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September 22, 2008

Making the Daytime Emmys Look Like Shakespeare

So next June, when we're bitching and moaning about the quality of the Daytime Emmys, lamenting the show's cheesiness and inability to be anything even remotely approaching cool, you should feel free to remind us of this incident at last night's Emmy awards:

When something makes you yearn for the "witty" "banter" of  Sherri Shepherd and Cameron Mathison, you know it is a very bad thing indeed.  Note:  Whatever you do, do NOT stop watching before he starts rapping the Fresh Prince theme song.

You're welcome.


What. The hell. Was that? I don't know who Josh Groban pissed off, or if it was in this life or a previous one, but he needs to apologize. Now. I mean, seriously, the theme from MASH as a Broadway production number? Someone really hates this guy.

"I like that he's not afraid to make a fool of himself and do something counter-intuitive (like his cameo on 'I'm **ing Ben Affleck,' which was hysterical)."

Oh, Josh Groban was nothing short of brilliant in his Jimmy Kimmel cameo. And I agree I was impressed with how he handeled the Emmy number but, for me, the entire concept fell flat.

*handled. Oy.

I'm sorry, I'm horribly out of touch with network TV - who is Josh Groban?

And he did run the gamut of okay to just plain awful. What begs the question is why they did it at all.

OMG, omg!!!.... I really liked it. LOL. I thought it was cute.

Okay, I loved that. I love cheesy things and I like Josh Groban. I don't like his music, but I like him. He really won me over with his appearance in the Kimmel/Affleck video.

Groban and Ricky Gervais were the only entertaining parts of the Emmys for me. I didn't even get to see the dresses this year.

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