the other nominations (younger actress) are just absurd.

I can honestly say I was stunned that Thorsten Kaye didn't receive a much-deserved nomination. This fabulous actor brings it every single day & to be treated this shabbily is an outrage! Unless he's a presenter at the Emmys, I wouldn't waste my time.

Although ATWT is now unwatchable due to the writing, the cast has always been among the best in daytime, and this year is no exception. I'm totally behind Maura, Kelley, Jennifer, Trent & Van (never too impressed with Jesse, sorry).

I do find it kinda sad and disappointing that you totally ignored them in this column. They dress up that pig every day.

Since the only soap I watch is All My Children. My favorites on the show are Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew. I am very disappointed that they were not nominated. I think they both deserved an acknowledgement of their work on the show this year. I probably will not watch the Emmy show now. The only way I will is if the two of them are presenters. Otherwise I have no interest in the watching the show.

Anyone else find it hillarious that ABC got so royally shut out and mostly for the right reasons at that...and they are the ones who are airing the Emmys this year?

Frons is putting together a prime time showcase for his competitors' shows...come on now...that is KARMA....hillarious hillarious KARMA.....Stuff like that is the reason NBC stopped showing the Emmys in the first place.....

Something like that couldn't have happened to a nicer soul sucking idiot.

CG, hopefully you saw this in Mallory's post:

And remember--we don't watch some of the soaps nominated, so I'll only comment on the ones I know. Please feel free to share your thoughts about the nominations for As the World Turns, The Bold and the Beautiful, Guiding Light, One Life to Live and Passions in the comments.

So, no need to be sad or disappointed in our need to have day jobs and therefore limit our viewing to half the shows on the air.

I find the best way to deal with these mostly horrible Daytime Emmy nominations is to consume lots of alcohol and plan what terrible things you'll say about the many overly-sequined gowns on the red carpet.

So Thorsten Kaye and Alicia Minshew don't get nominated? They acted the hardest out of anyone this year. How about Nancy Lee Grahn getting nominated? I would seriously go gay for her. She's so awesome. hehe

What I really think would of been funny was for Sabine Singh to get nominated and win. It would be like a screw you to Brian Frons for that stupid "Real Greenlee" campaign.

To end this little rant, the actors who voted for Sursok and Bloom were smoking something and probably listening to "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane.

P.S. I've heard the rumor that some of the actors didn't have time to look at the tapes and just voted for their friends. Being that Bloom and Sursok have been on the show for 2.5 seconds combined, I don't know how that could be true!

The Daytime Emmy's are a TO.TAL. joke. No validity, whatsoever -- which makes them only good for mocking the self-importance it desperately tries to maintain, those who DO take it too seriously and the bedazzled fashions, orange-hued D-list wannabes and increasingly embarrassingly ill-produced show it becomes year after year.

(I am, however, secretly very, very happy that Alison Sweeney was not nominated because how anyone can take her seriously is still beyond my comprehension.)

who are these people?

I cannot believe that trio of nimnuts from Y&R earning an "outstanding younger actress" nod. Good grief. The three of them together would be hard pressed to work up an ounce of acting talent, let alone separately.

My Mom (who doesn't watch GH) took one look at Luke once and nicknamed him the bum! No point to that comment I just thought it was funny! Mom's always know best!

As for the nominations, if GH was going to get one lead male nomination it should have gone to TC. But more importantly, Kirsten Storms was screwed over. She earned and deserved a nomination.

Kirsten Storms and Kimberly McCullough! They make their characters believable, and they certainly deserved a nod this year. And I just adore Robin Scorpio.

Btw, love this blog. I just discovered it :)
I grew up on GH. Started watching when I was 11 years old as it was in it's golden years.

I like the Jana girl from Y&R.
And.. umm.. I wish Austin Peck got nominated... that would be fun.

Kirsten Storms rocked!!! She did well on Georgie's death, the Metro Court crisis, etc.

Same goes for Tyler Christopher.

Anyway, on to other soaps... I wish Kathy Brier got nominated... grr... and Alexandra Chando too... but I don't even think they got pre-nommed. Even Adrienne Leon was ignored.

Anyway, thanks for the info, girls! I'll tune in because I love watching award shows.

I can't believe that GH got nominated for Best Daytime Drama but only Tony Geary got nominated for a personal award. How is that possible? I simply don't understand that. What about Kristen Storms? Bradford Anderson? Heck! I even think that Sebastian Roche deserves a nod.

Hate me if you must, but Steve Burton & Becky Herbst did some great stuff last year. Nothing for them either?

Yet this show gets nominated for Best Daytime Drama? Someone please explain how this even possible? You didn't like any of the actors work, yet the show itself is worthy of a nomination? Ridiculous. Someone is either on drugs or delusional.

o.k. how could sursock get nominated when she could not even get an american accent right. that is the funniest part of it all. i think that would automaticaaly disqualify her

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