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March 03, 2009

Fatal Attraction and Basic...Idiocy

Just to recap:

  • When Reese's wife and alleged great love took their daughters and went back to France, Reese stayed behind in Pine Valley, where most people (and 99% of viewers) hate her and where she doesn't know anyone, because of some stupid "I've never been to me" reason.
  • Julie Hanan Carruthers claimed that any AMC viewer who sees any sort of attraction between Reese and Zach is "rewriting what's not there", like we all make it through an hour of the show and immediately go around constructing elaborate fantasies about what really happened, when, really, our main thought is "Oh, god, in 24 hours I have to watch that again!"

On yesterday's episode, Reese and Zach had this pleasant conversation:

Reese: Kendall is wrong. I would never intentionally hurt either of you. You have to believe me.

Zach: I don't have to believe anything. Adam Chandler? What is that? Revenge? You want to go after my family because of that, because of revenge?

Reese: No, I want Bianca back, and I need to prove it to you. It starts with you.

Zach: No, it does not. You come after my family, we have a real problem.

Reese: Go ahead, walk away. Go.

I think what Zach was saying is pretty explicit, but apparently since Reese is great at everything, this includes being great at reading subtext and she interpreted that subtext to be "Please come over to my house tonight and we can discuss this further. You can bring some snacks, and I'll provide drinks. It will be fun! Peer into our windows first to make sure that we are home".

Which she did, putting approximately ten times more effort into repairing her relaitonship wth Zach than she has in trying to get Bianca back. And then she got all crestfallen when she lurked around the window and saw that Zach and Kendall had just had sex. And we are apparently not supposed to find her creepy!

I shudder to think what it must be like to have a social interaction with an AMC writer, as they obviously have no idea of what normal human behavior entails.

There is much more AMC to discuss! Next time: Zen sex, Emmy pre-noms and the promo of evil. Spoiler: it's all terrible!


'Spoiler: it's all terrible!'

That may be the understatement of the year if yesterday's preview at the end of the show was any indication.

"Reese: No, I want Bianca back, and I need to prove it to you. It starts with you."

Oh, rly? Where, exactly, did this twisted logic come from? Shouldn't Reese prove this to, oh, I don't know, BIANCA? You know, the wife she let leave the country just days after their marriage? Because being a continent away from your spouse is apparently the best way to win them back. Just more incomprehensible writing in a ridiculous storyline that everyone wants to see come to a merciful end. Or simply just go away...

And as far as that re-writing thing JHC insists we're all doing is concerned. I find it amazing that the vast majority of people are re-writing the exact same things. What an amazing collective we are...

Oh yeah, she is boiling the bunny! Reese is way more crazy than Glen Close in Fatal Attraction. Reese is also unlikeable, predictable, and annoying.

I understood GC in that movie. She was desperate, lonely, crazy, and all around utterly bat shit insane! But I felt empathy for her as a profoundly sick woman losing her mind after yet another failed attempt at love. That doesn't mean I condone the bunny boil or the attempted murders etc.... Her end in that film was inevitable and tragic. Kind of like what happens to all of Sonny's wives and girlfriends on GH. As a bonus the Michael Douglas character learned to keep his dick in his pants! As did most married men who saw that movie :-) Except Sonny!

Reese, I hope she dies and I couldn't care less.

Way to write a character and force her down the viewers throats AMC!

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