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April 23, 2009

The Day's Most "That's What We've Been Saying!" Dialogue

Sam:  I just don’t understand why Sonny can’t keep it in his pants for, like, five seconds.  He spends five minutes around somebody and he impregnates, like, everybody.  I don’t get it.  That just totally came out wrong.  I am so sorry.

Girl, don’t apologize for speaking the truth.  Oh, and about that whole allowing-an-innocent-child-to-be-kidnapped thing?  All is now officially forgiven.


Never is a million years did I ever think I would say this but...


Wow, which writer snuck that little nugget in? Oh wait, she apologized immediately afterward.

Haha, go Sam!

I'm not watching the show so who did she say this to?

I never imagined liking Sam sober this much! This is right up there with Cam's "Bitch Please" look. The only thing that would have made this better is if Jason would have said "Tell me about it, Sonny's penis has been ruining my life for years."

It's official - I'm now a Sam McCall fan! Girl said what we've ALL been thinking...AMEN SISTER!!!

When Sam said that precious gem, I laughed out loud and said, "THANK you!!!!!" to the empty room. At least we know *one* writer is having sane thoughts.

Now, I'm just curious, because Sonny has been yapping all over town repeatedly about how he "used protection" - even though we all know very well that there is no birth control method that is 100% foolproof - does this mean Claudia will accidentally leave the pierced condoms somewhere for Sonny to find? I don't think I can handle much more of this fiasco.

Well, of course Sam would know all about this, because Sonny knocked her up back in the day.

I waver on what is more horrific: Sonny's sheer range of impregnated women (Olivia, Lily, Alexis, Carly, Sam, Claudia) or the death toll among his offspring. Does anyone actually think that Claudia's baby will come to term? So far Sonny has three living children and three miscarried/stillborn ones that we know about (Lily's fetus, Carly's second pregnancy, Sam's baby Lila); the inevitable Claudia miscarriage/stillbirth/whatever will tilt the scales in favor of the dead ones. Does everything about this show have to be dark, depressing and gruesome?

What really made my head spin the other day was when Claudia made some comment about wanting to join the "very exclusive club" of women who had Sonny's children. Aside from not knowing that Olivia's son is actually Sonny's spawn, shouldn't there be a shorter list than 5 baby mommas not including yourself to be considered exclusive?!?

I laughed. Then I laughed some more. I don't care if my girl is a ho and she can't keep it in her panties (although she seems to be doing ok in that department now) it was fucking true. She may be barron, but she doesn't have little Sam's running around during the height of her ho career.

Even Carly scoffed at his reasons for sleeping with claud, "We are human". And you know Carly has been around the block.

I might laugh more but sadly, it just depresses me. This is the show's modus operandi lately: having a character or two at least acknowledge the crap that the viewers find so distasteful, as if to say "see? we get it. we're listening!" only to continue said behavior or not really change anything at all.

NO, ALL has not been forgiven. I dont' get that? How in anyone's right mind could you ever forgive a woman who allowed the child of a man she professed to love more than her own life be taken? How?

And her comment about Sonny, though true, was really kind of a pot calling the kettle black situation. Umm...this from the girl who slept with Sonny AND Jax on the same night, during a massive hotel fire. Also this coming from the woman who slept with her mother's husband in the middle of her mother's living room floor. Then moved on to the married police officer just as retaliation for her pain and hurt when two people slept together when the man was NOT dating her(Let's not forget this people...Jason and Sam had broken up)and the woman, though technically still married had caught her husband in their bed with another woman, high as a kite, again.

I see the need for Sam McCall. I don't even so much mind the character but let's face it...she's in no position to judge anyone for ANYTHING and it confuses me as to why we are all supposed to now think she's redeemed herself and should be considered a heroine of Port Charles again.

I really don't think I ever will.

AMEN! She can't talk because she's Sonny with bg boobs and a skirt. Let's count the number of john's that she had and see who's a bigger whore: Sam or Sonny? I'm betting on Sam McCallgirl!

Sonny used protection? Really? Do we honestly believe that Sonny - the man Sonny is - would actually use protection? I mean, honestly, the way he treats women? No - Sonny would never use protection - that would be the woman's responsibility and if she got pregnant, it would be all her fault. The man is too selfish to use protection.

The really staggering thing is that Sonny has all these children,(and miscarriages/stillbirths) and only one, Morgan, was on purpose. You think he'd realize by now that nothing short of castration will work for him.

No, all is not forgiven. But, I can try to rise above. I might be better able if I actually watched the show, but that would require me to actually watch the show. I think I'll pass.

Sam doing some truth-telling for once in her natural life does not absolve her for me. I applauded what she said, but considered the source simultaneously.

AMEN!!! I LOVED that dialogue!!! It's hilarious and so true! Preach It SAM!! And all IS forgiven! :)

Sam should not be apologizing for saying the truth and considering she was saying it to a person that believes the SAME THING. Jason's look after she said it was as good as even he can get these days.

"Let's count the number of john's that she had and see who's a bigger whore: Sam or Sonny? "

As far as I can remember, she's never had any johns.

The kidnapping story was so stupid that I never got worked up in hating Sam. It was bad writing even by GH standards. And I could understand the frothing hatred for Liz, who is, at the moment, sniffing around yet another man who is in a relationship, with her best friend no less, all while still claiming to be a moral voice.

I don't think it's calling the kettle black. It would be if say, Liz said it. Because she tends to get preggos, often as a result from a ONS.

Sam is right in saying that because if she has had as many johns as people say, and has only gotten preggos once (ironically with human sperm bank sonny) I say she WOULD know. lol

The message was simple: If almost everytime you whip it out, results in a baby, KEEP IT INYOUR PANTS.

If not, have at it. Sam seems to be using the right protection if she only got knock up once before she was barron.

The comment was hilarious. I'm just glad that someone said it cuz i damn sure was thinking it.

And to me, all IS forgiven. I hate what that kid Jake represents and the bullshit that followed. And all for what? To be in the exact same place as we were before the stupid child came into existance. Crazy Maureen should have drown him in a vat of whiskey. That kid was a big waste of time.

Really u guys say Sam has had many johns while ur girl Liz has been getting knocked from left to right while Sam got knocked up like once n all cos she got herself too involved in the guy. As far as i know Sam has slept with just about as many men as Liz had so tryin to make her out to be ho here is inconsequential. She is someone who speaks her mind regardless of wat the consequnces are so she saying wat was oin our minds about Sonny was really no surprise to me at all actually it made me luv her more cos thats the Sam Mccall i knew and fell in luv with.

They can make Sam a truthteller all she wants...but seriously..she has no right to talk about keeping it in her pants. This from a woman who uses her sex appeal to exploit almost every situation. Hot tub and Jerry anyone?

And then Sam ruined the moment by talking about that damn dead baby of hers. Only if Sonny hadn't impregnanted her that time, we wouldn't be hearing 5 years later about her dead baby. She needs to stop talking about that baby. "Oh Patrick, Robin and you have a baby? Oh...I had a baby it died" "Oh Claudia/Sonny are having a baby...I was pregnant w/Sonny's baby...and then it died" Dear God...make it stop!

I'm sorry Carl..who the hell is Liz sniffing around? Considering this is a post about Sam, WTF is Liz doing in this conversation? Liz is helping Patrick/Robin. She doesn't want Patrick. And she's never claimed to be a moral voice. Oh, the lies and delusions of Liz haters. At least, Liz didn't do heinous things to maliciously endanger children out of anger. That's more than Sam can say for herself.

Sonny running around telling various people "I used protection" is just absolutely...... argh I can't find the words lol

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