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September 06, 2008

Serial Drama Works The Night Shift: Primetime Suds

It's been obvious for a while that daytime soap operas have no desire to be soapy.  Where are the intricate character histories?  Where are the swoon-worthy romances?  Where is the freaking continuity between episodes?  (Yes, we know, they're on One Life to Live.  But we refuse to give ABC Daytime any more attention while it churns out the garbage masquerading as All My Children and General Hospital.)

Luckily, primetime dramas are picking up the slack and providing some soapy fun.  Philandering ministers, jet-setting billionaire 16-year-olds, Rob Estes being paternal yet sexy, birthday parties on the Brooklyn Bridge, the return of Kelly and Brenda, an Attorney General cheating on his shotgun-toting wife with a transgendered woman, a man unironically wearing a wardrobe consisting almost entirely of pastel pants and multi-colored scarves, and a broad assortment of relationship angst and adultery.  Good times!

That's why we're excited to bring you our new feature Primetime Suds.  Every weekend, we'll be taking a look at the soapy happenings on some of our favorite primetime serial dramas.  We might even have to bust out with a post in the middle of the week, if an "I choose me" moment or something similarly significant occurs and we can't contain our enthusiasm until the weekend.  We'll see.  Containing enthusiasm hasn't been an issue for us and our daytime soaps in eons, so this is all a brave new world.


Can you say --- GOSSIP GIRL? Woot-woot.

Don't forget "90210"!!!!

rock on! This idea is fabu. I really hope Gossip Girl is on your weekly roster. I don't think it gets soapier than GG.

so I'm not the world's only dirty sexy money fan? awesome.

So even you guys have given up on Soaps?

This excites me more than it should. Yay for awesome commentary on soapy dramas!

OMG, I love y'all so much right now.

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