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September 15, 2008

The Day's Most Tasteless Dialogue

I'm not going to lie; I only pay partial attention to General Hospital these days.  This show is just so stupid and pointless that I have to multi-task and get other things done while I'm watching it, or I feel like I've both wasted time and depleted brain cells.  (The brainiac other things I do while watching it include folding laundry, shopping for handbags on eBay, browsing Sephora, and trying to get to the 28th level of an online game involving bubbles.) 

But occasionally, something will catch my attention.  Usually it's something like Greg Vaughn being shirtless, or Jason Thompson hotly doing...anything, or Carly admitting that she hasn't been a great mother.  But today, I had a moment that I can only equate to when a cartoon character sees something so unbelieveable that it necessitates a head-shaking, eye-bulging, sound-effect-accompanying reaction of astonishment.  Those half-dozen or so of you who are still watching this show regularly probably know what's coming.  Take it away, Elizabeth "God, I Used to Love You and Your Hair Was So Very Pretty, But Now I Mostly Just Want to Kick You in the Shins While Forcibly Dyeing Those Highlights Back to Brown" Webber-Spencer!

Liz:  There's this college professor, Randy Pausch.  I'm sure you've heard of him?  Well he was dying, and he got all these people together in room to give what he called The Last Lecture.  And he talked about achieving your dreams, and brick walls.  And that they are there for a reason:  To let you prove how badly you want something.  I do not want you to tell me that this is going to be easy, or that there are going to be brick walls.  I just need you to tell me how you feel.

As I'm sure most of you know, Randy Pausch spoke movingly about deciding for yourself and your loved ones what is truly important in life, and choosing what wisdom you would impart on those around you if you know it will be the last thing you pass along.  He died recently after a painful battle with cancer, leaving behind a wife and three young children, plus countless fans of his work.  And the writers of this show think it's okay to reference that inspirational story to have a character -- a supposedly similarly dedicated mother to two young sons -- justify WANTING TO GET IT ON WITH A HITMAN.

I hate this show.


Becca - today isn't April 1st. What's up with the joke? Because you cannot be serious. REALLY - you cannot be serious Mr. Village Idiot and Ms. IMA Moron used the scene you described on GH.

These two inmates that are apparently running the asylum over at GH remind me of the idiot I work with that SWEARS Jesus was a Christian.

I'm so glad I stopped watching this shit. I don't even YouTube Scrubs or Maxie anymore (the only characters I care about). I'm just done with this ENTIRE fucking show.

OMG..tell me they didn't blowup a clinic the week of 9-11...PLEASE! Unfreakin' real. (Do they try to be as horrible as humanly possible?? Are they really demons or something....or are they just that dumb?)

Wait, I am supposed to believe that that Liz has "twue wove" for Jason because...umm... he treats her so well,right? She has to grasp at some beautiful inspirational message to excuse her freaking insane obsession for a man who refuses to acknowledge his own son and his "twue wove" for her? Okey dokey.....

Seriously, this show is written by sick and twisted posers who have way too much power.

I am so glad I kicked the GH habit....now this year's Night Shift is another story....am really really appreciating the writing of Sri Rao. Really. This is what GH used to be...once upon a time and long long ago.....

Did anyone see the announcement that Sean & Tiffany are supposed to be coming back for the season finale of NS2? (I hope this doesn't mean Robert is going to die, btw!!) Just picture Guza scratching his head saying, 'Who?'


What. The. HELL!!!

I can happily say I missed seeing this one in person, because every time Liz starts talking about how she and Jason deserve to be happy while ignoring the fact that even sneaking around with him puts her and the boys in harms way, I vomit a bit in my mouth and hit the fastforward button.

But even just reading it, the revulsion I feel for Guza and company cannot be expressed. Exactly how does someone so brave and heroic expressing his final legacy to his sons have anything to do with Liz justifying putting her sons in danger so she can have sex with the man she loves, who KILLS people for a living?!?!? This show has become an abomination.

And while I'm on the topic, did you all catch the referenc Alexis and Jerry made yesterday to him sneaking out of her house after they screwed? I have been appalled and disgusted by the Jerxis pairing from the beginning, but now she is bringing him into her house with her daughters? After she decide that having a relationship with Sonny was too dangerous for Kristina? What in the fuck are all these idiot writers smoking?

And I add a ditto to the WTF expressed by another poster about them blowing up the clinic the week of the 9/11 anniversary. Only, in true GH fasion, it's even more tasteless because it's been perpetrated by the aforementioned sociopath whom Alexis lets sleep in the house with her children so that he can cover his other crimes.

And Kate forgave Sonny? Are you shittin' me? Bravo, Diane, for pointing out that one of the biggest differences between you and Kate is that you actually have a backbone! But, note to the writers: pointinng out that you know how pathetic you have made this once-awesome character does not make us hate you any less.

You know how I know this show has reached an alltime low? Because Sam trying to get with her mother's sociopathic lover, Jerry, was one of the least offensive things I saw this week on GH. How in the bloody hell have Guza and Phelps not been fired yet?

Okay, Mary - I'll spell it out for you.

Those of us outraged at the references of Randy Pausch and Jason's poor, feel sorry for me because I can't (won't) give up my mobster life has nothing to do with the inability to distinguish GH from reality for 2 reasons - it's not anything resembling reality, and we cannot believe that Jason Morgan, the mass-murdering mobster with a heart of gold and Jesus like status in PC can even be mentioned in the same breath as Randy Pausch. Who, for the record was a brilliant, inspirational college professor who devoted his life to his family, and decent humanitarian work - NOT organized crime or mass-murder.

Oh, and you want to talk about distinguishing reality? You just learned about the man who inspired millions of lives around the country, even the WORLD through a soap that promotes masochism, murder, infidelity, and organized crime as entertainment, and you only did it because Becky was delivering the scene.

If I wanted to watch a mob-centric soap, I'd watch The Sopranos, not GENERAL HOSPITAL.

Sod this crap. To use a real life hero and his message to justify Liz wanting to be a bust it baby for a murderer is too damn much.

First they wrote Sam as a complete trick to justify the dullness that be Liz/Jason. Then they destroyed Jason/Sam,Liz/Lucky,and Ric/Alexis to prop Liz/Jason. Now they sink this low for this couple which is better than Ambien when you have insomnia. WTF?

I was holding on for Claudia/Nik but I cannot take this crap.I'm going to stick to youtube from now on.

Hold the phone,GH is fiction? Jeezus,thank you for enlightening me,oh wise one.

This sucks immensely,to use a man with a very positive and brave message to justify Liz feening for Borgy's miniscule spark plug and wanting it put to her socket.It is disgusting and offensive. The fact that a soap had to inform you of Randy Pausch and his supremely inspirational message says something about YOU being a wee bit too tied up in a soap and perhaps,you should stop watching and pay attention to reality..

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