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August 04, 2008

I Know I'm Setting Myself Up For a Fall Here, But: Eeeee!!!

I don't know if it's because I had a nice long weekend at the beach, or if it's because I found a bottle of Essie nail polish in Aperitif that I had hidden and completely forgotten about, or because I am on the kind of caffeine high that multiple Diet Cokes and iced vanilla lattes can bring, but I am in a totally good mood, which is practically unheard of for a Monday.

My mood is so good that I am even being optimistic about The Young and The Restless. Consider this:

  • Sabrina FINALLY died, ending the longest vigil since...Autumn of 2007. And now we won't be subjected to more scenes of Victor and Sabrina talking in French about how awesome Victor is. And there's the distinct possibility that Victor's mourning period will as rushed as their initial courtship was, meaning that we'll stop hearing about Sabrina in, like, a week and a half.
    [I could point out that this is opening up yet more opportunities for Victor to verbally abuse Nikki (like, I don't know, telling her she, the mother of two of his children, should be going to the morgue instead of Sabrina, for example), and Jack's decision to buy the crash scene photos will probably blow up in his face and make him the pariah of all soap pariahs, and it gave us the unbearably awful line "Sabrina was young and naive. He felt very protective of her, like he did with me so many years ago, and he was more than her husband. He was her guardian angel, and now she's dead", but I'm focusing on the positive, remember?]
  • Michael Gross was cast as Michael's father. I have a long standing love of Family Ties (between Meredith Baxter's commitment to providing the world with quality Lifetime entertainment, Michael J. Fox's unending awesomeness and the fact that I was named after Mallory Keaton, how could I not?), so I am going to ignore the fact that this means that Gloria will almost certainly get excessive screen time and just say that I am excited about this piece of casting.
  • Eva's complete lack of acting talent has made the scenes she shares with Neil awesomely bad, as opposed to plain old boring, which is good in a different kind of way. The sad kind.

Okay, so most of that is totally pessimistic. Looking on the bright side is way hard! But there is one piece of news that I seriously can't stop "Eeeeeee!!!"ing about: Billy Miller is joining The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

AMC viewers know that I completely loved him in his all too short stint as Richie Novak and I thought he was completely wonderful and charismatic and utterly talented. And now there will be another Abbott in Genoa City (!) and it's a character I have always loved (!!) and he'll be playing Jess Walton's son (!!!) and Peter Bergman's brother (!!!!!!!) and I literally squealed out loud from the excitement.


OK, a double Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

One for bringing back Billy Abbott, whom I heart endlessly!!!

Two for putting Billy Miller in his shoes, for whom I was beginning to open a place in my heart until they made him unbearable.

Good job, Y&R! I still have no intention of watching you until you do something fantastic with a storyline!

OMG! Billy Miller! I effing love this guy! I can't wait to see him on Y&R!

I have been "Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!"ing. since yesterday. Billy is back!!!! The soap gods are working overtime.
I am enjoying Y&R right now minus 'can't act her way out of a closet with lights' Eva.

I'm so, so happy for Billy Miller. Run, run to Y&R Billy, as fast as your hot little feet can carry you!!

Only AMC would have difficulty finding a way to write for someone as charismatic and talented as Billy Miller, and yet have no problem writing story after story for the likes of Cameron Mathison and the indecipherable block of wood called Aiden Turner. But hey, we've got REAL Greenlee and NuColby and her IMAX theatre forehead.

Good times.

Even though he told her he wished they were slapping her in a drawer at the morgue, I'm sure Nikki would go running back to Vic in a heartbeat. She's masochistic that way.

He seemed cool the few times I saw him on AMC, so maybe he'll make the extra Jill scenes worthwhile.

Hee! I'd be ecstatic except I can only imagine who they're going to couple him with. Heather? Colleen? Amber? Lily? Victoria? The under forty set of ladies on that show really, really suck. Still... Hee!

I'm thrilled that Billy Miller got snapped up so quickly. I only wish he had ended up on a show I watch. Which, come to think of it, is none of them lately, so I guess I wish he had ended up on a show with characters and storylines I'm already familiar with. Still, though. Good for him. I liked him on AMC enough that if I'm home when Y&R is on, I'll tune in for at least a few minutes to see how he's doing.

I was thinking that since they are aging the new Noah so he can be gay. Maybe Billy came out of the closet while he was gone and he and Noah will get together. What a way to madden both the Newmans nad the Abbotts. Talk about a Romeo and Juliet story.

Yuk! Billy can't be paired romantically with Colleen - he's her uncle!!!

And speaking of Colleen, it's apparent more than ever that this role needs to be recast right now. Tammin Sursok is awful in the role and now with the addition of Billy Miller to the cast, she'll never be able to hold her own with the likes of Peter Bergman, Jess Walton, Billy Miller, Jeanne Cooper, and Eileen Davidson if the rumors are true and she's returning to Y&R. Now that it's apparent that the Abbott clan is being built up again, we need a stronger actress to portray Colleen to continue the Abbott legacy. Hopefully, TPTB will realize that they need to bring back Adrianne Leon to the role but at this point I would be accepting of another recast if the casting department could just get it right.

It's excellent news that the Abbotts are going to be on screen again. They were descimated under LML's reign of terror and that was a rotten shame. It's long past time Cane met Billy and the issue of Cane being a true Chancellor needs more airtime.

I am beyond thrilled that Billy Miller is going to be on Y&R. The producers of AMC were complete IDIOTS for killing off the character of Richie when they had an actor who was so incredibly talented and charismatic -- and damn sexy, too.

I'm so happy for Billy that he got snapped up this quickly and by the most-watched soap on television. I predict that Y&R viewers will love him as much as AMC watchers did -- and that a whole lot of AMCers are going to migrate to Y&R just to see Billy Miller.


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