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January 23, 2009

Swoon! This Is What Romantic Heroes Are Made Of!

How dreamy is Ryan, you guys?! Is it any wonder that women line up to date him and literally lose their minds when he stops loving them?! The answers are INFINITELY and NO, respectively.

Ryan: Hey, ok, I'm here. What's so important?

Dr. Sinclair: I was hoping you would bring Greenlee with you.

Ryan: No, Greenlee is watching my daughter. I got a life. Remember the one you told me to get on with? Which is pretty difficult when you keep calling me on my cell phone and showing up at my place.

Dr. Sinclair: I'm sorry for disturbing you, but I need to discuss your wife's --

Ryan: My ex-wife's...

Dr. Sinclair: Annie's relationship with her brother.

Like I said, DREAMY.

I don't know what the most amazing part of this exchange was. Was it the dismissive way he referred to Annie as his ex-wife? Or was it the fact that he was irritated about having to take time out of his busy schedule of making out with Greenlee and doing literally nothing else to have to go to the mental institution and help deal with Annie, the mother of his child and a woman that he pledged to love in sickness and in health? Or was it the fact that he claims that he just got a life and moved on, as if this whole "moving on with Greenlee" thing is a recent development, and as if he hadn't been having an emotional affair with Greenlee for months, and as if said emotional affair wasn't the reason that Annie is in the mental institution in the first place? I can't choose! All I know is that I want a Ryan of my very own.


Don't forget the other day when Ryan was advising Bianca about her marriage and told her to maybe slow down. He said..he remembered the little voice in his head that told him to slow down before he married Annie and perhaps if he would have listened to it, they would not be in this mess right now.

So not only is he romantic, he is also a liar because the little voice in his mind was ANNIE who was saying she didn't want to jump into a marriage and Ryan convinced her he truly loved her and would never leave her. Perhaps if Annie had listened to the little voice in HER head, she would not be in the mess she is in right now.

But now it's all Zach's fault that Annie has lost her mind. No matter that Ryan promised to love Annie forever and then promptly announced that Greenlee was in fact Spike's stepmother, not her and they needed to find a way to allow her in their lives..and Greenlee made Annie's life a living hell. And then he kissed Greenlee on the roof. And then he lost his memory and only remembered loving Kendall and then woke up to only remember loving Greenlee. These little facts had nothing to do with Annie's life right now..it's all Zach. Ryan is such a HERO.

I LOATHE this douchebag so very much. I, for one, am thanking my lucky stars that Annie is his EX-wife. Long may she be free of his revolting self.

I suggest you not even get me started on how he's letting Greenlee waltz right into Annie's place in Emma's life. I may go nuclear if you do.

Should we call him Mr. Dreamy? He is a piece of work, isn't he? The writers will never get it right. Ryan is a selfish, emotionally abusive ass. There is nothing romantic or heroic about him. He blames Zach for all that happened, yet fails to recognize how his treatment of Annie - for momths - contributed to her breakdown. He's a real peach.

Whatever Ryan's doing. I don't buy that Annie is really mentally ill. All too convenient.

If Annie is pretending to be mentally ill in order to hold on to the likes of Ryan then she is mentally ill. :)

I loved the way Ryan told the good doctor off. She is getting on my nerves. I loved it when he said he had a life!!!

I wish Ryan would follow Greenlee out of town when Rebecca Budig leaves.

It would make me so happy if Ryan pulled a Leo (or a Drucilla Winters) and fell off of a cliff.

Annie is his ex-wife. Why is it so bad that he called her that? So what if he made that pledge in his marriage vows? Couples fall out of love, get divorced and move on with their lives all the time. What's the big deal?

In answer to Amelia, I think what a lot of us consider a big deal is the fact that (a) Ryan badgered and begged Annie to marry him when SHE was very reluctant to do so, then (b) decided that he was never *really* in love with her once he got interested in Greenlee again, and (c) Annie is currently engaged in a painful struggle with emotional/mental illness that (d) Ryan basically drove her to with his emotional infidelity and lies and (e) now he can't even be bothered to consult with her doctor about her treatment or progress.

Yes, people fall out of love and get divorced all the time -- but the ink is barely dry on the divorce papers and Ryan has completely washed his hands of Annie, whom he promised to love forever just a few short years ago and who also happens to be the mother of his child. That's just plain rotten. And, in addition, I don't think Annie knows yet that Ryan is divorcing her. How can she even participate in the divorce process when she's so mentally ill?

I have no problem with people getting divorced, but the way Ryan acts so exasperated and put-upon every time he has to deal with Annie's situation makes him even more loathsome than usual.

Thank you, Susan B! You hit the nail on the head. Pratt and Co. have an unerring gift for underestimating people's disgust to particularly ugly and repulsive behavior, like Bianca conceiving a child with her sister's husband without her sister's consent. In a genre where people routinely come back from dead, I find it hard to accept that, in the name of true love, I'm supposed to get on board with a man divorcing his mentally ill wife and bitching because her care interrupts his new life.

Ryan is a pig. Pratt is a jackass for thinking this guy is AMC's 'white knight'

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