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August 25, 2008

Advise Me

Due to laziness, the Olympics, the epic level of the show's suckiness, the Olympics, and boredom, I am several episodes behind on General Hospital and therefore did not watch Laura's return today.  So, tell me, should I make a concerted effort to prioritize watching the miraculous transformation of a wig on a stick to the legendary Genie Francis?


WHYYYYYYY!? That is the eternal question to all things this stupid show. Watch the "Daily Show" instead. After a what-feels-like-forever hiatus, it's the second coming, the light at the end of the tunnel, the "you complete me" to crap TV and the answer to "What the haaayell is wrong with this country?" I know you need to blog, but give yourselves a break and just enjoy the funny. Unless, of course, you're able to just laugh at GH, which is not so easy at this point.

Oh, sorry, must tack on "The Colbert Report" 'cause, ya know, truthiness is also essential to remedy the horrah of the GH.

I will watch when Genie is on because Genie is luminous and I've known Laura since the late 70s. Don't give a rat about Lulu...can't stomach Carly, Jason, Claudia, Johnny, et. al. and don't know some of the new players... So I put on GH and only come in to watch when I hear Genie. I stopped watching watching months ago and remain detached from the characters and storylines but will hone in on Genie. It's a doable compromise for me as I hate this miserable show. I will turn it off when Genie leaves.


Absolutely stay away. Bloggers don't let fellow bloggers watch horrible HORRIBLE tv regardless who is on.

BUT.... if anyone else out there is watching and Spinelli wakes up from his injury speaking like an American - lemme know. Still hate the character but if the trauma snapped him out of his stupid speech - then I'll take a peek at GH.

Is it wrong that I no longer watch GH but LOVE and cannot miss Serial Drama???

I couldn't bring myself to break my one-man GH boycott, but a friend who watched said the scenes with Lulu and Laura were genuinely good (as horribly written as Lulu is, I still think Julie Berman is a good actress and my friend agrees). However, the rest of the show, with the exception of seeing Jason Thompson and Brandon Brash, was the usual suckfest.

I can't recommend watching any other part of this show, but the Youtube clips of Lulu with Laura just about made me bawl. Genie Francis is soooooo gifted, she looks amazing, and her chemistry with JMB is lovely. If nothing else, Youtube these two. The fact that Genie is back is the only redeeming thing about this show to me right now.

(I'm still not watching the full hour.)

It was the most poignant scene i have scene in GH in a long time. GF and JMB were beautiful together. Very well acted, and it was very well written. you should definitely check it out.

I admit I teared up. It was a really good scene and really great acting by Genie Francis and Julie Berman. They have wonderful chemistry

i pick C. you know they're just going to give genie francis two lines. i am really pissed at the writers about patrick and robin right now. i just think you should watch it on mute, because patrick drake is hot.

i mean D! not C! i love genie francis!

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