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March 05, 2009

Yesterday's Most Right-On Dialogue

The Young and the Restless had been filled with drama and soapiness, and Sharon and Billy hooking up again, and Jack being both dreamy and diabolical, and Victor being a douche, but I have not been able to focus on any of that because Esther is driving me out of my mind. I cheered when Clint snapped at her yesterday.

Clint: Quiet! I'm sick of your yammering

Word up, Clint. Because SERIOUSLY. I enjoy Esther in small doses (apparently, very small doses) but her part in the endless Marge/Katherine/Kidnapping/I Have No Ideat What The Hell Is Going On story has taught me two things:

1.) Prolonged exposure to Kate Lindner's voice makes me crazy

2.) Judith Chapman no longer holds the title for most insane, over-the-top facial expressions



This story stopped being entertaining in mid-January, and I need them to go ahead and wrap it up ASAP, if only because my ears can't take much more.


Sadly there is something very Spinelliesque about good old Esther.

These squealing goofy sad annoying oddballs need a whole lot less screen time.

Esther and Katherine vs. Spinelli and Jason..... I'd like to see Katherine kick the Borg's ass. Maybe knee him in the toxic balls too :-)

I recently picked this show up again after about a 15 year hiatus...I can't believe that Ester is still on the show.

Not only is Esther still on the show, she's on contract! And they fired Don freakin' Diamont!

Esther is driving me crazy too. But the Clint character is the absolute worst actor ever. I can't believe how horrible he is.

Esther also has the same hair style as when she started on the show...

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