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May 14, 2009

It's The Start of Emmy Season!

Yes, my darling readers, Emmy nominations are here, meaning that it's the official start of Emmy season, meaning that on a random Sunday night in August, Becca and I will be watching the CW (!) and doing our third annual Serial Drama Live Blogging Extravaganza, excitedly discussing our favorites winning awards that, over the course of the years, have lost most, if not all of their credibility and/or angrily denouncing the Emmy voters who stubbornly refuse to award our favorites or, worse, award General Hospital instead. Yes, excitedly discussing elusive good things and angrily denouncing the rest of soaps is what we do on the regular, but during the Emmys, the stars are wearing pretty and/or crazy gowns(and, in Ronn Moss's case, formal scarves!), which makes it totally different. And awesome. If this isn't the most wonderful time of the year, I don't know what is!


Those lucky ("lucky"?) enough to be nominated for the big awards at the 36th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards already are listed below:

All My Children
Days of Our Lives
The Bold and the Beautiful

Debbi Morgan - All My Children
Maura West - As the World Turns
Susan Flannery - The Bold and the Beautiful
Susan Haskell  - One Life to Live
Jeanne Cooper  - The Young and the Restless

Thorsten Kaye - All My Children
Peter Reckell - Days of Our Lives
Anthony Geary - General Hospital
Daniel Cosgrove - Guiding Light
Christian LeBlanc  - The Young and the Restless

Melissa Claire Egan - All My Children
Alicia Mishew - All My Children
Julie Pinson - As the World Turns
Tamara Braun - Days of Our Lives
Bree Williamson - One Life to Live

Vincent Irrizary - All My Children
Jacob Young  - All My Children
Van Hansis - As the World Turns
Bradford Anderson - General Hospital
Jeff Branson - Guiding Light

Meredith Hagner - As the World Turns
Rachel Melvin - Days of Our Lives
Kirsten Storms - General Hospital
Julie Berman - General Hospital
Emily O'Brien - The Young and the Restless

Cornelius Smith Jr. - All My Children
Darin Brookes - Days of Our Lives
Blake Berris - Days of Our Lives
EJ Bonilla - Guiding Light
Bryton McClure - The Young and the Restless

Naturally, there are many thoughts to be had. Many thoughts, including "Double you tee eff?" and "HAHA, GENERAL HOSPITAL WAS IGNORED, HAHA" after the jump...

(Reminder: although we know a bit more about the rest of the soap world followingthe great soap experiment of 2009, we are obviously more familiar with AMC, Days, GH, Y&R and their casts. For all of you readers who watch ATWT, B&B, GL and OLTL, please share your thoughts on their Emmy noms, or lack thereof in the comments!)


I had four immediate reactions to this category: "HAHA, GENERAL HOSPITAL WAS IGNORED, HAHA!", "All My Children...was outstanding in the good way?...really?" and "Did they just say Days of Our Lives?!" "Uh...where's The Young and the Restless?" All of those thoughts were verbalized out loud, which made me feel more than a little crazy, but such is life.

I've grown sadly accustomed to General Hospital being rewarded for taking offensiveness and stupidity to a new level, so I anticipated having to write a long rant about how I hate the world and how could any sane, rational Emmy voter give GH a chance to be called the best soap on the air. I had even started to think of hilarious quips insulting the intelligence and integrity of said Emmy voters. But I didn't have to do that! Because the Emmy voters were rightly like, "Are you fuckers for real? You lecture your viewers on violence, you put a child in a coma to punish him, you realized that you never figured out who brutally killed Georgie and Emily, so you brought Diego back from the dead and tried to pretend he was the culprit all along, you tried to pass off a character having sex WITH A GHOST as the greatest love of all, you turned daytime's first HIV+ pregnancy into a joke about blog wars and visitation rights to a uterus, you nauseated viewers with Sonny and Carly's limo sex, you made us all hate Lulu/Johnny/people on the run, you killed off Logan and then brought him back as a hilarious ghost which was entertaining for all the wrong reasons, you ruined the character of Scott some more, again, you have Sonny ANOTHER KID, you made Sonny EVEN MORE ANNOYING, you shot Kate twice and then pretty much dumped her for her lame cousin and Claudia, Nadine existed and you blinded the audience MULTIPLE TIMES with the ugliest coat of all time, and those complaints are just off the top of our heads. You suck at life and we'd rather gouge our eyes out with a spork than give you any chance in hell of stealing the Emmy from a more deserving show."

This AND American Idol voters finally kicking Danny Gokey to the curb? The universe has given me the best early birthday presents ever!

However, the Emmy voters basically canceled out their moment of awesomeness with the other choices they made.

All My Children was outstanding this year exactly two times: Angie and Jesse's wedding, and the tribute to Myrtle. And also when Ryan maybe wore a thong and when Babe died, but those were outstanding completely by accident. The rest of the year was a terrible mix of Ryan worship, character assassination both figurative (Kendall, Zach, Bianca) and literal (Julia, Richie). Plus, they unleashed Reese upon an an innocent, unsuspecting audience and had the...thing with Zach and Bianca. And they are being referred to as "Outstanding"? WHAT? How can you say "No way in hell am I giving GH a chance to win this thing, but you know what really deserves it? All My Children!" They are both awful and, with Pratt at the helm, AMC is becoming more GH-y as the days go by, what with the violence and the hatred of the audience and the inability to write a story that makes one freaking iota of sense. It is TERRIBLE. Half of my AMC entries are written in a rage-filled hysteria and now it has a shot to win an admittedly worthless award? I CALL SHENANIGANS. Now Charles Pratt and Julie Hanan Carruthers can go about hating and mocking their audience because they have been rewarded for churning out five hours of DRECK on a weekly basis. I am terrified about what is going to happen now.

It's nice to see Days of Our Livesget recognition after being ignored by the Emmys for pretty much decades, but...maybe I am not the best person to comment on this since I have been literally bored to tears by this show to the point where I often choose watching Law & Order episodes from, like, 1996 that I have seen a dozen times already rather than Days. Booooooring.  And now I am afraid that other soaps will see this and say, "This show got recognized by the Emmys after they fired almost all of their veteran characters! Ca-ching!" Chilling, isn't it?

And where the hell is The Young and the Restless?! Much of its brilliance didn't kick in until late last year, and I admit that the beginning of the year was iffy in terms of quality, what with the taint of Lynn Marie Latham, and I even kind of understand not wanting to award them anything for a year that gave us Victor and Sabrina's romance. But...snubbing Y&R, which has been soapy, entertaining and actually good, to the point where I name it in my top five favorite TV shows alongside The Office and 30 Rock, and giving a nod to AMC? WHAT? What is happening to the world?!


The only complaints I have about this category are (1) really, how did Melody Thomas Scott not even get a pre-nom? Why is there no justice in the world? and (2) I wish Laura Wright had gotten a nod. She was fantastic all year, especially in the Michael story and being charming and sweet with Ingo Rademacher, even if the Carly/Jax pairing hurts my head. She has managed to do the unthinkable, and make me love Carly again, for the first time since, like, 1998. If that's not Emmy-worthy, I don't know what is.

However, the rest of the nominees are great. Well, I am not familiar with Maura West or Susan Haskell's work, but from what I have heard, they are both great actresses (is this true, ATWT and OLTL watchers?). Jeanne Cooper is endlessly amazing and had a ton of great material to work with last year, and Susan Flannery, from what I saw during my time watching B&B, is completely awesome (and probably the best actor in that cast). And Debbi Morgan has been one of AMC's lone bright spots all year. You all know how I feel about the Hubbards, so I am completely thrilled with her nomination.


Is it just me, or is a certain dreamy powerhouse actor missing from this list?! Come ON, Emmy voters! How can you ignore Peter Bergman and nominate Christian LeBlanc who, yes, is awesome but had literally one big episode last year (the It's a Wonderful Life homage) and has pretty much turned into a supporting character? HOW?! Now instead of spending the Emmy aftermath bitter that he lost, I will be spending the entire ceremony upset that he wasn't even given a chance to lose! Expect many bitter comments during the telecast about the Emmys' blatant hatred of dreaminess!

Do you think they even watch Tony Geary's Emmy reel, or do they just nominate him automatically for working, like, nine weeks out of the year? It's the latter, isn't it?

I'm really happy for Peter Reckell, Thorsten Kaye and Daniel Cosgrove, though. I really liked Billy during my time watching Guiding Light, and I LOVED him on Dirty Sexy Money. Peter Reckell's nod is surprising, but not as WTF-y as Thao Penghlis's last year. And Thorsten Kaye deserves SOMETHING for acting out Zach's horrific character arc without projectile vomiting all over the AMC set.


I think that my adoration of Alicia Minshew is blatantly obvious to anyone with a passing familiarity of Serial Drama, buuuuut....supporting actress? The woman is the most over-worked person in all of soapdom! How is Kendall a supporting role? Any recognition for her is richly deserved, I think, but this is probably not the right category for her. THRILLED about Melissa Claire Egan, who went from bland and boring to absolutely amazing this year. Annie has been so much fun to watch, and MCE has been stellar.

Julie Pinson is always fantastic and, although I know nothing of her role on ATWT, I am excited for her that she got nominated after being wasted at Daysfor so many years. Although my myriad screeds about Reese may lead you to believe otherwise, I do actually like Tamara Braun a lot, so I'm glad that she got nominated for her other, non-heinous soap role of last year. I feel like this category is seriously lacking Crystal Chappell who is amazing as Olivia on Guiding Light.


I am terrified that Bradford Anderson's nomination will be positive reinforcement for Spinelli speak. I will say that when he's given the opportunity to act like a human being, Bradford Anderson always does well. It's just the other 95% of the time that I can't stand him, and I am worried that GH will see this Emmy nom and go crazy with it. "Less believable emotion and more insane babble, Bradford! Come on!"

Vincent Irizarry's nom is a bit confusing, but that may be my David irritation talking. I have no complaints about Jacob Young or Jeff Branson's nominations. Jeff Branson, from what I saw on GL, totally deserves it. He really seems to thrive in a role that the writers actually write well for. Imagine that!


Finally, order is restored to the universe after the WTF? On Paradethat was this category last year. I am a hypocrite, because I am fine with Kirsten Storms and Julie Marie Berman being given makeup nominations this year, when Maxie and Lulu were both, um, kind of (I'm trying to be polite) annoying. They were both robbed of nominations last year in an epic way, so I am okay with this. I know that is wrong, but since I admit that it is wrong, does it make it a little less wrong? Maybe? Rachel Melvin and Emily O'Brien are also seriously talented and fun to watch. Way to rebound, Outstanding Younger Actress Category!


Is it just that there are no younger actors? Is that why this category is always so strange? Jesus, Bryton McClure will just get nominated for showing up to work, won't he? Cornelius Smith Jr. has a hilarious name and is not bad on AMC, just...boring. Blake Berris was fantastic on Days, so I'm glad to see him get nominated.


SO. What say you, Serial Drama readers? Are you revelling in GH's snub? Are you afraid of what will happen if AMC is named Outstanding Daytime Drama? Was your favorite nominated or, like me, are you teary about their snub and angrily pretending to threaten an Emmy boycott? Comment away!


I'm dancing in the streets about GH not bringing home the big one this year. That's right...no speecehs from Jill how it was "expected"! Although I was hoping for another Drunk Bryan Datillo wandering around on stage during her speech..still I can live.

Count me down as 1000% thrilled nothing from Michael getting shot in the head got nominated. CAuse you know that's what Guza sent in for BEst show. You know it. Laura Wright rocked it but I did not want that storyline acknowledged AT ALL.

With some minor outrages....Crystal Chapell, Laura Wright and Kristen Alderson mainly....this year's list is WAY better than last years.

I honestly don't understand how there are people who exist who think Jacob Young is a good actor. I seriously just don't get it. I feel like I'm in a mirror universe or something, since I think he's one of the worst actors I've ever seen on television, period.

But my glee over GH not getting nominated overshadows any other WTFery. :)

BUT GH WAS NOMINATED FOR OUTSTANDING WRITING!?? WTF??? W-T-F???!!! How can you dis them in the Drama Series category (and RIGHTFULLY SO) but nominate them for outstanding writing??

Who is Guza blowing? I'm serious. There is no way this is legitimate. Your outline of the past year above perfectly illustrates why this is a rig job.


Best thing about this year's emmy noms...a guarantee that there will be no speech by Jill Farren Phelps this year.

I'm pulling for the AMC actors this year, Thorsten Kaye, Debbi Morgan, Alicia Minshew, Melissa Claire Egan talk about overcoming serious obstacles to bring quality performances to the screen. Also Blake Berris because the performance he gave after they completely screwed him over was amazing and a total slap in the face to whoever made the decision to get rid of him. And Kirsten Storms because she definitely got robbed last year.

But I am disappointed that Kristen Alderson and Laura Wright weren't nominated they were both fantastic this year.

I think Alicia Minshew went for Supporting b/c of the material she was given last year and who she would be up against concerning lead. I do hope, however, she goes for Lead Actress next year b/c her performance as Kendall post-coma have just been awesome. Also, did it bug anyone else that they misspelled and misprounounced her name when the noms were given? You'd think they'd get announcers who know who the actors are. That kind of ruined the moment for me.

It completely sucks that Tony Geary was nominated yet again. What the hell did he do last year, besides bask in the glow of Genie Francis' short return??? Why was Darnell Williams not nominated??? I also would have preferred Peter Bergman over Christian LeBlanc!

I am loving the Supporting Actress and Younger Actress categories. I know you don't watch OLTL, but Bree Williamson, I think, is going to take it. She was just stunning last year. I'm glad Julie Berman and Kirsten Storms were nominated b/c it's overdue and now they have a shot with Jennifer Landon gone. Kristen Alderson from OLTL should have gotten a nom, but overall, I'm happy.

I think Susan Haskell is great, but I didn't think what she did was Emmy-worthy (yes, I'm calling her out; she pretty much emoted with her teeth and heaved a lot which led me to believe that maybe she took too much time off and forgot how to act, but thankfully, she got tons better recently, but still...) vs. Laura Wright, who rocked last year. And I can admit that, even though I HATE Carly.

As for the Younger Actor category, I don't get what the hell Bryton did, but I think it's b/c Y&R doesn't have that many younger actors. That's all I can come up with. I don't know what Cornelius Smith did besides just be there, but I'll take it, I guess.

AMC deserved a nod for killing Babe and for reuniting Jesse & Angie. I didn't need anything else from them. I am beyond tickled GH didn't get nominated. Maybe next time, when Jill Phelps has an opportunity to speak she won't say that their Emmy was expected. HA! SUCK IT GH! I just don't like B&B and Days bores me to tears, so I would go with AMC although I terrified of what this would mean to Pratt, Frons, and Carruthers.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised that the nominations seemed fair for the most part to ALL NETWORKS. I'm so proud of the ABC actors for turning it out. They deserved to be recognized.....except Tony Geary.

Anyone but Tony Geary! It pains to write this - because I fell in love with GH because of him and Genie Francis, but now? Blech.

And any show but GH.

Guza and Phelps *and* Frons need to be fired. Now.

TG? Seriously? What did he do? He just stood staring silently when Genie was on with a stupid, vacuous look on his face. With Tracy he just gets drunk...this is Emmy material? I don't watch the show but keep up with the spoilers, etc. and I think I hate Luke now more than Sonny, Claudia, and Ethan combined!
Today I am officially joining THE I HATE LUKE CLUB. Someone should give him a one way ticket to Amsterdam and call it a day for Luke Spencer. What TG has allowed to happen to the LnL legacy is shameful. He should have quit the show before allowing Guza to further soil 30 years of his and Genie's work.
RIP Luke Spencer...you are dead to me.

GH's writers still got a nod. The only award they should be eligible for is oustanding achievement in destruction of a daytime show.

I need to vent so badly and this is the only site that I can do that! AMC? Seriously? They are full of crap. I am a loyal viewer of this soap for the last 30 years and it was crap! Where in the hell is OLTL! It SHOULD HAVE WON last year and didn't. I thought it might have a second chance this year, but they gave it a big fuck you! And Kristen Alderson acted her butt off! She is way better than Jana! She had a HUGE storyline. And Brandon Buddy was amazing and they nominate Bryton? Where is the justice in that. He did nothing! Thank you, I feel better now.
I love your site! Keep up the good work!

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! I like Danny Gokey.

I have absolutely no words for GH getting a writing nom or for TG being nominated again. I can only attempt to appease the soap gods so they will not allow them to win.

Peter Bergman so should be nominated.

I'm not quite as upset about the AMC nom as I could be because the stuff that has really pissed me off the most has come in 2009. I suppose the Bianca crap started in 2008 but it was so late in the year.

I'm very happy for the AMC actors who were nommed and I hope they do well, especially Debbie Morgan & MCE.

I really HATE Tess/Bess so I'm not thrilled with Bree Williamson getting a nom. I fear that means they will think they should do more with her split personalities. Susan Haskell is good but I still don't think she'd make my list.

The fact that GH didn't get nominated for best daytime drama thrilled me to no end but that joy was soon overshadowed by the fact that they DID get a nomination for best writing. Now those damn writers will actually think that what they do is good. And Brian Frons will look at Guza and think to himself "hey, maybe he DOES know what he's doing...eh, guess we can keep him." And the entire GH audience (yes, all 12 of us) will wish that someone would stick US in a tree so that we could be spared from having to watch Sonny single-handedly repopulate the earth.

I am still a little bitter that neither Kimberly McCullough nor Jason Thompson got pre-noms... what the hell do they have to do? They actually took the crap the writers gave them and made the most of it. And let's face it for every blog war scene they had, they knocked it out of the park for scenes around the first proposal, the birth of Emma, and their wedding. I hate GH sometimes for not giving them a consistent story!

Kristen Alderson - who could out-act a goodly chunk of daytime actors practically right out of the cradle - plays a pregnant teen whose baby "dies" and doesn't get a nom? Something is wrong there (IMHO, anyway).

However, I note that, not only did Thorsten Kaye get nominated, BOTH his onscreen AND his real-life romantic partners also got nominated. He's like a mini-nexus of nominations. (Not that SH and AW wouldn't deserve to be nominated independently of him, mind you!) He's fortunate, though, that there's no chance that one winning would prevent the other from winning. I'm sure Susan Haskell is mature and understanding and all that, but imagine losing an award to the woman that your partner romances onscreen....

Oooh, sorry, Dawn! I just really like Kris and Adam...

You guys, the fact that GH got a writing nom is distressing in ways that I cannot articulate. I hate the world sometimes.

I don't know a whole lot about Kristen Alderson, but it does seem odd that she carried so much story and got snubbed.

The Bold and the Beautiful for Outstanding Drama Series? Isn't this the show that gave us attempted murder by honey bear?

They should have figured out a way to get GH Nightshift to be eligible! For writing, directing, best show, and certainly lead actors--for KMc, JT and TR!!! This was a serious breach because the stepchild show outclassed the mothership in every single way!

And I agree that even when given shyte like the blog wars, KMc & JT still rose above the material and should have been given prenoms from GH daytime so that they would have had the chance for an actual nom. We have no GH Supporting Actress rep and only BA for the Supporting Actor...KMc and JT deserve to be recognized for the stellar work they did on TWO different shows last year.

I'm glad GH was excluded, but i REALLY think LW deserved the nod. I would have LOVED to see her nominated. Happy for Kirsten Storms. Would've also been nice to see Kristen Alterson. Otherwise, all dandy :D

That's okay Mallory. I am pulling for Adam, I just thought it should have been him and Danny in the final. Anywho, I think it is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL TRAVESTY that Laura Wright was not nominated. I HATE HATE HATE Carly but OMG LW completely hit it out of the park with the material she had involving Michael's shooting. There is something wrong with all of this when she is ignored and Julie Berman is nominated for just being screechy and playing whack job. Also TG being nominated AGAIN is stupid beyond words. It has been years since he has had powerful material yet here he is up for best actor YET AGAIN. UGH!

If you want true rage...read TG's self-serving out of touch statement about his nomination....woo buddy....

So happy that GH didn't get a nomination for Best Show. Although I don't know how AMC got a nod b/c except for the Jessie/Angie reunion and the Myrtle tribute AMC has been worse than GH. All three abc soaps got a writing nod which means Frons will never be gone and neither will Guza or Pratt.

TG as lead actor? Other than being a veteran on GH, what emmy worthy storyline did he have last year? I'm so happy for Thorsten Kaye for his lead actor nomination and Alicia Minshew for supporting actress. Both are well deserved, although I think Alicia should be in the lead category.

I'm happy none of the mob crew on GH got a nomination especially since Kimberly McCullough and Jason Thompson were so blatently ignored in the nominations.

Tony Geary being nominated is just disgusting. After the desecration of the LnL legacy, I cannot stand Luke Spencer anymore. Geary has been calling it in for years, and it kills me that he keeps getting nominated for dragging one of the greatest soap couples ever through the mud over and over again.

Also, I watch ATWT semi-regularly, and I can attest that Maura West is fabulous and completely deserving of a nomination.

I was surprised but not suprised by GH lack of a Drama Series nod, they had no big Emmy/Sweep stunt, just like in 2007 (for the '06 year) when they were overlooked as well.

I was sick all day so when I saw DAYS nomination I was like I seriously must be going crazy.

Really happy for Julie Marie Berman! I actually think she had the strongest performance out of all younger actresses last year with her stuff with Genie during her breakdown.

Really happy for Debbi Morgan. She was simply phenomenal as Angie and no one can make me cry like she can. Jessie/Angie reunion was one of best acted scenes in soaps last year.

Sad about Crystal Chappel, Laura Wright, and Peter Bergman not getting nominations!

Yeah I am jumping for joy at the lack of best drama series nom for GH b/c really it had nothing that phenomenal to offer last year except great acting by certain people in the midst of horrid writing!! I am utterly discussed that TG got a nom really really his combined five month stint on the show had nothing emmy worthy in it!! I am really disappointed that Kristen Alderson did not get a nom as well as Peter Bergman and Trevor St. John how seriously is one of the best actors in daytime(though he is never recognized and did not even get pre-nom)!!!Also iam disappointed in the snubs of KMc and JT but I won't get started on that!! Overall the choices were ok but the choices don't make me want to tune in to see the results!

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