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December 16, 2008

Yes, This Relationship Has "Success" Written All Over It

Reese: But I didn't do anything wrong. What did I do? What did I do? I -- I -- I fell in love. I -- I had a child. Well, shame on me.

Yes, Reese, shame on you! For being a MORON.

One of the most irritating things about All My Children--and there are many irritating things about All My Children including, but not limited to, a baffling lack of Stuart, the insistence that Ryan and Greenlee are anything but maddening, the absurd propping of Babe even after she died, and, of course, the myriad plot holes, character assassinations and poor dialogue that occur on a daily basis, so by saying this is one of the most irritating things should highlight just how irritating it is--is the fact that so many storylines start off...well, well. They are intriguing, and entertaining and I find myself actively wanting to tune in the next day, and then out of NOWHERE comes the badness, and it comes fast and furious and then...rage.

This happens all too often, and, yes, I realize how sad it is that I repeatedly fall into the traps set for me by the AMC writers. But sometimes things sound really good at first and you can't help but be hopeful.

Like, say...the pairing of Bianca and Reese. I am a fan of Tamara Braun (we do exist!) and I was intrigued by this pairing (not least because it would be a vast improvement over Bianca's last romance but, then again, what wouldn't be?). And yet, ever since that press release was published, it has been downhill in a major way, what with the never-ending barrage of terrible ideas that get foisted upon the innocent audience.

What is especially galling is that the writers didn't even have a plan aside from "Bianca and Reese are in love. The end". They ruined or tried to ruin a handful of characters based on that half-assed "plot", and I use that therm loosely. What the hell kind of couple is this and why should we sacrifice good storylines for them?

I mean...

...Reese didn't know about Bianca's complicated history with JR and all of the balcony-pushing, baby-stealing, Carey-whoring drama that went along with it

...Bianca didn't know that Reese's parents had a hard time with her coming out, because Reese lied pathologically about it

...Bianca didn't know that Reese was engaged before

...Bianca didn't know that Reese was engaged before TO A MAN

...Reese apparently didn't know that Bianca is a brat with a God complex who inserts herself into situations that someone specifically asked her to stay away from because she thinks she knows better than everybody all the time

And yet they get engaged, raise a child together and go to great lengths to have ANOTHER CHILD despite knowing NOTHING ABOUT EACH OTHER.



Well Pratt does think GUZA is the best writer in the business today. And apparently thinks this without the aid of heavy drugs. SO really....this all has a horrifically familiar ring to it to me.

But Reese is so darn cool!! And awesome. Amazing, even! And she's rebuilding Pine Valley for someone she doesn't even know.

No wonder Bianca is in love with her. I mean, come on! Who wouldn't be???

All My Children where good ideas go to die slow, horrific deaths!!

This is all about trying to prop up Tamara Braun. The "Rinks" romance is irrelevant. That's why they already have her moving onto Zach. Bianca is just there to try to make people root for a not very likeable character. Zarf all over again.

I wanted to like Bianca & Reese. I really did. I just can't get past Bianca's self-righteousness. Or the constant lying. AMC is just setting these two up to fail.

Puh-REACH it girl! This is horrific!

It does, as Carl said, seem like they are setting Bianca and Reese up to fail. With all the lying and the Zach flirtation it seems like they don't actually want us to care about them.Why? Bianca fans have been waiting for something close to a real romance for years and there is nothing stopping them. They may not be able to do real love scenes but they can do many other things. People bothered by homosexuality aren't going to be paying attention to them no matter how their written so theirs no good reason to make them difficult to invest in. It's only making people who actually could like them tune out from this story.

"With all the lying and the Zach flirtation it seems like they don't actually want us to care about them.Why?"

Frons/ABC has no use for gay people. What kind of stories have gays had on ABC soaps in the past decade? Bianca's biggest story was about rape and a presumed dead baby. Her actual love life has been fleeting and never about her. GH only had a gay character long enough for a 2-minute gay-bashing storyline, and Lucas then disappeared, only to be mentioned on the occasional holiday. And then there's OLTL, where gay men are only allowed to have stories where they kill a few people to keep their homosexuality a secret.

Gays are not human beings in the eyes of Frons/ABC. Only plot devices.

Its pretty sad that Luke and Noah on ATWT, who haven't even had sex yet are shown more respect than Bianca and Reese.Hell, back in the day Bianca and Lena's relationship was shown more respect until McTavish came aboard.

ITA Mallory! Not even to mention the horrid baby-daddy story which has assassinated the character of Zach, IMO. Now personally for me, I don't care one whit about the lesbians love affair because Zach is the only reason I started watching AMC 4 yrs ago & the only reason I still watch, but come on! Why did they have to inject him into the middle of their story? Makes no sense whatsoever, but then nothing about this story or any other story on AMC these days makes any sense whatsoever & no one seems to care.

IF AMC is not committed to writing a gay love story, why are they wasting my time, a great deal of money, and countless hours of possibly more productive writing on other couples? Personally, I could care less whether Reese or Bianca are gay or straight because this entire storyline has been one plot point after another. AMC has three possible choices to improve this storyline: a) write a plausible storyline about a couple in love who just happen to be gay, b) send the dancing elf and her moronic girlfriend back to Paris, or c) call Child Protective Services and have Miranda and Gabrielle placed with a loving, stable family -- cause neither Bianca or Reese are stable, rational, or capable of parenting in my book.

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