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March 12, 2009

All He Needs Is A Handlebar Mustache To Twirl

Let me preface my question by saying that I already know that the answer is "because the writers are incapable of depth, layers and quality" and, further, that I am aware that looking for reason in the choices that the All My Children powers-that-be make is a futile exercise that will only cause me pain in the long run, but I have to ask, just for discussion's sake: what the hell is the deal with David?

David Hayward has always been bad. At his core, he's a scheming bastard, but his schemes and his cruel quips and the fact that he is generally just a dick were always tempered by the fact that he was capable of being a caring human being I loved his relationships with Greenlee and Bianca, before hebetrayed Bianca by keeping the Bess/Miranda secret? Now I half expect him to start tying characters to train-tracks, because he is being written as THAT cartoonish and over-the-top (and also because being tied to train-tracks is one tragedy that has not yet happened to Kendall and, really, it's only a matter of time before the writers go that route).

He drugs Krystal and uses her grief over Babe's death to isolate her and keep her dependent solely on him, he pays Amanda to push JR off the wagon in some elaborate plan to get custody of Little Adam (and don't you love how the people who claim to love Dixie think nothing of ruining her son's life whenever it suits their needs? Funny how that happens), he forced Joe Martin to resign as Chief of Staff for some trumped up reason that I barely remember and probably didn't make any sense at all, he has deluded himself into thinking that he and Babe had any sort of real relationship that justifies him, like, setting Pine Valley on fire because of his powerful grief,he makes mean comments about Opal (!!!) and he's disgusting on top of it all

Tad:What did you do to Krystal?

David: Everything you couldn't. And even more.

Vom! I apologize for not being able to be more eloquent than that, but it's seriously all I can come up with for his story as a whole. Vom. Vom. Vom.


don't worry he is the new jerry he cause some problems and then get blown up. never to be seen again.

It's so frustrating because there's no logic to any of his actions or to the actions of people he's tormenting. Every time he smarms into Amanda's hospital room I wonder why she doesn't bring charges against his and demand another doctor? It's her right and she could have had his medical license 12x over by this point.

And maybe Amanda wouldn't testify against David but JAKE could easily testify as to his conversations with Amanda and her confession. Or Amanda could (and should) claim duress after David double-crosses her. It's just so STUPID.

I'm a big time Dr. Hayward fan from the past, but this latest incarnation is revolting and impossible to enjoy.

That being said, I got a HUGE laugh when he told Tad it was only a matter of time before he comes after Jenny. That was hilarious, and a tiny glimpse of the dastardly dr. Dave that I know and love.

They have ruined David. He is a joke and all I can seem to do is cringe whenever his smug face appears on the screen. He and KWAK are the most disgusting couple ever paired on daytime. I wish they would grieve themselves into a coma and never wake back up.


Wow! I just ranted this very thing over on another site. The truly sad part is when David first came on, he was arrogant and really full of himself and his standing as most cardiologists are. The really see themselves as gods in certain circumstances. In the hospital setting he was a bastard to Jake and Ally. He held smething over her and used it. He was mean but not mustache twirling evil. David was awesome in so many stories for so so long. He hated Vanessa for constantly taking rich schmucks for all they were worth and for tormenting his dad until he committed suicide. He loved his brother and even Maggie and Trey and anyone related to him in someway. He always loved Erica and Bianca and would do anything for them. The Anna Devane story gave him real huminization and then the libidizone story turned Dr. Dave into the evil mad scientist he is today. It was ONE concoction that he had worked on for forever and used it to screw up Tad's life. Soon after, Dr. Dave started sliding down a very convienient slope as the evil genius willing to do anything to get revenge. The writers could never come up with anything more clever than, David made a secret potion. Then the Babification happened. Yuck! It ruined any nuances the character had left. Then they bring him back and THIS is the best they could come up with? Really sad. This was never David.

This is just another example of how Babe ruins everything. I used to love David, he was one of those awesome villans who was evil but had a heart, then out of nowhere that skank was his daughter and he betrayed Bianca. His storyline is truly awful.

I have to agree with all the comments. Did you all hear his dialogue the other day with Krystal about all the fucked-up things he's done? It was something like "Sure, I forced Amanda to get JR drunk. Was it cruel? Yeah. Malicious? Sure. But that little twit is going to ruin everything." Anyway, it was something like that and it even SOUNDED awful. The David who took care of Bianca during her pregnancy wouldn't do that. There are remnants of the old David in his minor scenes with Kendall, but those are few and far between. Again, this show sucks!

I think one thing could save David: Kendall. As the previous poster pointed out, he's had glimmerings of humanity with her - and that's it. Now, I realize Alicia Minshew's awesomeness has been subverted to the ongoing need to give Ryan Lavery a story, but I think David needs some of her TLC, too - and I could actually WATCH the two of them without wanting to throw things or poke out my eyes with a spork.

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