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February 10, 2009

I Literally Do Not Understand What These Words Mean

Not to be completely fifth grade, but...is it opposite day? Because Time Out New York did an article about Reese and Bianca's farce of a wedding complete with gushing quotes from Eden Riegel and Julie Hannan Carruthers and there is just a staggering disconnect between their words and, like, real life.

“I was like, lesbian wedding? Sign me up!” she says. “Given that this is a big issue right now, I wanted to show people a healthy same-sex relationship.”

Yes! I, too, would like to see a healthy same-sex relationship. Please let me know which television program is currently featuring one and I will make sure to tune in.

The actress, who recently got married to a man in real life, says that All My Children wooed her back—albeit temporarily—with a story line that would finally allow Bianca to have a true relationship.

Ah, a true relationship. As opposed to the kind of sham relationships some soap characters have where the two people involved don't know each other AT ALL, one of them suspects the other of having feelings for a man and, oh, yeah, the other one does have feelings for a man. Oh, wait... 

Carruthers, who joined the show’s staff right after Bianca’s first same-sex kiss, says their approach has evolved. “They made a big deal of it then,” she says. “But now we’re just using the same parameters as we do for the straight couples, and I think we’ve done it tastefully.”

What the hell planet are you on, JHC? Because the only way that last sentence could be more patently untrue is if she had said, "and I think we've done it well".

In case my constant AMC posts comprised at least 75% of bitching about this storyline haven't told you, I LOATHE this clusterfuck of a "story". I hate the fact that Bianca has become such a mess, I hate the fact that Reese exists and, most of all, I hate the fact that AMC is proud of this, so proud that they pat themselves on the back in the press for being awesome and ground-breaking and revolutionary, when, in reality, they are none of those things and this entire lesbian storyline is a convoluted, poorly written joke.


You know this wretched character of Reese could have been made slightly more tolerable if she would have come out as bisexual from the beginning and that Bianca knew and accepted that. I write this knowing many people don't think bisexuality exists.

To read your post and how AMC is boasting and bragging about this lesbian love story makes me furious. If there were many lesbian or gay stories on soaps covering a wide array of gay life and love and experience then maybe this one in particular wouldn't be so damn offensive. If this was a tiny sampling of lesbian experience then fine. Lesbians can be as fucked up and annoying as Reese just like straight people.

But as the sole lesbian story on daytime it is irresponsible and cruel IMO. Especially when they claim it's one thing for the press and the actual product is vastly opposing those claims. I think this kind of crap when isolated and lauded as this is, helps bigoted and closed minded people to remain that way. Like "See, that pretty girl Reese from GH just needed a good man to turn her straight, hope she and Zach get that baby away from Bianca."

To portray a woman as fucked up and nasty as Reese as a lesbian marrying the mother of her children and lusting/cheating on her with the sperm donor bro-in-law is sick. Soaps are not educational, I truly understand that. But when you take on something as big as this then shit all over it while smiling to the press you should be called out as the hypocrites you are.

I mean look at what OLTL did for AIDS back in the day. Or the Monica breast cancer storyline on GH. Or Stone and Robin and HIV/AIDS. (Compare Stone and Robin to the SHIT job they did with her pregnancy! I mean Emma was taken to the hospital gravely ill and nobody mentioned she was on AZT oral meds!!!) Or Maxie and BJ's heart transplant storyline.... The best drama comes from real honest truth.

And AMC is doing a vile job IMO with it's lesbian and alleged lesbian characters and story. So to read how TPTB and even ER are bragging about it makes me sad. When there is a wealth of potential for great drama going to waste.

I totally agree. Just because they get to kiss chastely on a semi-regular basis does not mean that Bianc and Reese have a true or healthy relationship. If they did we wouldn't be questioning Bianca's love interests sexual orientation for what seems like the 100th time.

We've seen more of Reese's relationship with Zach than her relationship with Bianca. Every good opportunity for drama in this story has been avoided in favor of the love triangle that almost no one wanted or asked for. They could not have screwed up this story more if they were doing it on purpose.

God, that was amazing. Thank you so much for expressing so eloquently what so many of us feel. And the fact that AMC is pimping this wedding IS the most disgusting thing of all.

Again, Mallory, you hit it out of the ballpark with your comments, expressing what, I think, a majority of sane viewers feel. Look, I love Eden Riegel, I really do. And I used to adore the character of Bianca, but right now I can not stand this self-indulgent whiny little brat they have turned her into(the amount of disgust I feel for the character of Reese will be left for another rant, but lets just say, I feel she is one of the worst characters in daytime history). But could someone please tell me why Eden doesn't have someone to guide her in these disastrous decisions to continually sign on for this abuse by TIIC at AMC? 'Cause girlfriend needs someone to knock some sense into her! It's like a woman who continually goes back to an abusive partner, hoping that one day he will quit beating the shit out of her. Quick! Someone mount an intervention!!

This show is written by Pratt - aren't you just thankful Reese and Bianca aren't slapping each other and wrestling around on the ground?

Go get 'em, Mallory.

AMC seems to be completely unaware that lesbians, by their very definition, do NOT crave penis. Ever.

They've had Bianca with (a) Michael Cambias, who had a penis, (b) Zarf, who even as Zoe still had the Original Packaging, so to speak, and now (c) Reese. Who for all we know could have a penis.

You know I'm not surprised that AMC has screwed up this story big time. They are also the show that gave us Zarf/Zoe, so that Bianca could fall for a man who just happened to want to be a woman. Talk about having your cake and eating it too! You would think after having the character raped by her sister's ex-boyfriend, and his father was the Satin Slayer, the last thing she would want would be for her next child to have Cambias genes.

I...guess it's good to see that there are arguably worse things than having no LGBT characters on a show at all. Let me take a moment to thank the television gods Guza decided to quietly write off Lucas rather than write more stories for him.

But oh, how can we not be super-excited about the Bianca/Reese wedding? We're just haterz.

And of course it's historically important! Never mind that about three seconds after the wedding, Reese will have an I-wish-I'd-had-a-V8 moment and start chasing after a man (Zach). As lesbians always do.....

I could never get past the lack of romantic or sexual chemistry between TB/ER to become even mildly interested in the Reese/Bianca love(?) story.

BTW, why haven't they had actual gay/gay or lesbian/lesbian actors, actors who are out, playing leading roles as love interests on soaps? Is there some taboo?

Thank you. Nothing bothers me more about this cluster**** of a story than the hype that AMC is surrounding it with. They don't deserve to get credit for this or to pat themselves on the back. It's a travesty of a story that shows AMC has NO idea how to write a real relationship for a GLBT couple.

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