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May 07, 2008

Our Column in the 5/13 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

Our latest My Take/My Take, Too marks our one year anniversary of writing for Soap Opera Digest, and we could not be more thrilled about it.  To be complete cheeseballs for a moment: we are extremely grateful to Stephanie Sloane and Lynn Leahey for giving us this column and allowing us to nitpick to our hearts' content.

The column is in the May 13th issue of Soap Opera Digest, which is on newsstands now and in it, Mallory wonders why All My Children and The Young and the Restless decided that long-lost twins and ghosts were the way to go: whatever happened to just bringing people back from the dead?  Becca admits that she may have been too quick to judge the potential awesomeness of Dr. Jonas and the potential trainwreckishness of a non-dead John Black.


Whats wrong with soaps? Why can't they go back in time, admit they've made a mistake and decide to get on the good side of fans? ugh...

I listened to your radio interview this morning and I loved it. I definatly thought you were funny and I even laughed at all the Sam hate. She's a skanky, walking STD but darn it I love her!

It's too bad you dont watch OLTL. Like that guy said, in the course of one episode, everything righted itself. The show got so much better thanks to Ron C. I feel bad for people who don't watch LOL!

oh...and happy one year anniversary!!! I couldn't imagine anyone doing a better job than you two!

Happy one year anniversary Becca & Mallory!

Happy Anniversary! You ladies rock!

Happy Anniversary! I love reading your columns:)

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