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March 13, 2009

Adding Insult To (Very Poorly Acted) Injury


I have basically given up on expecting the AMC writers to pay attention to detail, and I don't completely blame them, because if I had to review those scripts and check for errors I would have a stroke within five minutes, but really: either they are falling down on the job like never before, or Bianca is the cruelest, coldest woman on soaps because she sent a "Nope, still want nothing to do with you" LETTER to a woman who is BLIND.

Seeing Eye Zach, reading aloud: "Kendall called and told me what happened to you. I hate that I'm not there to help, but I can't be there, Reese. I hope you understand why. The girls are doing great. I think Miranda is really happy to be back in Paris [Where Reese is not. Coincidence? I DON'T THINK SO! --Ed.] and Gabby, she is just amazing, but I don't have to tell you that. I hope by the time you get this letter, you're well on the road to recovery because despite all that's happened, I only want good things for you, Reese. I'm starting to put my life back together, and Ireally hope you are, too. Good luck, get well, au revoir, Bianca."

I don't fault Bianca for not wanting to have that conversation over the phone and listen to Reese's sniffling and shrieking, but I think there must have been a better medium through which to say "Too bad, so sad, I am not getting back together with you". Perhaps a singing telegram! A letter to a blind woman is just absurd. Delightfully absurd, yes, but absurd nonetheless.


The only thing better would have been if Binks did that message in sign language on a DVD or skyped it with no sound! To rub it in some more maybe this new Gangsta Binks will send Reese a get well gift, a membership to the book of the month club? A camera perhaps?

I'm thinking about taking bets on how long it will take for Reese to become the new PV heroine and then from that point how much longer until she gets her crack at the dreamy PV hero Ryan. Any takers? Reery? Ryeese? Reean? Reeyan? Ryree? The greatest super couple ever in the making right Pratt? As soon as he destroys Zendall completely he'll get right on this no doubt.

Heh heh .... "seeing eye Zach." Best name since "ZachHole." ;o)

Of course, I'm mean enough to LIKE Binky sending a letter to a blind woman (one of the few things I'll forgive her for). Yes, my loathing for Reese goes that deep!

I was actually pissed that that concierge brought Reese's letter to Zach first. First, that's personal mail and she had no business, but mostly I would have loved Reese's reaction in a room alone with the delivery person. "A Letter?! Who would be so cruel to send a letter?" Delivery person: "Bianca Montgomery." Reese,just the facial expression and actions as she grabbed the letter from said delivery person. UCG. Then to watch Reese stroke the letter, hold it close, ponder it, hold it close to her face. Her realizing that she will never know what Bianca wants with out ctually ASKING someone for help. Finally, she would have to think, should I ask Zach? But who, who do I know? Then finally seeing EyeZach could come to the rescue. The way they handled it was so darn anticlimactic and boring. And fairly expected. Crumbs people, that's all I'm asking for.

First of all I am so glad that I'm not watching this show anymore. Until I get my Zach back, the human one I'm not even going to read a recap.

I wouldn't put it past AMC to have Reese and Ryan get together. They both deserve each other. Of course that would also involve a destruction of AMC's best couple in years for one of their worse couples in...well ever.

Heh. That reminds me of years ago when Megan on OLTL was helping a temporarily blind character write a letter. She held up the items and announced, "See, a pen and paper right here!"

In Binks' defense, Kendall's voicemail said "Reese has been in an accident," not "Reese is blind," so maybe Bianca never called Kendall back cuz she didn't want to hear the details and just assumed Reese had broken her leg or something? Probably not. Bianca must be trying to outbitch her sister, which I didn't think was possible but... Damn.

I think it's totally the kind of passive-aggressive bitchy move Bianca would pull on someone she was still mad at--sending a letter blowing her off to a blind woman. And, I have to admit, I got a little of my Bianca love back with that letter. I just hate Reese that much. I only wish, much like Curious, that it hadn't played out with Zach getting the letter right away. I would have loved to watch Reese anguishing over the contents of the letter with no one to read it to her for a while.

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