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April 01, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust

So, it's official:  As of September, Guiding Light is no more

As you probably know, I don't watch Guiding Light.  I have heard through the grapevine that it's been pretty terrible over the last year or so (something about camcorders and  rural New Jersey?), so I imagine there are some mixed emotions among viewers about it getting canceled.  But as an observer, to me it is undoubtedly sad to lose another daytime soap, especially the longest running one.  And sadder still is the fact that it's probably the first in a line of cancellations (As the World Turns, your buffer is gone...). 

But enough with the sad stuff, on to the fun:  Let's pick over the corpse!  Where are all these cast members going to go?  Clearly, Crystal Chappell has to come back to Days.  Normally I wouldn't wish that career move on someone, but it's better than unemployment (probably...), and how great would it be to have Carly back in Salem?  Gina Tognoni is fabulous and needs to land somewhere really good, which means, I don't know, Y&R?  Options involving "good" and "soap" are limited.  Kim Zimmer, well, I think Mallory has some upcoming thoughts on Kim and Reva based on Mal's recent venture into GL viewing.  What are your thoughts?  Are there GL characters or actors you want to land on your show(s)?  Others you want to stay far, far away?  (When you're telling us all about that in the comments, please remember that nobody actually watches Guiding Light, so you should link to photos, or be really super descriptive to help make sure we can all follow along.)

Oh, BTW, this line in the cancellation article might not be true for much longer:

“Guiding Light” had the lowest ratings of the eight daytime dramas on the air.

Because General Hospital is dropping like an anchor:

Ratings for the week March 16-20, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 5,116,000 (+23,000/-406,000)
2. B&B 3,299,000 (-231,000/-796,000)
3. DAYS 2,986,000 (+288,000/+36,000)
4. AMC 2,699,000 (+81,000/+184,000)
5. OLTL 2,664,000 (-20,000/+16,000)
6. GH 2,646,000 (-101,000/-342,000)
7. ATWT 2,532,000 (-148,000/-666,000)
8. GL 2,133,000 (-127,000/-534,000)


I want job security like the people in charge of General Hospital.  I would come to work in my PJs every day at 11, pawn off all my work on my colleagues, online shop, take a two-hour lunch, check out message boards, chat on the phone with my friends, then head home early to beat the rush hour.  I mean, I do that anyway, but I would stop worrying about being fired and instead start demanding bonuses and company cars. 


I don't normally agree with Daytime Confidental readers about anything...but the suggesting that Gina should be a New Victoria is PERFECT!!!

LOL! I want JFP and Guza's job security. I wish I could screw up all my work projects and still keep my job. Let's face it Frons will never fire them even as GH is run into the grounds.

And allegedly these ratings are WITH FRons stepping in to help....

As much as I'd hate to see "General Hospital" follow "Guiding Light" to the chopping block, it is great to see Guza's incompetence there for all the world to see.

But how the hell is "Days" number three? Are there lots of fans organizing people to watch just to save the show? Or have people discovered that the show is a cheap and non-addictive alternative to the sleeping pill?

I look at those numbers and I think, "Why in the hell are there increases at all for AMC." Do people not understand what a crapfest that show really is? Don't tell me people actually tune in and are happy to see that Ryan/Kendall/Zach mess. I don't want to meet the people who are watching now that had the good sense NOT to watch last week and last year.

GH's numbers are finally falling? Thank goodness. I tuned out (again) a while back. The number for the DAYS increase over last week is puzzling. It must be a fan campaign of some sort, right? Or maybe Chad is on to something and it is a medicinally-induced increase.

I've never watched GL either but I do find it sad and depressing news. The genre is dying right before our eyes.

"I have heard through the grapevine that it's been pretty terrible over the last year or so"

Many fans do feel the way you mentioned, but I've seen a lot of people leaving comments in various threads here saying the show is better lately, and mentioning stories like Otalia.

It's much better than the pro-abuse, anti-woman Y&R at the moment, not to mention the ABC lineup and B&B. I'm just sorry the show had to go off the air.

Actually, the show has improved quite a bit since earlier in the year.(I switched from GH a few years ago to GL cause I hated the way GH treats women and its vets!)

I am heartbroken......I'm not ready to send my characters off to other soaps (or back to the ABC soaps that basically misused them -Jeff Branson, Gina T).

This just really sucks for ALL of Daytime.

I'm pretty indifferent to my soaps nowadays and haven't watched regularly for years. You guys are my only enablers to GH and whenever I youtube Days the damn video can't load fast enough for me to move my cursor though the clip. I really feel that the genre needs to evolve with new blood, new ideas and new shows. The daytime industry is mired in it's inbreeding and tired, failed ways of running things. The point of return has long past for too many of the shows and lack of competition has expedited their fall. Daytime soaps have marketablity, but it's time for the new to come in and make it happen.

Gina would make a great Kendall or Greens should there ever come a time. Girlfriend can play ANYONE.

Gina Tognoni: either send her to Y&R, or have her come back to OLTL. Of course, that means Kevin Buchanan, too.

Justin Deas: AMC. I wanna see him spar with Susan Lucci.

Daniel Cosgrove: New guy on AMC to make Kendall remember that there are men in the world who are not controlling asshats. Later on, after Zach realizes he's been a controlling asshat, he can win her back and DC can move on to Beth Ehlers.

Grant Alexander... GH, maybe?

I watched GL occasionally over the years. It always sucks when a soap gets canceled. I feel for the cast and crew even if it was a show I was never fond of. And with GL leaving, it feels different than, say, Capitol getting canceled. GL was big. For years. It's a blow to the whole industry.

But onto those actors. Sorry, I don't even know how to link. I'm hopeless.

I love Crystal Chappell, even though I've never cared much for the characters she's played on GL or Days. Instead of Days, I'd rather see her show up on GH--and it's not that I hate her, because, as I mentioned, I love her. I just think GH couldn't possibly get worse with her on and it might get better. Unless they pair her with Sonny and make her yet another mother of yet another previously unknown illegitimate child or something.

Kim Zimmer--it will be interesting to see where she lands. I've enjoyed her over the years, but I'd like to see her try something other than a soap.

Gina Tognoni needs to come back to OLTL! she was awesome as Kelly - maybe bring back Kevin and/or Joey too

Yeah, the slow decline of GH in terms of ratings is really starting to pick up speed. And ABC's brilliant response - more of the same! The audience is flat out telling them that they don't like what the show is shoveling - the audience is over the mob, the audience is over the darkness, the audience is over Sonny and Jason, the audience is over stupid women, the audience is over idiotic cops, the audience is over stories seemingly plotted by 1st graders, the audience IS OVER THIS SHOW. And yet, nothing changes. Guza keeps on writing crap, Jill keeps on producing it, and Frons keeps on signing off on it. What these three have done to the legacy of GH is nothing short of shameful.

Gina Tognoni definitely needs to come back to OLTL. Ron Calivarti can write her a really good story I'm sure.

Robin Strasser told a funny story about what a *NASTY* peson Jill Farren Phelps is on her hotline message this week!

I feel you, Desertrose. I have been an off and on watcher of GL since high school, and I came back to the show after being well and fed up with General Hospital. Its gotten really good recently, and I'm also heartbroken to watch it go.

If this was happening to GH, I'd be doing the dance of joy.

"Gina Tognoni definitely needs to come back to OLTL. Ron Calivarti can write her a really good story I'm sure.

I hope it's better than what he's given Blair...

I find it funny you say you've never watched Guiding Light but feel you can comment on the quality of the show from your sources. The past few months Guiding Light has once again shined like it use to and it's a sad day for soap opera viewers that it will be taken off the air this September.

September 18th will be my last day to ever watch a day time drama and I'm sure it will be for a vast majority of the 2.1 current viewers of Guiding Light(but no one watches it). And with you lack of sensitivity toward our feelings don't expect us to feel sorry for you when your sorry ass soap gets canceled, whatever that might be!

A sad day for Guiding Light fans.

Great point Brett. GL has been on fire lately ,Philip's return from the "dead" has been masterfully done on GL and the rest of the show the last few months wonderful building on this. And how terrible that the showrunners cut their budget to bear bones to give their fans another year which ended up as some damn good storytelling. Maybe watch before commenting on how simply awful it is.

I for one will miss it. It's a very

(cont') sad day.

If GH goes, only thing I'm going to miss is KM. I watch youtube just for scrubs. The rest can just die. Looks like it is...ratings wise. Hopefully those numbers will finally prove that Guza's sleazy violent crap is no longer wanted on this show. I'm so over Jason too. Same clothes, same hair, same blank face, every freakin year.

I love GL. It's my favorite soap. Yeah the last couple of years have been pretty bad but the last few months I've seen the show I fell in love with. Perhaps the folks writing this blog should actually watch the show before commenting on how horrible it is. But this continued fascination with the what is horrible ABC shows like GH and AMC continues to amaze me. When I see the raves about the characters of Zach, Kendall, Robin, Patrick I laugh. They have nothing on Dinah, Shayne, or and don't forget Reva and Josh or the incredible acting and writing for women on this wonderful show. Kim Zimmer is a diva and over the top and I love the living daylights out of her. I'd love to see her on ABC to shake things up but their obsession with youth on those vapid shows sucks the life out of any decent acting or storytelling. Crystal Chappell, Gina Tognoni, Grant Alexzander I would take anyday over the likes of Kimberly McCullough or Alicia Menshaw. These shows and actors have nothing on 72 years of GL history. I for one will miss GL. I hope you show a little more insight next time you critique a show you don't watch.

Celie, cherie, GL is horrible, it has been for years and the same goes to all soaps, don't worry. There were some good moments, storylines or episodes, but all in all, it's nothing like soaps used to be. Writing sucks, characters are written poorly, the only quality you can find there is acting and sometimes even actors let us down. As all soaps bring on young people who cannot act and throw them on us 5 times a week.

Btw here's a cute supportive vid


I'd rather have watched GL be all gonzo-doc-style rather than a minute more of the Sam pimp-age happening on GH!
Why couldn't GH be canceled instead?
I'd have loved to see Jane Elliot tearing it up on Y & R and Luke staring down Victor...

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