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March 10, 2009

Because They Didn't Destroy Her Character Enough Last Time...

Even though the Holly Sutton that viewers knew and loved was nowhere to be found when Emma Samms last stopped by General Hospital, she is returning for May sweeps, likely to reveal that Ethan is her son, and answer the age-old "Who's Ethan's daddy?" question, for all of us who care. "Can't wait"! If there is one thing this show does "well", it's "writing" for legacy characters. It will be "awesome"! And we will get "weeks" of "character development" and "umbrella stories" out of it!


Well there's one episode of sweeps decided. I guess the rest will be devoted to Sonny/Jason/Spinelli as is good and proper.

THE FREAKING FUCKING HELL!!!!!!!!!!! This is and will be a complete LIE of all LIES THAT EVER LIED IN THE NIGHT!!!! For one IIRC, Holly MISCARRIED LUKE'S BABY!!!!! No way in bluedilly hell is that thing Luke's child!!!! iF IT'S NOT Robert's kid AND IT IS NOT! She had a kid by someone else and so there. If I watch this and I am not sure I will, I will only be thinking that she came back for a paycheck and who wouldn't in this economy, but that is all I will see if I watch this shit at all. Guza please EAT A TITANIC LOAD OF SHIT AND &*^&&**&&^()#@##@#@###########$%%%$!.

Mallory, you didn't make Sonny a choice....

Seriously, we all know how Guza's mind works. If there is a way to make this Ethan yahoo Sonny's kid, he will find it.

I mean, God forbid, if they bring in some person with no ties to anyone in town, they don't mob them up somehow.

you know Michelle..that would explain the mumbles.....

I think Beth and Michelle are right, TeEthan is Mumbles kid too. Olivia still has Dante in hiding but this giant gummed fauxstralian is Kate's hidden love child with Sonny.

She said she went to college, but in reality she took a year off and hid at a home for unwed mommies in Melbourne. She popped out Mini Mumbles and gave him up for adoption then returned to NY and became Kate Howard!

Guza should love this. More kids for Sonny, Kate can be the evil woman like he sees all women, and just a nugget for us real old school GH fans he can leave the long lost legacy characters the fuck alone!!!!!!!!

Call me naive, optimistic or foolish, but I had to go with "Someone off canvas, so that Ethan will need to leave canvas to search for him and never come back"

Also, not that I am picky, but I miss "the best world-famous hairdresser who's on his way to finally fix his horrible hair".

I am much more excited about Helena coming back then Holly... Holly is dead to me.

I'm sure this is Bob's idea to go one beyond Pratt. AMC had an un-abortion, GH will have an un-miscarriage. Never mind that Days already did this story with Chelsea years ago, so it already wasn't cutting edge when AMC did it. Always 4 years behind and thinking they're cutting edge - that's GH's motto.

Y'all, I feel I have to tell you: Nelson Branco just wrote a rumor item in his column that claims Rebecca Herbst is going to get bumped to recurring because... drum roll... Brian Frons doesn't think she's pretty.


I'm sorry if I just made your brains explode.

P.S. And he also said they're getting rid of Megan Ward in an effort to make the show younger. Take it with a grain of salt, but... dude.

HEather...he also listed Greg Vaughan, Rick Hearst and Leslie Charleson in that as well.....

blood boiling....

Ohmygod, wwwwwhyyyyy???

Dear Beloved Soap Legacy Characters (original actors and eventual shitty recasts):

Please stop making things worse and stay far, far away from these fucking shows.

Yours Truly,
Recovering Ol'School Soap Fan

TeEthan must be Sonny AND Luke's kid.
Nobody and I mean NOBODY can resist getting into Sonny's bed. It just happened that once and it doesn't make Luke gay- not that there's anything wrong with that- but he just couldn't help himself and gave in that one magical night to the Corinthos wang....

He won't be Luke's, only because you just KNOW they are itching to put Lulu w/him. So they can be the new Luke & Laura *ack* And as for the possible firings--why is this show Brian Frons' personal sandbox? He like this, he hates that, and it dictates what little story and character development they have. UGH.

I have a feeling it will be roberts kid. some off screen romance with holly. it would be cool if it was Victor Casadines and Holly child since they have been off canvas for so long.

Ok so i'm probably the pnly person on this chat that thinks Ethan is completely adorable and I'm enjoying the storyline. I want to see how it turns out. I'm enjoying the relationship between Luke and Ethan it's like he got his best friend back, but yeah I think he's Roberts son and if not he should be.

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