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January 29, 2009

Are You There God? It's Me, Lulu

It's really hard sometimes being me, okay?


Look at my face! That is the face of a girl who has the worst life EVER. I am so stressing right now, I can't even tell you.

So, first of all, I have this hot boyfriend and he's driving me craaaaazy. He's trying to get away from his crazy family and strike out on his own, and he can't get a job. Okay, first of all, how can you not find a job? There are jobs all over the place these days and employers are pretty much begging people to come work for them, so I totally don't know what his deal is.

And second of all, you want to talk crazy families? I have totally got him beat. He's all "My dad's insane and he shot my mother, and my sister is nuts, too", as if that's so bad. He has NO idea what the Spencers are like. My dad is this total loser. You may not know that, because there were so many years that he wasn't a deadbeat at all, but trust me, he's a total loser. Then there's my mom! Ugh, so she thought that she killed her stepdad and totally went crazy and was in a catatonic state all throughout my younger years. Can you believe that? She was never there for the big events that I needed her, except for the couple of times where I needed her and she woke up from her catatonic state to help me. I am pretty much an orphan!

Then there are my brothers. Lucky is all "Lulu, I don't want you dating the son of a violent, unhinged mafia boss". !!! He thinks that just because he's a cop that he can, like, judge people for breaking the law. And Nikolas spent a lot of the past year with a brain tumor or whatever and he thought that he saw his fiancee, and now he thinks he's seeing her again. I am telling you, I just can't go through that again. It was so stressful for me the last time he was sick and possibly dying and leaving his son orphaned. SO STRESSFUL.

And it will be even worse now, because life is so crazy. Kate, my boss? Is a total control freak. Since when do bosses get to treat you like crap and change their mind on crazy whims? It's like she thinks she can tell me what to do just because she signs my paycheck, and I just want to tell her "I am at work once in a while and I do a pretty crappy job when I do show up BUT AT LEAST I'M TRYING". And between that and Johnny and now Nikolas possibly having a tumor again, it's just, like, ugh! So it's like I told Nik today,

Lulu: Please don't tell me you're seeing dead people again. I really don't think I can handle this.

Because REALLY, my life is bad enough now, I don't need anything to make it even WORSE.


I love the build up just to make fun of that one line...true greatness!!


Don't forget how stressful her cousin's child being shot in the head was just so heartbreaking for her since she had to stop a mob war and just had to beg Carly to help her out there.

Helena? Are you listening to me? Great plan! You stole the real Lulu Spencer and replaced her with this Shrew and we totally didn't witness you doing it. Applause....really...well played ma'am. But can you release the real Lulu Spencer please? Or send a cryptic email to her brothers hinting at her whereabouts at least? You won this round. We give it to you. Can we call a truce now?

Eff. This. Bitch.

She's worthless. What I'd rather spend my time talking about is how hot Maxie and Johnny would be together. They both need to drop the Spin and Lulu deadweights and jump on each other!

There are not enough words in the entire English language to express accurately how much Ruru SUCKS.

I'm with Beth. Helena needs to inform someone who would care that this obnoxious, self-centered, shrieking bitch is not the real Lulu.

Sing it!

And Loo Loo, if you choose Carly as your hero/mentor/savior this is the crap you get you dumb whiney useless sad excuse for the child of Luke and Laura.

that was priceless!! that GIRL IS BEYOND ANNOYING, PATHETIC, WORST EMPLOYER EVER, WORST TASTE IN CLOTHING, SELFISH TO THE BONE... I really like Jhonny and he speaks the truth almost all of the time, that fine, sexy strong smart man deserves a real women not a selfish little brat like LULU!!

Grade A work, as usual. You had me the moment I read the title. I loved Judy Blume back in the day! Lulu is such an annoying, selfish child, I cannot stand to see her on my screen. She is so ungrateful for everything she has, especially her two gorgeous brothers who have taken care of her and saved her life when she was just a child. I hate that she's being made into Carly's little protege, but I guess if she's in the mob life, that will make it more likely she'll get killed, right? Oh wait. Only people who aren't in the mob die on this show. How silly of me.

It's all part of the destruction of any legacy families in Port Charles. We can see what they have done to the Quatermaines just by watching that Nicholas scene by the tomb, but what they have done to the Spencers is more subtle and insidious. Dad is now a deadbeat drunk. Mom, who used to be in a coma, is now a runaway. Lucky, once such an emotional, beautiful young man, is now stupid and rarely seen (though still beautiful), and Lulu, who started out after her rapid growth as a refreshing, deeply emotional young woman, is now just a harpy with a bad attitude. I don't like to see any of them on my screen anymore.

Lulu definitely takes the WTF moment of the day!

She is undoubtedly one of the most self-absorbed, selfish, narcissistic characters on GH (she has been from the day JMB took over the roll--not that it's the actress' fault) and that's hard to believe with characters like Sonny, Carly, Anthony, Trevor, Ric (and I love Ric), and Claudia running around but seriously she's right up with them. The only difference is that Lulu is under 25 so she's only touched on her full self-absorbed potential while the others have had a life time of me, me and more me behavior. Just think. If Lulu is this bad now, what will we be saying in 10 years (if GH/Lulu makes it that far)? It's a scary thought.

Mee meee meee meee meeee!

Gawd, shut up LuLu!

Of course Guza must destroy the Spencers Alice...he didn't create them.

RuRu is the reason I deleted a month's worth of GH from my DVR last night, and then removed the program from my scheduled recordings all together.

I really hate the destruction of the Spencers and their expanded family.

1) We never see Leslie
2) Bobbi shows up for weddings and funerals
3) Lucas never came home from chaperoning Georgie's senior prom
4) Luke disappears for months on end
5) Laura is mentally ill (for lack of a better term)
6) Lucky is clueless about everythng
7) LuLu has been turned into Carly 2.0
8) Nikolas sees dead people


I'm perfectly okay with all the Spencers going away except Luke, because I love him with his little Spanky Buns. But yeah, the rest of them can swallow a toxic ball and die.

I just don't get how LooLoo gets to be in almost all the stories. She so annoying, I just can't stand her. She is awful with all the actors on screen. She is just a waste of time.

What I hate about this post most is that it is dead right :(

Lulu used to be such a great character, but I cannot stand her now.

There is so much potential and it's all wasted.

I don't have a problem with characters that are self-centered. Plus, Luke disappears for months on end because Tony Geary has those months written into his contract.

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