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June 10, 2008

Serenity Now

It's really weird that when the soon to be departed Leven Rambin started to play a dual role, it was all over the soap mags, but when Thorsten Kaye took on the role of Zach's nefarious twin, there was nary a press release about it.

...what? Oh, this isn't an evil double? That was supposed to be Zach acting like a total dickwad yesterday? Really? Oh.

I know that this may sound crazy, but you know how sometimes you'll be watching a show, and a character will say or do something and you'll remark to yourself (or the room at large, depending on how vociferously you disagree with what they have just said or done), "[Insert name here] would NEVER do that" with a great amount of conviction, as if they are not only not fictional, but like you also know them well enough to determine how they would or would not act? Am I the only person who does that? I swear I'm not crazy...

The thing is: I have watched Zach Slater do his thing for four years and have realized that there are certain things Zach Slater would never say or do, no matter what (or who!) Kendall does, or who he spends time trapped in an underground bomb shelter with and this is one of them:

Zach: But you like to test me, don't you? Like to push me away to make sure that I come back. Why do you do that? You know what scares me, Kendall Hart Slater? One day, you're going to push me too far. And I'm not coming back.

Granted, this is slightly better than the time another of Kendall's lovers told her she'd push someone too far one day, because this threat didn't end with imagery of her being choked to death, but still: hell fucking no.

I just...I can't believe that Zach Slater would say something like that to Kendall, who he loves wholeheartedly and unreservedly, even taking into account the fact that paralyzing insecurity is her dominant character trait. Not to mention, Kendall has already lived through a time where she didn't feel comfortable with Greenlee's relationship with her significant other and hello, that time ended when Greenlee relentlessly pursued and then married Ryan. He saw how fucked up the entire Ryan/Greenlee/Kendall triangle was! He repeatedly called Greenlee out on being a complete toxic lunatic! But because they spent some time underground in a hole, it invalidates every instance of bad behavior Greenlee has ever exhibited and he like "How dare you voice any sort of complaint against Greenlee, The Fairest Maiden to Ever...Be Fair"? If I'm stuck in an underground bunker with Spencer Pratt, am I going to come out saying "Lauren sucks! Buy Heidi's CD! Speidi's love is for real!!!" As if.

I refuse to acknowledge that this man is Zach Slater. Until he starts acting remotely Zachish, he will be known as...AC Morris.


WOW! Great article! Totally agree with your viewpoint. I just can't believe how bad the storyline is and I can't believe the writers are ruining Zendall, or rather Zach. They regressed Kendall so much it's not even funny.

I just wish Kendall would have the guts to stand up for herself and tell greenlee what a hypocrite she is for her response after every mean and spiteful way Greenlee treated Kendall, and yet Kendall forgave her (ok..after a little revenge thrown in, but still).

I'm surprised at the comments from people still missing SS as Greenlee: ME TOO! I used to love Rebecca Budig, but I just can't watch her after she returned. Now in her interviews she is insuating more between Zach and Greenlee's character on one hand, and then discusses how TPTB are so supportive of Zendall that they would never do anything to ruin it. What is up with that?

You rock, Mallory! I couldn't possibly agress more with you if I tried. I am so incredibly frustrated with, disgusted by, and furious at the craptastic turn that AMC has been taking for a long time now. The whole "Welcome to Pine Valley, Home of Backstabbing Babynappers and the Victims Who Love Them" thing has got to go. Dear lord, I hate, loathe, despise, and abhor Greenlee more than I ever thought it possible to hate, loathe, despise, and abhor anyone fictional!!! She's completely one-dimensional, a vapid skank who brings selfishness to heights heretofore unseen and has NO redeemable qualities whatsoever. Good god, she's even become worse--gasp--than Babe?!

Zach and Kendall (not to mention the rest of PV) have been systematically destroyed (written completely OOC, turned into hypocrites, fools, idiots, etc.) to accomodate the return of Greenlee. It's so sick and wrong that I can't even begin to describe how much I hate it. Zach and Kendall have been the best thing on AMC for a long time, with amazing chemistry, talent, and charisma radiating off the fantastic TK and AM. What is wrong with TIIC that they can't see that?! Why are they throwing Zen under the "redemption" bus?! WTF?!?!?!?

P.S. I think the citizens of PV all desperately need to go to the fabulous Eric "I haven't been Greenleefied and I never will" Kane for an intervention ASAP.

Leah, I totally agree with you - this Greenlee thing is actually worse than Babe. I never thought thatwas possible. I still can't get over the fact that Kendall would forgive anyone who maimed her kid, much less have that person being written as the victim.

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