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August 02, 2008

Introducing Our New Guest Blogger, Ryan!

As fond as we are of the whole "Serial Drama girls" thing, and as much as we know you enjoy our updates every 17 days lately, we decided that it was time to bring aboard a guest blogger.  And lucky for us, our friend Ryan Mason was ready, willing, able, and soapily-super-qualified.  In particular, Ryan is a Passions expert, and with that show soon leaving us we thought it was important to take a serious look back at that fine piece of televisual entertainment.  You know, for science.  So while he is a human encyclopedia on virtually every soap that ever has aired, is airing, or will air in the future, he's going to kick off his guest blogging with some Passions retrospectives.  Please read his hilarious autobiographical introduction, after the jump.

Note:  Yes, he watches One Life to Live.  You may now send all of your "OMG, why aren't you recapping THE BEST SHOW IN THE HISTORY OF DAYTIME" and "I know you guys joke about it but SERIOUSLY, OLTL is amaaaaazing" emails to him.  Not that he'll be recapping it either, but he has the joyousness of watching a great soap to balance out the nagging emails, and we don't.  We are bitter without balance.

So, altogether now:  Welcome, Ryan!  (Remember to check out his intro after the jump.)

Ryan Mason knew Becca and Mallory since before they started Serial Drama and is thrilled to be contributing! He sort of fell into soaps by accident…when he was a kid, he used to watch game shows a lot during the summer, and they were canceling The Match Game/Hollywood Squares Hour for some soap called Santa Barbara which had a lot of commercials with a then-unknown Robin Wright [Penn] asking us why some guy named Joe had to come back. He decided to give it a shot and was hopelessly hooked. Also around this time, his mom made him take detailed notes on All My Children each day because they did not yet have a VCR and she heard Jenny was going to die (she did; blown to bits by a jetski). Since he knew nothing about the show, these notes consisted of things like “Everyone keeps talking about someone named Erica but you never see her” and “Some lady named Nina stepped off an elevator and for some reason this is a big deal.” He wound up religiously reading Soap Opera Digest from cover to cover for over 20 years, and has watched every soap on the air at one point or another. His all-time favorites are Santa Barbara and Ryan’s Hope, which he discovered in reruns on SoapNet, and he will always have a soft spot in his heart for the ridiculous camp delight that was classic Passions. Currently, he is one of those people who won’t shut up about One Life to Live being the best any soap has been in years, but seriously…it is!!!!1111!!! (Speaking of, if anyone is feeling generous and would like to mail him one (1) “Brody,” Ryan lives in New York City.)

His likes include iced coffee, iced tea, having his own apartment again, dogs, cats, pretty much anything from the 70s through the early 90s, subjecting his friends to unintentionally hilarious movies, TV, music, IndoChinese fusion cuisine, Blondie, Kate Bush, Aimee Mann, theater, travel, the Internet, American Idol, The Amazing Race, Ugly Betty, dining al fresco, just about any frozen cocktail, singing (which so far has not led him into DRUGS! and PROSTITUTION!, so take that, Eve from Passions!), genuine, fun people, and guys who are oblivious to just how attractive they are. His dislikes include action/adventure films, anything described as “whimsical” or “fun for the whole family,” people who drone in monotone, the debt incurred from having his own apartment again, morning people, waiting in line, abject stupidity, Kathie Lee Gifford, when the express train comes when he’s in a hurry and at the local stop, being told to smile or that it can’t be that bad, attitude and pretension, people who have no concept of an “indoor voice,” being on an elevator with strangers, heights, people who take up the whole sidewalk to go at a snail’s pace, rats, waterbugs, centipedes, and people who remind him of when Mason asked Gina on Santa Barbara how it was that every moment of her life was a crisis.


Fun times. Welcome aboard!

I think I'm going to like you Ryan! Viva the Martimmy!

Welcome Ryan!

And speaking of OLTL and Santa Barbara, I've been reading that A. Martinez is joining OLTL.

Squeee! Fangirl meltdown! This may get me to start watching.

Kathie Lee is one of my dislikes, too! Welcome!

YAY!! OLTL commentary!!

Kitzie is also accepting generous offers of "Brody," you can send him to her in San Francisco. (But I think he might be really short, and I am so done with Napoleon complexes...)

Welcome Ryan :-)
You are a Santa Barbara lover, so you already ROCK!!!!
Cruz&Eden Fan 4Ever!!!!!

Welcome, Ryan. If it is true that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," then you and I will be lifelong BFFs before too long; I also hate morning people. They are the worst. Also, iced coffee rocks.

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