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April 20, 2009

Liza With a...Seriously, She's Supposed to be Liza?

I decided today, in part of my ongoing quest to be a better, less judgmental, more serene person, that I am going to totally give Jamie Luner a chance to grow into the role of Liza without me making snide comments about how Marcy Walker is the REAL Liza, or how there must be something off about her because she's friends with Charles Pratt. I mean, the woman was on Melrose Place AND Just The Ten of Us AND all kinds of Lifetime movies. These things have brought so much joy to my life that I think it's only fair to actually give her a chance, and not in the half-hearted way I usually give people chances, but an actual, real chance. I mean, Cindy Lubbock alone gives her a fair amount of street cred as far as I'm concerned.

BUT--and there's always a but when it comes to All My Children--the show is making it almost impossible for me to go into this Liza recast without being completely jaded.

  • It is now hard for me to watch Jamie Luner without thinking of the immortal phrase, "[the rest of the AMC cast are] the ones who have to watch out". And then I kept wondering throught the episode if the actors onscreen had taken Pratt's advice and watched out. Like, did David Canary and Susan Lucci do a double take? "Jamie Luner's onset! Let's check ourselves now". My imagination is far better than anything happening on the show...
  • I do not buy Jamie Luner as Brianne Moncrief's mother in any way, shape or form.

  • Related: I do not buy Brianne Moncrief as the daughter of Jamie Luner and David Canary. A piece of driftwood and a wooden block, maybe...

  • Seriously, how painful was the phone call between Colby and Liza? The stilted tones, the inability for Colby to convey anything other than sweet blandness? Painful, and I am dreading the inevitable highly emotional confrontations between the two

None of those complaints are insurmountable, and I am mercurial enough that next week I'd probably be over them, but the the thing happened and it was just...wrong. You know the thing I mean. The thing with the sex on the card table that involved Zach taking off Liza's panties.


With that, all hopes of being non-judgmental flew out the window, along with hopes of being able to watch any future Zach/Liza scenes without a mental soundtrack of "EW. Ew. EWEWEW. Ew" running through my head...


Has Pratt watched Skinemax one too many times?

That's the only explanation I can come up with after seeing that screen grab.

Thanks loads. Now I have to go scrub my brain, if you'd excuse me...

Oh dear lord. So glad I missed that. So, so, so glad. The screencap was enough, though I bet it doesn't come close to inducing the kind of horror your all went through watching the whole thing.

WTF with this show? WTF

Wait. I have a question. Zach doesn't KNOW Liza? Wasn't he on screen before Liza left? Liza was a starting partner in Fusion and was around for a long time after. I'm pretty sure she was still around AFTER Kendall/Ethan, so I believe she and Zach must have crossed paths at some point if not at least he would have seen pictures of the founders of Fusion. None of this makes sense.

Curious...you're so funny...expecting things to make sense in Pratt-land. So cute!

If it happened before Pratt came on the screen..it's just better off pretendign you totally re-wrote the history of AMC in your mind because what you watched happened surely didn't happen.

Lisa sure adds lots of class to the cast of AMC. She is beautiful and talented. Has bedroom eyes. She could make Tad happy, if that is possible.

I have never been one to watch a soap opera, but today I think people watch them less than they used to a few decades ago. My grandmother's generation watched them all the time; I think they liked to escape from reality for an hour a day.

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