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April 10, 2009

This Is The Best Good to Bad Ratio This Show Has Had In Quite Some Time

Helped, perhaps, by the fact that the show didn't feature Sonny and Claudia having sex, or Robin and Patrick (do you know how heartbreaking it is to automatically like an episode because Scrubs aren't in it? CURSE YOU, GUZA! WHAT HATH YOU WROUGHT?), today's show was somewhat entertaining. It feels weird to be complimentary of General Hospital, but there were a few good moments today, right? Unless I have Soap Opera Stockholm Syndrome and am so desperate for something to like that I am attaching the "good" label to things that don't really deserve it...


GOOD: Julie Marie Berman

JMB was better in today's episode than she has seriously been in months. This is either because she does her best work in dramatic scenes and/or scenes with Kirsten Storms and Jane Elliot, and got both of those today, or I just get a chuckle out of seeing Lulu miserable.




Because I am in a good mood, I am leaning towards the former (but I secretly think it's the latter).

She managed to get me invested in her breakup with Johnny, which I thought was impossible because A)I did not care one whit about her relationship with Johnny and I could not honestly care less if she and Johnny ever shared a scene again (an opinion I feel Brandon Barash shares because he has been mentally checked out of scenes with Lulu since last summer) and B) the writing for Johnny, Maxie, Lulu and Spinelli has been written and rewritten and changed and screwed up so many times that character motivation winds up changing mid-scene.

Good: Brandon Barash's Facial Expression Just Before Johnny Kissed Maxie


That is the most charisma he's shown in scenes opposite anybody but Sarah Brown. I finally understood what the fuss was about!

...which I promptly forgot when he and Maxie had the most uncomfortable looking kiss ever. It called to mind middle school socials and not knowing where to put your hands during slow dances.


...which made Spinelli a sad panda.


Mopey Spinelli is my least favorite Spinelli, so I am already worried about Monday's show.

Good: Tracy Doing What Tracy Does Best

Tracy: This is the best you can come up with?

Spinelli: I did exactly what the abrasive one asked of me.

Tracy: I expect a little more than the address where Ethan is staying -- you're the Jackass.

Spinelli:  (Meekly)The Jackal...


Tracy: Oh, please, snap out of it. Get up off the couch and prove you're a Spencer.


How do we go about nominating Tracy Q as a National Treasure? The fact that she is fictional may cause controversy at first, but with quips like that, we can win over nay-sayers pretty quickly.

Good: Olivia's WTF? Face

Carly: I fainted a couple of times during both of my pregnancies, but lying about your baby's father could that to you. And being chained to a wall doesn't help things either.

Olivia: Olivia

Hee! Bet she's re-thinking her (bizarre, unexplained and plot-driven) choice to relocate to Port Charles...

Good: Ric Gleefully Telling Jason He Was Wrong

Actually, let me revise that statement, because it wasn't good; it was AMAZING. Remind me again why the powers-that-be think it's okay to cut Rick Hearst down to recurring instead of utilizing him and his handsome amazingness and amazing handsomeness? An answer besides "Because they suck at life", I mean.

Ric: Oh, this is great. Finally, the great Jason Morgan gets one really, really big one completely wrong.

It was made even more glorious by Jason and Sonny's response.


 "I did?"


 "What does completely mean?"

Ric spilling the beans about Claudia's involvement in Michael's shooting could also lead to some good moments, but I know better than to get my hopes up.


To prove that I am not going soft, there were also things that I disliked about today's show.

Bad: Ethan


I hate him.

And his attitude when Lulu found him at his top secret fortress of solitude?

Ethan: How the hell did you find me?

Listen, douche, the real question is "How the hell did you book a contract role on a television show?"

Bad: The Adventures of Rebecca and Nikolas


 Yawn City, Population 2

I feel like I am supposed to care about the results of Rebecca's biopsy, and I am supposed to care about Nikolas, and whatever, but all I can think during their scenes together are "Enough with the eye makeup! Eyeshadow does not equal character development" and "zzzz...."

Bad: Claudia's Jacket Which Looks Like It Was Made During a Particularly Heinous Project Runway Challenge From Bubble Wrap and Printer Toner


Bad: Claudia Continuing To Be a LUNATIC With Her Obsession Over Getting Pregnant To The Point Where She Argues With Rational People and Scientific Fact



I love Spixie. Thought JMB was fantastic. I think the show was more watchable Friday than it has been. It was soapy.

Meg Bennett? I'm afraid to give anyone credit.

I'm sorry Johnny and Maxie are gross, Johnny is boring and bland as hell, just because him having scenes with Maxie still dont change that. This whole thing with them reeks of plot points from the begining. Nothing has change since then with them. Everything is contrived and force its not even funny.

Just like Matt contrived and forced we rarely see him, and all of a sudden he wants to go out on date with Maxie..WTH?

Now Spixie is a different story, they have chemistry all over the place. Bradford/Kirsten chemistry is off the chart. They have that rare it factor going on with them. Spixie is not out by long shot and if people really think they are, then I don't know what to tell them.

The only couple that have a story is Spixie they have all the build up, so they need to finish that and allow them to be a offically a couple. I thought they were going there uptil the ILY from Maxie. Then after that it all went to hell. Maxie charc did a 180 in one day..not cool Gh

Team Spixie

I really, really want them to go somewhere with Johnny and Maxie. Absolutely the most potential out of any couple in the twentysomethings. They are complicated and messy but oh so right together. I think they do have seriously great chemistry and I actually did like the kiss. They came together with deliberate intention and the way he went in for it was awesome. Now the hands? I'm thinking Johnny was probably thinking exactly what I was at that moment. "WTF is up with this fug purple top with the purple rags hanging off the front?" Of Johnny probably added "I'm wanting to go up the shirt with my hands but this outfit sucks."

Unfortunately, I don't see anything happening between Johnny and Maxie or Matt and Maxie. Maxie is wedged to fugly Spinelli and that is that.

Johnny and Maxie was just gross, always has been always will be. That kiss was cringe worthy, even if I wasn't a Spixie fan I'd say that. They looked really uncomfortable squirming around with each other, like they were both thinking 'oh god pls call out cut NOW'

Sorry but I only see Matt and Johnny as angst for Spixie. So while there mite b a Johnny/Maxie self destruction, Im positive they're heading in Spixie direction. THANK GOD!

Cos Spixie actually have chemistry that's off the charts! Their kisses and intimacy moments r actually good and make you want more. Johnny and Maxie its like they're each others poison ivy!

I think JE brings out the best in any scene partner, and I especially think so in JMB, NP, and BA's case. She simply has something that makes her connect with the younger generation. I don't care about JoMax-not only don't I see the chemistry-I find them duller than dirt. I disagree about Ethan as well. I am so turned off by agenda hate, and to me, that's what most of the hate for Ethan is. Hate that he's a newbie, hate that he is supposedly taking airtime away from GV and screen time from Lucky and Luke. Even though Lucky and Luke have hardly shared scenes for years and still wouldn't be sharing that many scenes even if NP and Ethan were not around. I find the hate for Ethan based on this to be ridiculous, as well as the Ethan hate for his accent and physical appearance.
I enjoy the character-and I think the actor so far has the most chemistry with Ms.Elliot. Ethan and Tracy have a like-can't say love just yet/hate vibe that adds a sinister new dimension to Ethan's character. The "free spirited con man" facade drops around Tracy and the actor handles the transformation with ease.
He's a winner in my book.

I think JMB was only good because...
a) GREAT hair.
b) her thankfully reduced screentime
c) no JoLu mush..

plus I hate to say it but KS is looking far too haggard and cokey to be amazing lately

Great article!

Forget Maxie & anyone else. Let's just get back to the hot & passionate kisses she has with Spinelli.

Yawny cannot kiss at all. That kiss was disgusting! Not to mention Johnny is a total dickhead---and I'd say this even if I weren't a Spixie fan--which I am. When Spinelli and Maxie kiss it is so much more natural and passionate and romantic.

The Johnny and Maxie kiss was sooo bad, I cringed, in fact, I'm still cringing. Yawnny, I mean Johnny looked like he didn't even know what to do with his hands and this is not the first time he has looked awkward kissing Maxie. He also looked very, very, very awkward in the limo and in the garage when he kissed Maxie. Sorry, Johnny and Maxie are not hot. They make me want to hurl and the fact that they are hurting Spinelli puts them on my list of losers. Oh, and someone please get Yawnny Johnny kissing lessons STAT! I'm still rooting for Spixie also. I hope tptb are putting a end to this Johnny/Maxie mess.

I hate the show, but I like JE and agree with the person who says she's much more entertaining away from Luke.
Ethan is of waste of the money they could have used getting Genie Francis back on the show.
BB is good only in scenes with Saraah Brown.
WTH are they turning Maxi into an conniving slut.
Rebecca needs to wash her damn face and where the heck is Lainey??
JMB is better in scenes with her family, sometimes I forget what a good actress she is.

I hate the show, but I like JE and agree with the person who says she's much more entertaining away from Luke.
Ethan is of waste of the money they could have used getting Genie Francis back on the show.
BB is good only in scenes with Saraah Brown.
WTH are they turning Maxi into an conniving slut.
Rebecca needs to wash her damn face and where the heck is Lainey??
JMB is better in scenes with her family, sometimes I forget what a good actress she is.

I thought the Jomax kiss was horrible too! I thought the best scenes of the week went to Maxie with Matt. Soapnet gave the Maxie and Matt scenes the Funniest Moment of the Week.

AMEN, Kellie!

I was feeling all giddy over JMB and realized that it was because her hair was epically good, on par with RH on her best days. Even without the hair, her acting was spot-on Friday, but the hair.... I was a little bit star-struck. She looked gorgeous!

I've seen JMB's hair up close, and it's no illusion. It is GORGEOUS and so is she! She's also super friendly and great to her fans. Very genuine. It's a crying shame they have saddled her with such krappy writing. Bleh.

Rene' - Webmistress, Constance Towers Official Web Site

Johnny kisses like a 80 year old man! YUCK!

I thought JMB was amazing. It made me see the Lulu of old when I first liked her.

But I do have to disagree about Ethan. I like him. And as a newbie, he seems to be holding his own with TG and JE. Plus, I'll like him even more if he's Robert and Holly's son.

Jane Elliot as Tracy is amazing. She's a hoot! Love her!

I was prompted to find some clips and watch Friday's show after your recap. ZZZZZZ! So tired of Lulu's hysterics. Saying a character is only remotely interesting when she's crying crocodile tears and behaving like a petulant child is not saying anything good. Nik and nuEmily are milk toast. I wish Claudia was dead and I wish she'd take her little brother with her. Carly with baby #3? Glurg! The best part of the show was Rick Hearst. I'm almost embarrassed for MB and SB when they have to share scenes with the man.

I am disappointed that there is no screen cap of Ric in this recap post. Although Jason's and Sonny's confused pics are hilarious.

Ethan is awful, as is Lulu. I don't find the good to bad ratio improving at all. It's all bad. Awesome Writer may get a great line in here and there for the talented actors on the show but that does not equate to good, that is exactly where the show has been for many years now. Extreme Suckitude with the occasional one-liner that only illustrates the potential that is always wasted.

Stockholm Syndrome is a definite possibility, Mallory.

So i finally caught up on Friday's episode from Soapnet, and JMB owned those Lulu/Johnny/Maxie scenes. She hit every note perfectly. When she brings it, she really brings it. Excellent performance. I hate Johnny/Maxie, but i dont know if i want Maxie/Matt or Maxie/Spin. And you know, i loved Nikolas/Emily, but Nikolas/Rebecca are just so so boring!

so you going to go over what you thought of yesterday? LOL was that what you expected? Bradford was amazing.

ITA, ckn. RH totally upstages MB and SBu. Every since TIIC have put him on recurring, RH has added an extra "F*CK YOU" spin to his scenes. It's nice. LOL!!

JMB rocked those scenes on Friday. Then she had that "Laura" hair.....NICE!!!

Always love to read your comments since I have pretty much given up on the show. I can't believe how awful GH has become--- mind numbing -- 1) Rick Herbst is terrific -- I would love to see Ric back in Elizabeth's orbit. Give them both some storyline. Rick Herbst has always been better than his material. I would make him the hospital attorney -get him away from the mob. 2) Jane Elliot should be a National Treasure and shown more often. 3) Why does Guza hate the characters of Lucky and Robin really? Anybody? He has basically ruined them for me. 4) Robin and Patrick and the PPD --has been painful to watch but I realize the actors are getting their all. 4) Maxie and Johnny? I want Matt and Maxie together --- get rid of all the mobsters and hangers ons- Olivia, Claudia, Johnny, --the whole lot. 5) Alexis-where has she been? Maybe with Helena coming back we will see her more 6) Yawn 2!! So on the money--eye make up does not mean a change in character..

I am done with the show until new writing comes on board...

JMB rocked those scenes! I think the dialogue left a lot to be desired, but Lulu covered all the right emotions and called Johnny and Maxie out, which was needed. I am not sure why Maxie was there. I didn't think she was needed for jolu's break up. She could have come in after and it had the same effect but given jolu a chance to end on their own terms.

I like JMB and Lulu, but I've been hit or miss on her for the last year or so. Lulu's just been all over the place and badly written. I see some positive changes in her now and I hope they last. JMB can knock it out of the park when needed, so it's in her. Hopefully the writing will come around too and Lulu will come into her own and be more like the girl I adored back in 05 and 06. That's the Lulu I miss.

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