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May 13, 2009

I'm Tempted to Give Sweeps An A+ Based Solely On This Moment

May Sweeps is making me very, very nervous: AMC is killing off a major character AND Charles Pratt has officially given the audience his permission to hate him. Does this make anyone else go, "Danger, Danger, Will Robinson"? Because it comes across to me very much as, "Ha ha, we're killing off someone you like and you're going to be pissed", and while this is a road well-traveled by AMC, it makes me leery all the same.

So I have been watching the show very suspiciously these days, especially with regards to Adam once again being written as the most evil evildoer to do things evilly while evilly laughing at those harmed by his evil plans (I KNOW Adam Chandler and while I am sure that even he would describe himself as a son of a bitch, he is not and will never be Capital E Evil. He's just not a baby-harming, Dixie-killing evil person, no matter how much the show tries to convince me he is) and the throngs of Pine Valley citizens suddenly having reasons to kill him or be at his mansion under suspicious pretenses. Why not just have the characters break the fourth wall and say, "We're trying to rip off the Who Killed Will Cortlandt story, except without less organic build up and more ham-fisted crappiness, so I better get myself to the Chandler mansion so I, too, can be considered a suspect!"

While I was watching today like I was watching a horror movie, curled up in the fetal position with my hands covering my eyes, however, I saw something that may not make up for the crap that has gone on lately and will likely not make up for the crap that is going to follow, but was awesome just the same...

Ryan Lavery being on the end of a sucker punch and being hit so hard that he literally spun around and practically had cartoon stars flying around his head. If you fast forward to 5:00, you can see this piece of genius. And see it again. And again. And again. Not that I have rewatched it or anything.

Since, despite the fact that all sorts of people from coast to coast and probably even on other planets have the logical hate HATEreaction to him, Ryan is probably going to be the show's leading man until Cameron Mathison leaves or the show is canceled, whichever comes first, and it's only fair that the show gives us some violence against Ryan to make up for it.

*I have to give credit where credit is due: Cameron Mathison was fiercely committed to that scene. The dazed look on his face and the full spin were nicely done!


While I am handing out compliments, I really have to give the show props for casting Brittany Allen as Marissa. As much as I dislike David and Krystal (dislike is probably understating it, but we'll go with it for now), Vincent Irizarry and Bobbie Eakes are fantastic actors and she has not only held her own in scenes with them, but has been really great. She's super talented, and likable.

And Marissa's confrontations with David and Krystal today were nicely done all around.

Marissa: I adored my mother and father. No, they weren't perfect, but neither was I. They gave me all they could -- all they had. To even imagine replacing them --

Krystal: Nobody expects you to.

Marissa: Yeah, i've learned enough about the two of you to think that you will. You're both obsessed with Babe, with her memory, with trying to control her son.

David: Marissa, look, you're going to have forgive me. Like you, I'm only just now finding out about this. Now, the last thing i want to do is alienate you by saying or doing the wrong thing. You know, I'm not a man who puts much stock in words. They can be twisted, misinterpreted. But I think it would be best if we just attempt to calmly sit down and just talk about this.

Marissa: No, there's nothing to talk about. You know, the truth is, the only reason Krystal came looking for me in the first place was to fill the slot Babe's death had left. She tried to buy me back with a tuition check.

Krystal: No, you're wrong. I just wanted to help you. I never wanted to tell anyone. I never wanted you to find out. I never wanted anyone to find out.

Marissa: Well, now that the cat's out of the bag, let's make things clear with us. I want no part of you whatsoever.

David: Marissa, please. I know you're angry right now because this was kept from you.

Marissa: No, this has nothing to do with her keeping it from me. I've thought about this, and my mind is made up. I have no intention of being a part of your lives. You're not my mother. My mother is dead.


Marissa: You know, I've heard all I need to hear about you, as well. No one trusts you in this town. That includes me now. I can see your mind working right now. "Oh, poor little Marissa. How can I manipulate her? She's so angry -- so confused. What she needs is a family, a father to replace the one she lost."

David: Look, I understand. You're rightfully upset.

Marissa: Yeah, and righteously pissed off. Don't pull that empathetic crap with me. I'm seeing right through you. You know, you can't settle for being just the great surgeon of the world. You have to go around chasing after your offspring, collecting them like pieces of art to hang on the wall. You know what I really think?

David: No, but I would love to know what you think.

Marissa: I think you're nuts. I think you get off on controlling people, and that you like to punish those that you can't control. From what I've seen and heard in the short time that i've been here, I don't even think you give a damn about your children or your grandchildren. They're all just reasons to attack the world when you don't get your way. Well, since you're not disagreeing, I guess I hit a nerve. Well, then, this is me giving you a real good excuse to go all super-villain on the entire town of Pine Valley. Goodbye, daddy.

I find it shocking that this girl shares DNA with those two, and that she is Babe's twin. Babe! Babe was in town for years and I wanted to kick her in the mouth for all of those years, and this girl has grown on me within days. I guess it's good that one of Leo's nieces managed to take after him in the awesome department.


So in the ads Ryan is one of the people who might be killed off and I really hope it's him. I know it's not likely but I'm not going to give up hope.

Also Ryan getting punched and falling into the door goes right up there with Marlena and the door.

The door is becoming my pick for the Lifetime Achivement Emmy! Ryan/Door is his best couple EVER.

Old Bug Eyed Ryan makes a surprisingly good Homer Simpson sound when he gets hit!

But CM tried to hit his head on the door but only managed to catch a shoulder, and yet he still bobbled and jerked his head back like he had a full head hit with the door, which was really funny to me.

Aren't you terrified that Stuart is going to get killed in place of Adam? And then wacky evil/mysteriously ill Adam will pretend to be his brother while this murder mystery is played out? I'll be so sad if that is what goes down. I don't think I can watch anymore if Stuart is murdered. That might be as low as I can go with this show.

As much as I enjoy the Ryan meets door moment, I wish it was someone other than Zach who got to make it happen. Not that it will stop me from watching that moment repeatedly.

I like Marissa too. I'm shocked as I truly didn't expect it. I have to give her credit for making David & Kwak more interesting than they were before her. I still hate them both but I'm less bored than I was before. Clearly this Marissa is a miracle worker.

Do not even get me started on what is being done to Adam. It ******* sucks and makes me want to hurt people...okay well one person in particular. Any guesses who?

Is it possible that Marissa is so likeable because she doesn't adore and take after KWaK? Because I reallyreallyREALLY like her.

Ryan's sucker punch was a think of beauty *dreamy sigh*

Zach's awe-inspiring, gasp-inducing sucker-punch to Ryan was a thing of beauty- how much did I love that? Well- I have replayed it over & over again, too! If only tiic had a clue about how universally hated Ryan Lavery really is- they figure that out- the show's ratings would zoom thru the roof.

I don't watch AMC, but I have been enjoying your reviews of it. I guess I just love reading snark. I hope for all of your sakes that it turns out someone tries to kill Adam but bumps off Ryan instead.

Also hopefully Pratt will go all the way into the abyss of suckiness and take a note from PASSIONS and have most of the denizens of Pine Valley walk around with guns, mumbling, "I'm going to kill Adam Chandler." Plus in the end it turns out Adam is alive and having zany adventures with a midget.

wtg zach KNOCKED HIS arse out cold, i hate this useless charater. it is so sad that day to day we have to endure this SIDESHOW BOB charater.......sad, i tell ya, just sad......i used to love this show a long time ago, now i watch only for the wonder that is THORSTEN KAYE.if he left today i will never watch this show again, and be just fine......he better get his DANG EMMY this time........lol

I have to say, the Ryan sucker punch moment is probably one of the best scenes I've seen on this show in a while...it definitely made me burst into laughter, and watch it repeatedly LOL
So thank you :)

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