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December 17, 2008

Oh, Sweet Comeuppance

I offer the following with no real commentary, because no words will actually do it justice and I don't exactly know how to convey excited gibberish and squealing sounds in written form...




Jack: Are you sure this wasn't an allergic reaction?

Jeff: No, no, doc said definitely the burn came from whatever was in that jar, not something my system overreacted to.

Jack: Do you maybe remember the name of it?

Jeff: The face cream? Um... something from jabot. Um... GloAgain. That's it.

Jack: Where is Gloria? I want to talk to her.

Jeff: In jail.

Jack: In jail? Why?

Jeff: Uh... while I was in the E.R.-- Oh, man, I hate to be the one to tell you this--

Jack: Enough with that! Spit it out!

Jeff: She came as soon as she heard. She's very distraught. Oh...hell, what am I saying? She was practically hysterical.

Jack: Because?

Jeff: Well, it turns out she's the one responsible for tampering with that batch of product two and a half years ago. Can you believe it? My own wife was responsible for this whole damned disaster.


I won't say it was worth the wait, exactly, because the wait was so long that I worked myself up into a rage too many times to count in a way that may have given me an actual ulcer and this payoff wasn't quite perfect enough to overcome literal years of torment at the hands of Gloria and her throbbing veins and self-righteousness. And I had long held out hope that Jack would be the one to discover the truth on his own, proving yet again that the soaps in my head are way better than the soaps we actually see, but overdue and imperfect though it may be, I can't deny that this was more than a little amazing.


Squee! I want GloHo to go down. We've been tortured with this horrible character long enough!

Not only was it amazing, but it was organic, even if it was a long time coming, dramatic, wonderful soapy greatness! I thank the soap gods above for bringing Maria Bell, Hogan Sheffer and Paul Rauch together to literally form the dream team of daytime drama. Y&R is doing what every other soap should be doing right now. Focusing on the core, legacy, veteran characters, slow set-ups, character driven, heartfelt, relationship conflict, family dysfunction and writing a fabulous front burner story for an 80-something Jeanne Cooper! Why they hell can't Guza or anyone at GH figure out a story for Bobbie, Monica, Alexis or Tracy (without it being a silly short term stunt with Luke)? There is no excuse now, Phelps or Frons or whoever you blood and soul sucking executive twits are! This is how it's done. And ther is no mob, no shooting brides at the altar, 12 year old boys, beating, strangling, miscarrying women and an explosion at the pier every freaking week! It's called use your imagination and not your genitals. OOOOFFFAAA! Don't get me started on that mess.

Back to the wonderful world of Genoa City where not everything is perfect but they are obviously plotting long term story, organically building them up, throwing it in a pot and letting it simmer until it boils over like a tsunami. Here! Here! To Y&R and a reason to love soap operas again.

I don't think she'll go down. Ya know at this rate, GC jails will be so full there won't be any of the cast OUT of jail.

I think she'll get community service because it was never proven that anyone died from the tainted cream. AND if it WAS deadly, why didn't Jeff die? Damn, that would have been sweet....

Personally I think the writers are incredibly SLOPPY. Adam was arrested, yet he shows up in Heather's office today wearing street clothes and THEY LET HIM GO?! What happened to him being booked, fingerprinted and going before a judge? It's this sort of lazy writing that aggravates me because it's so blatant.

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