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April 21, 2009

Our Column in the 4/28 Issue of Soap Opera Digest

Our latest My Take/My Take, Too column is on newsstands now, and this time around, our editors asked us to do something a little different and take a look at the rest of the soap world.  Probably on the off chance we could find uniformly nice things to say about a show.  Aren't they cute?

Anyway, Mallory tried out The Bold & The Beautiful and Guiding Light, while Becca watched As The World Turns and One Life To Live.  Did we gawk in horror at the production values on the Procter and Gamble soaps?  Did Mallory find B&B cheesy yet perfect for short attention spans?  Will Becca incense internet-dwellers worldwide by not nominating the OLTL writers for sainthood? Are we capable of being anything other than overly critical and unduly bitchy?  The answers to all these questions should be clear, but check out the column anyway, please?

So make sure to pick up a copy of SOD to see our verdicts, and check back over the next couple of weeks for some Soaps We Don't Watch recaps here on the blog. 


Hi - just wanted to let you know that your advice to 'pick up a recent copy of Soap Opera Digest" to read your column has become pretty much impossible where I live!

The grocery store where I usually shop NO LONGER carries ANY soap opera magazines. The store manager told me "No one watches soaps any more - the magazines never sold well - and were taking up shelf space which was better utilized by offering magazines which people DO want to read!"

The drug store across the street is even worse. They have not offered any soap magazines for sale for at least the past couple of years - for the SAME reason - they believe that "No one watches soaps any more."

There Is a grocery store several miles from my place which DOES offer Soap Opera Weekly and the CBS and ABC versions of Soaps in Depth. However, the issues of Soaps In Depth are woefully behind - the current issue of SID which they have available is advising me to set my VCR for stuff that happened on April 17. They DO have some copies of a MARCH edition of Soap Opera Digest - but that is the most recent SOD that I could find on the newsstands anywhere within commuting distance of either my home or my office!

While it is commendable that Soap Opera Digest finally got around to asking viewers WHAT can be done to save soaps - I am afraid that their enthusiasm for saving soaps is several YEARS too late. They SHOULD have started asking questions about that back about 1997!

I don't have a subscription to any of the soap magazines for the same reason that I wouldn't be picking up a copy of a MARCH edition of Soap Opera Digest in the middle of April - it just does NOT do any good to receive a copy of a magazine advising you to set your VCR for something good happening on April 17 - if you had NO hope of receiving the magazine any earlier than April 22!

The bad news is NOT that soaps are dying. The BAD news is that REAL soaps died YEARS ago - and a changeling child was left in their place. The REALLY bad news is that soap magazines will soon be just as defunct as The Rocky Mountain News when the Network Bigwigs succeed in running ALL of the soaps completely into the ground.

While it is commendable that Soap Opera Digest HAS been asking viewers what can be done to rescue the soap opera genre from ultimate oblivion - SOD's concept contains a MAJOR flaw. Actual viewers are the LAST bunch of people whom ANYONE in the Network ivory towers wants to hear from. Ever!

Sincerely, Deborah

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