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April 07, 2008

The Young and the Gloria

The more interviews I read with Judith Chapman, the more I like her. She seems seriously funny, down to earth and normal. I would like to go out for drinks with her and hear zany stories about the wacky situations she finds herself in. That would be fun.

It almost makes me feel guilty for how much I hate the character of Gloria. Almost. And as a wise singer once said, almost doesn't count. I find her to be profoundly annoying, and there's something about the strident, never losing way that she's written that inspires Judith Chapman to bust out with every acting tic she has. I'm sure she's an interesting character to play, but it's like...use the bug eyes or use the shrieking, don't use the bug eyes AND the shrieking.

So it's not necessarily good for my blood pressure that Gloria has become the star of the show. If she's not on screen, she's being talked about endlessly. There is nobody that needs to be on screen as often as Gloria is. Not Peter Bergman, not Melody Thomas Scott, not even, like, Leonardo DiCaprio if he ever for some reason joined the cast of Y&R. Like, Hostess SnoBalls are the best thing to ever be invented and their delicious combination of cake, marshmallow, coconut and, let's face, lard, never fails to put a smile on my face. But does that mean I want to spend eight hours a day eating Hostess SnoBalls? No, it does not.

(And I know, I know, that when Jack and Nikki are in frontburner storylines, I never complain because I like them and I know that makes me a hypocrite, but...I'll let my hypocrite flag fly, okay?)

I did a little bit of research on this to make sure I'm not being a delusional hater:

On Monday March 31st, there were 31 scenes in the show total. In 16 of those scenes, Gloria was either on screen, or the topic of conversation. On Tuesday April 1st, there were 23 scenes total, and 14 of those were Gloria-centric. Wednesday the 2nd had 24 total scenes and 16 of them were about Gloria. Thursday the 3rd gave us 29 scenes, and 15 were about Gloria. Friday the 4th had 27 total scenes, and 10 of them were Gloria centered. Today paled in comparison, with only 5 Gloriaish scenes out of 26.

This comes out to 47.5% of the past week's worth of shows being about Gloria. In my hate addled mind, I assumed it would be a higher percentage, but that's still pretty obnoxious, no? Am I alone in my hate?


I haven't watched regularly in many years. The lack of daylight and or artificial light makes me moody. Could the show be filmed any darker? The whole city is set in Zacharra manse nonlighting.

Plus I hate Victor and his ugly hair and stupid arrogant accent. I find his tics more offensive than even the bug eyes, screeching, and hideous amounts of makeup Gloria punishes us with.

But the last thing Gloria did that sent me into non tivo was murdering that woman with face cream and never owning up to it! The whole company almost went under and she blames her beloved husbands kids, charming.

Whether it's death by poison pancakes or deadly wrinkle cream I need some justice occasionally. That's why I watch GH where children pay for their parents crimes w/ their lives. I need help!!!

PS If you are ever in need of purple eye shadow, Gloria has it all.

I actually kind of like Gloria, though I wish she would lose just once. I'm probably not the best judge of character, as I unashamedly like Brad and loathe Nikki and all things Newman with a fiery passion.

Still, they can dial it back with the character though. Give me as much Jack as possible. I'm willing to sacrifice Jana (pointless) and David (also pointless) to give Jack more screen time. They can take the oh so interesting (read boring) Sabrina with them.

Also... where the heck is Paul?

you are not alone!

i can't STAND Gloria. she NEVER learns, and she's really annoying. her sense of justification of all her wrongdoings, no matter how severe, is baffling. she brings new meaning to moral relativism, even in the soap opera world.

Most boards universally loathe Gloria so I'm a teensy bit ashamed to admit I actually enjoy her. Part of that is, as Mallory mentions, because I think Judith Chapman is a true kick in the pants. However, I think a lot of that is that Chapman's tics don't bother me much. Sure she does the shrill and bug-eye a bit too much, but for every negative tic there are other scenes where she hits a total home run. Her work with Ted Shackelford is hilarious and to me it's like watching a tennis match between pros -- they both bring so much to their work. (This surprises me because I hated "Gary Ewing" and thought he was the most boring character ever. Who knew he had such a great sense of humor and timing!)

Also, although she may not have been arrested for the great face cream debacle (didn't they find/rewrite that the woman died of something else?) I like that Glo is universally loathed by so many other characters on the canvas. Unlike GH where the bad guys are deemed the moral center of the show, we all know Gloria is an emotional mess and, in any given situation, bass-ackwards in her methods. Even her kids finally had to cut her off. That makes her more endearing to me and JC gives her a vulnerable underpinning that works for me. :: shrug ::

Having said that, *any* character on screen 45% of the time needs dialed back. Also, since I'm a relatively new viewer (although I watched years ago), perhaps it's easier for me to enjoy the "new" characters without being resentful about their air time. (I'd feel the same way about newbies hogging airtime on GH ... cough ... leyla .... cough.)

Hey Kazou, I agree it's a relief that on Y&R Gloria is not made into a heroine for all to admire and respect. She's a wackadoo and even her semi evil kids dumped her. How non GH huh? Has the younger one been redeemed? He was seriously psycho when I watched regularly years ago. Michael was a bit bad too, but also sexy and alot of fun. And I am w/ you on the screen time issue.

Can you believe on an episode where Michael was shot in the head infront of Sonny by a drug dealing newbie MD working for the Zacharra's that Phelps and Guza felt the need to shove Leyla senselessly down our throats again with 4-5 pointless stupid scenes?!?!?!?!

GH lives to kill kids and give Sonny Jason and Carly big dramatic scenes with lots of blaming and "secret pain" along with vows of vengeance. They all turn on one another and claim to be good mobsters and parents while blaming the others as the bad dangerous ones. (EYEROLL) And the whole town weeps for their heartache. And even in all that mob glory Phelps and Guza wasted alot of time propping that idiot nurse noone likes. Even the dorky young "Toussaint" orderly was hitting on her.


GLORIA is the only reason I watch this boring show! *ducks* She is wacky and tacky but most of all....entertaining.

Hate Victor with Sabrina..EW. What would she and Victoria discuss at girls' night out? Umm Victoria, your dad is so good in bed??!! Hell to the NO.

"Am I alone in my hate?" No way. My mom watched the show from the first episode, but she stopped back in October because she's can't stand Gloria not getting what she deserves. She vows that she won't watch the show again until she's off-screen forever.

Hell, even on Days, Sami's crap comes back to bite her in the butt. And Sami's never KILLED anyone. Please send this gold-digging whore to her grave. And while we're at it, dig one for Sam on GH (sorry, guys, but I just hate her.)

I don't mind Gloria, mainly because I love the sarcastic remarks Mike and Kevin make about/to her.
I HATE Jack, Brad, Nikki, and David Chow could put me to sleep. Talk about a loser!
Nikki is really slumming with this chump!!
But if you folks REALLY want someone to hate, you should check out Brooke on Bold&Beautiful....she is ridiculous!!
She has to have several men in love with her at once, or she cries and throws a fit.

A little bit of Gloria goes a long way. She is entertaining to a degree but there's no way she should be a leading lady. I see the ratings have also declined since it became the Gloria show.

You are not alone. Too much of Glo-Worm on Y&R is the reason I don't watch anymore. Judith is great but her alter ego "Gloria" is not and even though Y&R is still the Soap Opera ratings champ, they really have lost a lot of viewers, so you would think they would get a Gloria-Clue.

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