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April 28, 2009

What's This Feeling? Could It Be...Enjoyment?

While one stellar episode doesn't do much in terms of making up for weeks and weeks...and weeks of poorly written, circular conversations that managed to simultaneously bore, annoy and insult the audience and made a certain person become bitter, hate-filled and traumatized by the very sight of two of her favorite characters (part of me thinks that's a ludicrous overstatement, but the other part of me thinks it is a sad understatement), said stellar episode does, at the very least, make one remember what it feels like to watch an episode of General Hospital and say, "Hey, not bad!"

Pretty sad that it took an intervention to get me excited, isn't it?



But then again, I LOVE television interventions. I mean, intervention episodes are always golden (Exhibit A, Bailey's intervention on Party of Five*. Greatest episode of television...featuring orphans in San Francisco? I believe it is.), so I was predisposed to enjoy Robin's. The fact that it was filled with well-loved characters and Kelly speaking the truth and exhibiting concern and love for someone they all care about, and filled with actors bringing, if you will, it, was icing on the cake.

I did get apprehensive when Robin immediately went all RAGE-GRR-ARGH, but I guess that's a natural reaction to being cornered and it proceeded to be so, so good.

Like, Maxie admitting how worried she is about Robin

Maxie: I admire you a lot, Robin. I have since I was little. But lately, I don't really feel like I know you at all. You don't ever want to talk about Emma. You don't want to take her shopping or dress her up. And I know this is in the past, but I still don't completely understand when Emma was sick why you insisted that I take her to Mercy with Johnny. I was really scared and those doctors were asking me to make huge decisions and I didn't know what to do. I mean, I'm not her mother.

I love Maxie when she's not all mobbed up and obsessing over Spinelli and Jason, and when she gets to act like an actual person, with thoughts and feelings besides "OMGSPINELLIOMGJASON". Someone recently asked me why I like Kirsten Storms so much, because she's not a great actress. I don't think she's comparable to Nancy Lee Grahn or Peter Bergman, but there's something about her that's very engaging and people play off of her really well; sometimes it's not about her acting, per se, but what she brings out of her scene partners. Does that make sense? I am exhausted, so it might not. But anyway, Kimberly McCullough is one of those people that KS works really well with.

Robin was absolutely vicious with Maxie, but it actually made me laugh out loud.

Robin: I have always stuck up for you, even when you do the craziest things. So for you to sit here and tell me what a horrible mother I am is just ridiculous.

Mac: Hold on. Robin, Maxie adores you.

Robin: Maxie adores Maxie. And obviously we all agree that I'm a terrible mother, but I'm not the one that was walking around with a pillow under my shirt pretending that it was a baby for months, and then pretending to have a miscarriage. I mean, Elizabeth, how can you even be in the same room with her when she was giving your husband pills for months?

Hitting below the belt FTW! I will never get tired of reminiscing about the pillow baby. If only Robin had turned to Kelly and been like "You seriously didn't notice she was pregnant with a pillow? And you're lecturing me? For real?"

I also liked Mac's suburban dad pullover.


He said some smart things, too

Mac: You know, I raised you when Robert and Anna couldn't, and it was an honor. And I watched you face terrible situations with grace and honor. I know how strong you are, but you're not strong enough to overcome postpartum depression alone. Robin, you need to get help. You know, you need to commit to treatment before the postpartum depression does more damage to you and the people who want to help you.

and the pullover gave it some extra gravitas.

Kelly brought up some memories better left forgotten...

Kelly: I miss the good friend who i could always depend on to listen, a friend who saw me through some pretty dark midnights on the night shift

We all remember your dark nights on the Night Shift. Well, those of us who haven't repressed season one remember them.

And Matt was awesome like he usually is.

Matt:I don't know you as well as everyone else does in this room, but you were the first person to reach out to me when everyone found out that I was Patrick's brother. I was the best man at your wedding. I've seen how much you love Patrick and Emma, and they love you the same. And they need you to get treatment for this illness. Postpartum depression, it's treatable. Just get the treatment, please.

Jason Cook was a complete nonentity to me when he was on Days, but I have grown quite fond of him in this underdeveloped, tertiary role.

Liz was unspeakably gorgeous.


Not news and not pertinent, but it needed to be said.

And the ending was heartbreaking and optimistic all at once.

Robin: I cannot believe those horrible things that I said to Maxie and that Ialmost hurt Emma. And for all the pain that I've caused you, I am so sorry. And I'm really scared.

Patrick: I love you, Robin. And I know you can get through this if you want to. And if you do, when you come home, Emma and I will be right here waiting.


I was like, "That's RIGHT! I knew you two weren't always horrible!" 

[Because I am me, I do have a couple of quibbles. For starters, we lived through months of torture and heartache and hatred for, like, half an hour of quality. That is a terrible ratio! And also--and this complaint is shocking--the intervention was missing Sonny. Yeah, I know, I always bitch about Sonny needlessly being involved in stories and being terrible, and he and Robin did have nice scenes together already, but I still feel like he should have been there, if only for the "So, a mobster, a sex-addicted doctor and a police commissioner walk into a house..." jokes that would follow]

Nicely done, General Hospital. I assume that we have Awesome Writer to thank, and his/her good deeds never go unpunished, so we are due for another good episode in...mid-October.

*Can we talk about Party of Five for a second? IT WAS AWESOME. SERIOUSLY AWESOME. I feel like my Megan Ward love is, like, 65% because of Jill. And 30% because of her hair. Her innate awesomeness comprises the final five percent.



Party of Five The Intervention Full Episode

Colleen, you have brought joy and glee into my life. THANK YOU!!!!

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