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May 26, 2009

People Now Think You're Wearing a Rug. Is That Not Motivation Enough?!

A situation I briefly mentioned months ago but haven't paid nearly enough attention to has become very serious.  Our trusty tracking software informs me that a reader found our little blog today thanks to this Google query:

does e.j dimera wear a hairpiece?

The answer is:  No.  But if he did, it would be an improvement.

What can we do to convince James Scott to return to his previous follicular glory?  This 'do is threatening to permanently destroy his sexgodliness.  It is already hard for me to dig deep and remember that status, what with EJ being written as a sociopathic d-bag.  There is only so much I can bear.  And as for Mallory -- well, let's not even talk about this around her, OK?  She's taken to walking in circles, muttering things like "why did I say he completes me?" "I guess this was easier than disfiguring plastic surgery" "flat ironing, really?!?" as well as her patented, Nancy Kerrigan-esque "whyyyyyy?!?!?!"

Screencaps courtesy of Sheryl's Days of Our Lives Screen Caps.


If you want a truly horrifying picture, you need to find the screen shot of the moment after EJ removed the stocking cap when Victor took him to see the kidnapped Stefano. Maybe one of your loyal readers with more technical skill than I have can provide it to you. If the above pictures send Mallory into a tailspin, that one would put her right over the edge.

True story...i caught a glimpse of the hair over the weekend? I shuddered.

Hair can be fixed, but why did they make him get those veneers.

I think JS has the same hair stylist as Kate from Jon & Kate Plus 8. I have seen her on the news recently and WOW, is that awful. It's part reverse mullet, part flock of seagulls, part gel encrusted fire hazard, and plain old scary. I never heard or saw of her before last week. But, is she trying to make her husband leave her? What other excuse is there for THAT hair? I mock out of love.

He's way too handsome for hair that bad.

If you want a truly horrifying picture, you need to find the screen shot of the moment after EJ removed the stocking cap when Victor took him to see the kidnapped Stefano.

I laughed so hard when I saw that on the show; it looked terrible. I need to find that screencap immediately.

You have no idea how much I want that hair gone. It really ruins the sexy and the sexy used to be so sexy! But it turns out, it´s not James´s choice. TIIC are not allowing him to cut his hair, though he prefers the shorter model, because this "do" goes with his character: the sociopathic d-bag, "I suddenly adore my father and love being a DiMera"- ass, who married the town ho and is just all kinds of wrong. So the hair is as awful as his character. Well what do ya know, there is a logic in there writers, but please, for the love of all that is holy, MAKE IT STOP.

Found it! It's not the exact moment that he took the stocking cap off, but it was the only piece of photographic evidence. I should see if this episode is still up on Hulu and make my own screencap of it.

Me again: I see they don't have the full episodes up on Hulu; maybe it's for the best since it could possibly be nightmare inducing. :)

Yes, this hair is dreadful and is completely ruining his godly status. I cringe every time I see it. However, it's not James' fault. TIIC think the long, greasy, awful hair makes him look older and badder. Apparently, they've never heard of the word "acting" and they weren't watching in late 2006 and early 2007 when he was playing a hot bad ass just fine! At a recent fan event he said he was going to try again and see if he could talk TIIC into letting him get a haircut. Maybe we should offer to take up a collection and pay for it - lol!

I just read on the Days thread on the TWOP board that JS was a fan event recently and that he cut his hair. So, it's nice to see that someone is listening to us. Hopefully, we'll see the effects of said decision on TV soon enough.

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