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May 05, 2008

It's May-December In the Sense That That's How Long I'll Be Shuddering

In case you haven't been paying attention, viewers (which would be excusable, given Days' pacing of late -- you could take a trip to Antarctica and return to people in Salem having the same conversations), these two are father and daughter:


But these two (remember, Chelsea is Morgan's college classmate, and Daniel easily could have been Paul's!) are a hot romantic couple in the making:

Chelsea Daniel

You should not be grossed out by this 21-year-old college student (who was 18 on the show just last year!) and her 40-something doctor getting it on.

No really, apparently this show thinks you shouldn't be. 

Danielchelseadreamkiss Danielchelseakiss

I can't believe I'm saying this about the ridiculously hot Shawn Christian kissing a woman, but:  EW!  Make it stop!

What the hell are they doing with this godforsaken pairing?!  I like both of the actors separately (even if I find Christian's character irritating as hell), but they're not convincing me they're hot for each other.  Which is actually good, because even the "dream" kiss was gross since Rachel Melvin could pass for a teenager and Shawn Christian is about 20 years her senior.  The age difference might work with either older actors, or if the woman involved were less ingenue-ish, but these two together make me physically uncomfortable.  And not in the fun way.

And then today, this:

Chelsea:  I am in love with Daniel Jonas.

First of all, only people on 90210 and One Tree Hill (not that I watch One Tree Hill ) refer to their friends by their first and last names.  Second of all, are you EFFING KIDDING ME?!   Does the new writing team not know that 1) Dr. Jonas has been in town for five minutes, and 2) Chelsea has a boyfriend, one that the audience has no reason to hate?  What kind of OTT sappiness, rooted in absolutely zero soapy buildup, is this?  Barf. 

And don't even get me started on all of Chelsea's friends and family cheering her on from the sidelines like there's money at stake, or on the fact that Dr. Jonas would have been the perfect match for Julie Pinson's Bille.  No really, don't get me started.  It's late, and I already had to use extra concealer under my eyes today and I can't afford to run through that Bobbi Brown stuff like it's water doing the same tomorrow.  To sum up:  ::shakes fist at sky in fit of Soap Opera Rage::

So clearly I have no strong feelings about this.  Where are all of you on this pressing social issue?

Screencaps courtesy of Days of Our Lives 2.


These two are a big wipeout! This pairing just doesn't work for me. Sorry but I find them repulsive. I know she's in lust, but I really don't see why he'd be interested in her. Some age different couples are great, this one looks like a young girl kissing her father (ewwwwwwww)

Please can I have more Nick/Blake, he needs a hot story while Chelsea and Dan are playing doctor.

I'm personally rooting for them
Though it could have something to do with the fact that I'm RM's age and wish that I could be the one kissing SC...

Great post! I am so with you! I am almost ready to puke over this whole Chan pairing!! It is just gross, and totally ridiculous!!! Stop the madness already!! And bring Billie back for him!!

I find these two REPULSIVE. If Days wants to lose me as a viewer, keep it up because I am not going to subject myself to this crap. Maybe if Dr. Dan was paired up with a more mature looking/acting 20 year old (ex: Morgan) I would feel differently but asexual Chelsea? She looks and acts twelve. YUCK YUCK YUUUUUUUUUUCK.

Let me preface this with I am a Chelsea/Nick fan seperatly and together. But I can't watch this Chelsea/Daniel stuff, it makes me sick to my stomach and makes my skin crawl just watching them kiss.

I can't believe that Nick isn't even being mentioned by these idiots, while they are pimping Daniel to Chelsea. Stephanie is not a friend of Nick if she can't defend him to his current girlfriend.

Someone please stop this insanity that is Chelsea/Daniel PLEASE!!!!

I actually really like this pairing. I don't think the age thing is as big of a deal as everyone is making it out to be.

Between Chelsea/Daniel and Stephanie and her Uncle Max, I can barely tolerate this show anymore. These pairings disgust me, and the worst part is that no one on Days even brings up the obvious issues and just acts like this is supposed to be cute.

And poor Nick. He deserves better.

I really love this pairing. They remind me of Julie and Doug - about the same age difference only Susan and Bill took the romance into real life! Heck - John McCain is 17 years older than his wife! But more than anything I think it's important to let a good story be told and this could be good. Days fans are their own worst enemies. I hate to see the show lose more in the ratings. But it would be better to do that and have those who are always negative stop watching than to undermine the show with all the heinous comments I read online about this sweet story. Some people just don't like anything.

Wasnt Nick like, acting like the perfect boyfriend last week? Telling Chelsea that all he cared about was her and she was the most important thing when she was all "I CANT HAVE BABIES!!!1"

And now we're supposed to be all "For reals, cheat on him"? Screw that.

Just because a lot of people don't like the Chan pairing doesn't mean that they are always negative about the show, CindyJean. I find the Chelsea/Daniel repulsive, he looks like he could be her father. If she were more mature, I could possibly tolerate the age difference but she looks like a child and he looks like an aged Monchichi and I don't appreciate them together. That doesn't make me a bad Days fan, it makes me a discriminating one. I went through her atrocious Jett phase and I'm just not going to pay attention to her Daniel phase. I hope she ends up crushed like she's crushing the one person who stood by her no matter what crappy move she pulled. She was an intolerable character 2 years ago and I think the Nick pairing helped make her a far better person. I don't see anything redeeming about this potential pairing but I'll wait it out because I doubt these two are endgame.

CindyJean, I won't stop watching Days because of this pairing. I've been watching since I was a kid, so it would take far more than that to make me stop.

I just don't feel like Daniel and Chelsea have any chemistry together, and the whole thing feels very forced. The age difference itself isn't the problem. But to me, it seems like a father/daughter thing. He gives her advice and figurative pats on the head like a father or a favorite uncle.

As Nolebucgrl said, it doesn't make me a bad Days fan if I disagree with how something is playing out. I respect your opinion on the pairing... I hope you'll respect mine, as well.

Nolebucgrl, great comment. I too doubt I will stop watching the show (though Chan will be on permanent fastforward) but if they think I'm going to root for a couple that not only looks so wrong physically but also support the backburnering of Nick who basically made me like Chelsea in the first place (without giving him any credit to her earlier bratty behavior) they can think again.

Celine, you might be onto something, I keep hoping that Daniel is Victor's son or maybe even Kate's son from a time in her past.

I will probably continue to watch the show, but it is going to be hard, especially with the stuff they are putting on my screen, not just Daniel/Chelsea. But Daniel/Chelsa will be on FF. Looks like my FF button will be getting a workout.

What kills me is that Shawn Christian is very hot and generates chemistry very easily with other actresses. I think he strikes sparks with Kate and Nicole both. (And I concur about Billie, it would it have been perfect!) But with RM I just don't see it.

Plus there has been no reason for me to believe that Daniel would feel that way about Chelsea. I buy the hero worship angle on her end, but for him it just comes off as creepy.

I'm rather offended that people who don't like Chan, Delsea, or whatever the hell you want to call them are considered negative.
You have the comparison of Doug and Julie? Uh, let's see. At the time Doug and Julie hooked up, she had already been married once and had a son and didn't look like she was 12 when she didn't have make-up on. Julie was a rebel who'd been around the curve a little bit. Chelsea's rebellion was more like a spoiled brat. Chelsea fell for Dr. Moondoggie when she was weak and vulnerable. That sounds like a mature relationship to me. Yup. Doug wasn't a professional who had ethical standards. (Well, at least Dr. Tan makes a pathetic attempt to leave).

Chelsea has Nick, her hero, around when there's nothing better. When Jett was the hero, she dumped Nick like a bad habit. She's doing the same thing here.

I don't want to hear this twat about her being of legal age. Not every 21-year-old is a mature adult. Hell,not every 40 year old is a mature adult.

With the Jack and Jen comparisons...that's ridiculous. Jack was never old enough to be Jen's father. This is coming from someone whose husband is nearly 10 years older than she is. Course, I already had two college degrees and was working by that time....I wasn't fresh out of a sorority.

I love them as a couple and for all you chelsea and nick fans. they are boring together atleast with daniel chelsea is happy and cheerful. nick is so boring! Chelsea and Daniel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If DH wants me to root for Chan, they'd better give me a reason. They don't know each other and have had very little conversations.

I'm supposed to be impressed that Chelsea bitched and moaned until Victor told her about Dr. Tan's dead wife?

As it looks now, they have absolutely nothing in common and Dr. Tan looks like a creep lusting after a school girl.

I fully expect to see him on an edition of Dateline.

I am totally for Daniel and Chelsea. I think they have great chemistry and have from day one meeting in the park. I think Daniel is just what Chelsea needs, someone older and have been through experiences. Daniel needs someone that will call him out on things, which Chelsea does, and get back into the swing of life. They are absolutely perfect for each other and I just hope that Days will keep them as a couple!

I Love Dansea. They have great chemistry. I read about Age, Age, Age. What age is Daniel on the show. He could be in his thirties. I believe Kate once called him young. So he must be younger than her. The fact is that Nick/Chelsea had no Chemistry. Chelsea always seem a pace faster than Nick. I believe that put Nick with Chelsea but never found the chemistry that they were looking for, that is why they kept putting her with someone else. People keep saying that Chelsea is immature. Chelsea has grown up over the last couple of years. What she has gone threw as push her to do so. I think this Story is going to be a awesome love story. I know that Bo is alot older than Hope. In fact when Hope and Bo came on the scene, she was only 18 and he had to be close to thirty. He had been off to the Merchant Marines for a while. Remember Doug had a fit when he found out about them. So I say bring on the Dansea

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