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April 23, 2009

The Day's Most "That's What We've Been Saying!" Dialogue

Sam:  I just don’t understand why Sonny can’t keep it in his pants for, like, five seconds.  He spends five minutes around somebody and he impregnates, like, everybody.  I don’t get it.  That just totally came out wrong.  I am so sorry.

Girl, don’t apologize for speaking the truth.  Oh, and about that whole allowing-an-innocent-child-to-be-kidnapped thing?  All is now officially forgiven.


Ha ha. You just won yourself a fan, Sam. Preach it.

And who'da thunk Sonny would develop the extraordinary self-awareness necessary for the following bit of stellar dialogue:

Carly: Sit down.

Sonny: I wish I had.

So do we all, Sonny. Ew.

I don't get all the Sam and Liz hate. . . I think they are both great characters and the fact that people fight about them because they were both involved with Jason is just. . . well whatever.

Sam was funny saying that little bit of truth, and it wasn't anything EVERYONE else wasn't thinking (take a look at all the faces when they find out).

Truth be told, I can never forget Sam and her part in Jake's kidnapping, but her character is slowly being redeemed. I do have a long memory though. . . she uses her sexuality for gain. She was a female con artist who married men for money, wasn't she?? Hey whatever floats your boat!

In the end. . .it was a great bit of dialogue that I got a huge laugh out of (for two reasons . . . one, it was true. . . two, it was coming from her).

I loved Sam's comment about Sonny keeping it in his pants. You could see that even Steve Burton wanted to laugh.

I never held the kidnapping thing against Sam or drug/cheating thing against Lucky. I simply ignored the bad Guza writing.

The online war between Sam and Liz fans is out of control. Nowhere is safe.But I understand where Sam fans are coming from because every time Liz gets within 100 years of Patrick, I get the heebie jeebies.

Truth be told, I really don't care what happens to Liz of her children so Sam is forgiven with me. I know Jake was innocent and all, but that crap was so heavy handed towards Sam AND Lucky, I just couldn't buy it. I honestly groan everytime I see Liz with her kids, especially in parks where she lurks with them along with whatever male she wants to entertain at the moment. I don't know. If the kid had been Emma, I'd be upset. But Cam and Jake, along with their mother could fall off the edge of the earth for all I care.

I just don't like Liz, even though she hasn't done horrible things like Sam. So when people say, how can you enjoy Sam, then given me a list of her greivances, I just say I like what I like. While I hate the stuff that Sam does, using her body and all of that, I can't help but be amused but her sometimes. I actually liked her ALOT during the whole crazy kidnapping thing lol. She was a cute drunk and bitched out Jason who I hate. And Sonny. And Liz. She made me smile and her comment this week did the same thing. She just blurted it out and I was like, Damn, I was thinking the same thing lol. I'm just glad it was said.

And I don't think people understood what she meant to be honest. I don't think she was commenting on Sonny for him fucking around so often so much as when he does, he usually knocks someone up. Sam fucked around alot but she only got preggos with Sonny, which is why I think she said the comment lol. So clearly she had her birth control on lock until she ran into Sonny's potent sperm lol. It was like, if you can't fuck anyone without knocking them up keep it to yourself.

-And to me, all IS forgiven. I hate what that kid Jake represents and the bullshit that followed. And all for what? To be in the exact same place as we were before the stupid child came into existance. Crazy Maureen should have drown him in a vat of whiskey. That kid was a big waste of time.-

THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT! It's what I've been thinking since Liz read the "paternity" results. Side note, everyone has an opinion, but you don't have to insult each other to have your own.

Yeah, seriously, people bringing fandom wars about fictional characters to our comments sections makes us consider shutting them down. Chill out with the insults, please.

I am new to this blog. Where have you been all my soap watching life? This is too funny, you ladies are a blast. Sam was a riot making all those cracks about Sonny. I wish she was like that more often. I loved when she shot Jason and told him it was his fault. I agree. It was, as the big hitter in town he is responsible for most of the shootings in my opinion. That was the only good part of that hospital on fire nonsense. And now that you write for SOD I will have to start reading that for the first time since junior high. I may not comment much, but I am a big fan of your writing and your humour.

i was wondering where Kate has been-now i am scared she might be in hiding because she has also been impregnated by Sonny's super swimmers-i wonder if Sonny is trying to spawn enough mini mobsters to rule the world

Who the hell is Sam to say anything considering she was one of the many who begged Sonny to let her have at 'it' countless times? She didn't give a damm then, did she?

I couldn't believe her assinine whine and YES, it was assinine. Jason not reminding her of this was also assinine.
GH wasted a perfect moment of truth on the wrong character. Let Robin, or Diane make this comment. NOT the Sonny's 'IT' riding/sperm carrying nitwit that is Sam.

No way in hell is Sam resolved of her lack of actions in the kidnapping of an innocent baby. Very disappointed at the mere suggestion of this.

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