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September 08, 2008

Holy Plot Contrivance, Batman

The inability of various AMC writing regimes to do anything with the character of Josh has puzzled me for a long time-In fact, I wrote about it in our most recent Soap Opera Digest column, which is on newsstands now. I mean, I know, he was an Aborted Fetus and, fine, for a good portion of his time on the show, he was kind of awful and...well...Colin Egglesfield hadn't exactly hit his acting stride until recently.

BUT! When he became a supporting player, stopped trying to convey tortured emotions, never mentioned his convoluted origin and was moved out of Babe's unholy orbit, he became more than a little charming. And he had a perfect role on the show, you know? He was Erica Kane's son. He's in his 20s...ish! He's a successful doctor/television producer/businessman! Any number of stories could have been written for him, and yet, there he languished on the backburner before becoming an embezzler as he hightails it off of the show.

I especially liked how the writers pointed out the explicit reasons that this action was completely WTF? and totally out of character for Josh: he gave away all of Greg Madden's money. He has extraordinarily wealthy sisters! He's Erica Kane's son. I mean, part of soap opera writing is the occasional pulling a plot twist out of your ass, so I can almost--almost!--put up with this twist, but it's bizarre that the writers were reminding viewers of the myriad ways that that this story makes zero sense. They could have at least had the decency to ignore history and facts like they usually do.

The writers can't even write a bad story without effing it up.

And what's with the rush, by the way? They couldn't have done a slow build to this story? It has been so rushed and out of nowhere that I wonder what Colin Egglesfield did to the powers-that-be. Puppy-kicking must be involved, because they seem absolutely committed to getting him off of the show as quickly as possible.

If I do have to give this story any kind of credit, I will admit to loving Kendall pepper spraying Zach's goons. Hee! I love when Kendall is borderline insane when it comes to her family. And I especially like that if Zach and Kendall have to have angst (which they don't actually need to have at the moment because, hello, their lives have been a constant whirlwind of being targeted by serial killers and having kids on the brink of death and being trapped in holes with tiny narcissists and playing Cupid for one of the most horrible soap couples of the past decade), this isn't bad angst to have. If you ignore the ways it doesn't make sense, I mean. At the very least, it gets them away from Ryan and Greenlee...


This is AMC. Clearly the powers were pissed that he didn't kick puppies, because clearly they horrible, sadistic people.

This soap makes me so sad, yet hurts my brain at the same time. So unbelievably awful.

This is AMC written by Pratt...do we really need to be wondering about adding logic in the mix? I mean the man wrote with Guza and is considered the weaker half of that hackish duo....

Not only that, Beth R., but Pratt is on record as saying that Guza is the BEST writer in the business -- and that was after he no longer was working with Guza, so we can't blame "fear of getting fired" for his abominable taste.

BTW, Pratt has just given an interview raving about his plans for using some "fantastic" CGI effects. Can kicking the crap out of a tiny woman be far behind? (Susan Lucci better watch her back!) Guza must be so proud.

Mal, I now know how truly bad AMC has gotten: You are praising the aborted fetus!

That Pratt is back writing in daytime is yet another sign that we will never, ever be rid of Guza on GH. There are no standards.

It's pretty sad when Days actually makes more sense than AMC. I mean, Days wrote the book on non-sensical ish - demonic posessions, remember that thing with Austin and Princesswhatshername to the Garden of Eden??? Etc.

When you can say your show makes less sense than a show that actually made Deidre Hall wear those hideous contacts - twice - that's pretty much rock bottom.

Or, in Guza/Pratt Insanely ridiculously retarded land, just another day.

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