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April 15, 2009

I Don't Know Which Is Worse, Killing Off Legacy Characters or...This

I'm not saying that I WANT Luke Spencer to be killed off and then come back as a sassy, tracksuit wearing ghost or raccoon-eyed doppelganger, I just...I really want Tony Geary to take one of his six month long sabbaticals and hightail it the hell out of Port Charles before I have to join a mob of angry Luke haters and do whatever it is that an angry mob member does (I feel like pitchforks and a catchy Alan Menken penned tune are involved. Or should be!).

Because, really, hating Luke Spencer is not something I want to do and yet...I HATE LUKE SPENCER.

My irritation with him has been growing for the past few months, because I am over the whole badass, ne'er-do-well shtick, but today it crossed the line to hatred. I officially hate Luke Spencer. It makes me sad. But do you blame me? He was all "Remember when Helena faked Lucky's death? LOL! She is a genius!"

Luke: Emphasis on crazy. We have this sick, psychosexual relationship that feeds on titillation, torture, scorpions, and piano wire.

Lucky: Helena kidnapped me. She made everybody believe that I was dead.

Luke: Yeah, she's a very creative lunatic. You have to admire her imagination.

YES! Admirable is exactly the word I was looking for. The myriad ways in which Helena wreaked havoc on the Spencer are just so imaginative and whimsical! Who wants to take a look back at those days of whimsy and give Helena a round of applause for her awesome imagination?! 

And then was Lucky was upset about how his father basically wrote off the kidnapping, faked death and brainwashing of his son as a hilarious prank, Luke and Ethan had the nerve to be miffed.

Ethan: That guy never gives you a break.

Luke: We're going through a rough patch, Lucky and I.

Ethan: Why do you put up with this?


Remind me again why we are supposed to have feelings for Ethan besides blistering hatred? And after you remind me of that, remind me why we watch this show...


Kill me I don't hate this story. Ethan is actually barable when he's not around Luke. I actually enjoyed the stuff last week with Tracy and Lulu. It't the heavy handed writing I hate between Luke and Ethan. And Lucky is the other missing piece. This could be a great story of father son conflict on both ends but all we see is Lucky storming in and out once in a while.

I have not watched a second of this show since Nov of last year. I tuned out because I saw Luke (a character I knew for almost 30 years) become someone I did not recognize. He cares for no one; he is a drunken, souless shell. I am extremely disappointed in Tony Geary because over and over again he stated he would (along with Genie Francis) protect the legacy of the Luke and Laura franchise. He would fight producers and writers to keep the integrity of Luke. No more. Sold out. Phoning it in. I once wanted Genie back but no more. She is above this sesspool of a show.

OMG!! just seeing those videos you posted brought me to tears again :( cuz i remember watching those very scenes of Lucky's "death" and they just broke my heart! it was very hard to watch this storyline unfold, though lucky was not really dead and HELENA was behind it all!!

But i must say all the actors in those scenes were just awesome, most definitley tong geary and genie francis. wow, that was just 10 years ago to this week. now i miss Jonathan Jacskon like crazy!! Love, love JJ as Lucky!!!

So now, 10 years later, i am thinking WTF is up with the character Luke Spencer?? he is not the luke i fell in love with in the 90's! TG shined with JJ!! the luke and lucky father-son relationship was superb and soo realistic back then!!

my heart is just soo very, very sad of what they have done with luke's character over the past year or two.

GUZA and TPTB are just COMPLETE MORONS!! i still don't get why they have to shove Ethan down our throats! is he really supposed to be luke's son?? must we wait til May to find out?? I mean really!

anyway, i love your post Mallory!! i agree with ALL that you said!!!!

I have been loathing Luke more and more lately. It's sad because he's always been one of my favorites, now I just want him to go away.

Luke's been heading down the deadbeat path for awhile, but things turned for me after Laura return and Luke was indifferent to her and let her walk away, chosing Tracy instead. Then to add insult to injury, he dissed their past together (repeatedly). Now he's turned on Lucky in favor of the new grifter. It just leaves a very bad taste in my mouth in regards to Luke because I feel like he is spitting on everything he once loved and everything I saw onscreen. At this point there just isn't anything likeable for me about Luke Spencer. It's a shame.

Imo, they should send Luke off on permanent vacation and bring Laura back for her family. I think she's the better parent anyway and unlike Luke she actually wants to be a parent to her children.

Can we go back to "I hate this effing show!" being the only acceptable response to anything General Hospital, because I truly hate this effing show!!

Stating the obvious here but this show is straight up awful. Luke Spencer as the Lucky-hating Guza mouthpiece is just further evidence. When I watch old GH on Youtube it just puts a bad taste in my mouth when I think of how many legacy characters are either dead or so unrecognizable that they might as well be.

Those scenes of Lucky's "death" are just as powerful today as when they aired. GH still had a heart and soul back then. Now it's just an empty shell.


April 16, 2009...today marks ten years since the fire that "killed" Lucky. How strange to think that now Luke basically despises his son...when we saw something so different back then.

"And after you remind me of that, remind me why we watch this show..."

We don't! We make you watch it for us. :)

I used to be a big Luke fan, but they've basically made it impossible NOT to hate him. He really doesn't have a single redeemable quality.

So I have all but stopped watching recently because I have lost the last shred of hope that this show would turn around...not until guza gets the ax (HELLO PTB)...I have to agree with u all, I am all but hating Luke as of lately and I used to love him and his antics...Watching those clips made me so nostalgic of the GH of 90's past...was actually good and I almost, dare I say it, liked Sonny in that clip! He used to at least have some redeeming value...They need to ship off Teethan asap...hopefully they make a pit stop to the barber first...RIP GH!!! Not to beat a dead horse, but One Life to Live, now that's a soap these days ;)

RIP Luke Spencer. You have been dead since early December.

Simone, I couldn't agree more with what you said and to whomever said that Guza hates Greg I agree with you too. I have been off the Luke train for some time now so I don't have anything new to add to the sentiment here, but watching these clips was a bit ironic. I saw Jason, Sonny and Luke standing there in the end and all I could think about was how nothing has changed in the past 10 years. Those three always left standing in a pile of wreckage they probably created.

I get the hate for Luke after the Helena praise, but come on. Lucky used to be smart, sarcastic, and sensitive. Lucky was someone to be reckoned with. He also had a little bit of hero worship of Jason back when he worked in the bike shop. He was Spineli but cool, because he was Luke's. Lucky while hot, is so dull. If they're going to make him a cop at least make him a kick ass cop. And Lucky didn't change when he found out about the rape it wasn't until the return and recast after the fire. Does anyone remember him playing chess with Helena, after the kidnapping? He was sparring with her in true Spencer brillance. That was a Lucky to be proud of.

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