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February 06, 2009

My Hart Will Go On

It is downright embarrassing how long I could continue making heart/Hart puns...

In celebration of Kendall (FINALLY) waking up from her coma, SOAPNet is rewarding her with a marathon of her very own!


Starting tomorrow, Saturday February 7th at 3 PM, we are in for four hours of Kendallicious goodness. On the agenda:

3PM –Newly returned to town and clad in a towel, Kendall spars with her new neighbor, Ryan. Then, much to her delight, her mother Erica is carted off by the police for violating her bail zone when she comes to talk to Kendall.

4PM – Bianca and Ryan are incredulous at Kendall's announcement that she's pregnant. Later, an emotional Kendall explains to Bianca why she's lying.

5PM – Kendall offers to be a surrogate for Greenlee.

6PM - Love and romance are in the air as Kendall and Zach prepare to divorce.

I am kind of totally excited...