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« Because They Didn't Destroy Her Character Enough Last Time... | Main | General Haterade »

March 11, 2009

Self-Centeredness, Thy Name Is Victor

The fallout from the medical miracle that is Ashley and Victor having a child continues to be a big part of Genoa City, with Nick and Phyllis being oh-so mature and taunting Jack about it, Nikki practically being on suicide watch and the proud parents-to-be discussing their little miracle.

Ashley:  I know. But do you understand that I was told I couldn't conceive again? Do you know how amazing this is? I was told this couldn't happen because I lost--I lost Robert. What if something happens?

Victor: It--it won't.

Ashley: But it could. It could. And after... everything that has happened in our lives, I don't think I could bear to bring that kind of pain into our lives again. I'm afraid. I want this baby so, so much. And I know it could all go wrong in a heartbeat.

Victor: My sweetheart, I don't want you to worry about that. Whatever happens, you'll be with me.

Whatever, dead babies totally aren't a big deal! Not if you're lucky enough to be Victor Newman's love of the moment! That honor heals all tragedies.

If I give this story credit for anything, it is for giving me more snarky Jack Abbott, who both disturbed and tickled me with this...evocative visual:

Jack: Yeah, I may need a drink more than you do. I got some bad news of my own tonight. Ashley is pregnant. Yeah! Our sister is growing a little baby mustache of her own.

I laughed and shuddered at the same time.


Is it just me or when Victor says "my sweetheart" to anyone one of his daughters or lovers or wives or puppies do you want to rip your ears off and beat yourself do death with them? Is that just me?

This is a soap, so I can't help but think that this will turn out to be not a fetus, but some HORRIFYING growth that somehow not only effed up her hormones enough so that 15 pregnancy tests came up positive. And then her dead father will haunt her. And then she will go on a tumor-induced rage and kill everyone who will come back to life the following Tuesday.

Victor is out of control. I hope this is all part of a larger outcome where we see the might mustache take a big fall.

this latest pregnancy is quickly making Victor the creepiest man in daytime.

I spit out my Diet Coke when Ashley said, "I'm so glad you had that vasectomy reversed."

I spat out my Diet Coke when Ashley said,
"Have I told you how glad I am that you had the vasectomy reversed?"

Whatever happens, you'll be with me.

Damned straight....until the restraining order says otherwise.

The contempt these writers have for Jack and especially Nikki could not be more blatant if they tried. And the love for Victor just keeps on rolling. Disgusting.

I like the tumor idea.

When you consider the ages of the real actors in involved, almost 50 and almost 70, you realize that poor kid is going to have the oldest parents at high school graduation....ewwwww!

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