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May 18, 2009

My Eyes Are Leaking!

I cry very easily. I know I have mentioned that slightly embarrassing fact before, but I feel it necessary to remind you that I am the type of person cries at something that is even vaguely sad or touching, or cute, and when something is very sad or touching, or cute, I am a mess. I left the movie theater after seeing Titanic looking like I had two black eyes. I know that this is completely at odds with my bitchy, bitter persona, but it's true!

Perhaps that preface will make you judge me a little less for the statement I am about to make: during today's General Hospital, when Sonny saw Michael? I teared up, a little.

JUST A LITTLE BIT. I did not forget that the boy woke up from a coma that he landed in directly because of his mobster father (and also because the nutbar who writes for him thinks that being shot in the head is an appropriate punishment for picking up guns, an instance of psychosis that continues to defy reason), and I did not forget that Sonny is the worst. And I feel shame about it, you guys. I feel shame. I let myself get manipulated into feeling emotion for Sonny and Michael. Emotion that wasn't hatred, even! I am falling down on the job.


I WISH this could have made me teary, seriously, I do. I'm so desperate to find the good or even watchable on GH. But to me it was just plain BAD.

This new kid, like Teethan, does not seem to be a talented actor. Way to rush to judgeent right? :-) I felt nothing about his performance, emotionally speaking. And his big complaint that he is going to focus on is that Carly wasn't by his bedside when he woke up? LAME.

I see a Claudia/Michael buddy relationship coming and it makes me ILL. Guza wants everyone to feel sorry for "poor Carly the wonder woman of PC" that he is going to go there, I am just sadly sure of that. Guza's love for Carly and now even Claudia is sickening to me.

And MB? All I saw was a drama queen hypocrite. His kid wakes up from a year long coma that Sonny himself is responsible for and the first thing Sonny is about to do is tell the poor kid his sob story and beg for forgiveness? That is a whole new level of reckless life endangering selfishness. It was disgusting.

And I am so sick of the way they all either bow down to Brilliant Patrick or threaten to force him to stop a surgery they begged him to do. Pick a feeling for more than 5 seconds people!!!

And LW? One minute she refuses to leave her Son and the next she is ready to ship him back to Manhattan to veg? I am bored by her tears. All they say is Jax is about to be blamed again and she'll be back w/ Sonny in no time. "Evil Jax" forced her to leave GH and not answer her calls. Puhlease, these pathetic Guza plot devices are beyond juvenile and obvious. Jax shutting off his phone when his stepson just got out of surgery the day before?

The whole thing was totally ridiculous and I didn't buy one minute of any of it. As much as I want to mock you for getting teary eyed over MB the truth is I wish I could buy into it. It might make watching this show less painful.

And if Patrick lets Holly into his home I hope she robs him!!! She was responsible for the virus that killed PC citizens he was trying to save. It nearly killed Robin and Lulu. And yet, Luke can't seem to want her more. And if Patrick flrits with her again I will go all glurgy! She is no better than Sonny, she killed for profit. I don't recall Original Holly being this evil. Conning is one thing, murder for money is an other. But to Guza it is all good!*%!#@*!(!&^!^$!#%%&!^*! But since 2006 they wrecked her and I just hated every minute of it. Her return only makes me hate her more with this Teethan nonsense and her latest attempt to drool over Patrick again. I remember a Holly that risked her life for Robin. A Holly that loved her stepdaughter. This new Guza Holly makes me sad.

Sorry for venting again. Bad day. And today's episode I just watched only made it all worse. I'm gonna have to watch an AD on DVD so I can get to sleep in a good mood.

I haven't watched in awhile and just watched the scene where he came into the room. To be honest, I thought that Maurice's almost cry was one of the few genuine reactions I've seen from in awhile. It was almost shades of his Stone days, which were heartfelt. Kudos to Mo.

Mallroy we have alot in common because I to portray this bitchy attitude I act real tough but it shames me to say that I am a softie my sis makes fun of me because I cry for everything including the news. So yes I did tear up today during GH.

"And if Patrick lets Holly into his home I hope she robs him!!!" LOL

I'll admit when Mo cracked after "Hi dad" it got to me too. It was a rare moment of real emotion from MB and I felt it.

However, outside of that I was bored and all my annoyance and venom for this storyline since last year returned. Bored of Jason (blink, blink). Bored of Jax (his baby addiction has been a half a decade long phenomena starting with Courtney and Liz). Bored of Patrick (did you know that his surgical brilliance is godlike, did you?). Bored of Sonny (the stupidest man on the planet). Most especially BORED of Carly (the coolest, loyalest, most amazing friend, best mom and if you don't love me already here are a "few" tears to show you just how emotionally deep I am too).

I know I should be happy that a young man is getting a second chance at life, but I'm not feeling it. Why couldn't they have brought back Georgie instead?

My eyes are twitching since I can already see this summer will be the Summer of Michael and Teethan and their daddy/mommy issues. There goes my hope of random shirtless Lucky/Patrick playing basketball or teaching the kids how to swim scenes.

Holly WASN'T that evil. She conned people - but reformed for several years. Going back to conning people is a stretch but to take it to the level of murder for profit was simply character assassination. However, let's not forget - murder, blackmail, kidnapping, torture - to Guza, it's all the same, no one act is worse than the other - and frankly, those are the things the HEROES on his show do - so by his definition (see Jason and Sonny), Holly is a heroine. No wonder that other citizen and father of the year, Luke, can't get enough of her. Nothing says sexy like 'killer'.

i must admit that i did tear up as well when i saw sonny seeing michael awake. i don't know why i did, but i somehow felt sonny's emotions, just the joy and happiness in a father's eyes to see his son, awake after a year! i hope there is nothing wrong with me for getting emotional, but there is something about Maurice's emotions with his character that still get to me!
i think i may need help, LOL!! can't believe that one scene on GH got to me!!

step away from the tv...slowly. pick up the remote and hit >>. all will be well soon. you will realize soon that it was a momentary lapse and the char Sonny C...sucks any and all joy from what once was a wonderful soap.

Okay can someone explain why (as kinda nice as it was) that when Michael saw Sonny shed a few tears he got a "Hi Dad." But yet when Carly comes in and almost breaks down because the child whose side she refused to leave, that same child just blankly stares at her???

Ohhhh rigghhht...cause Guza's an ass.

I'm not saying I enjoy Carly anymore (I adore LW) but for the love of God, it would have been so much better if Mikey was pissed at, oh say...the guy and girl responsible! How are we supposed to believe that Michael won't forgive his mom for stepping out of the room for like 5 mins when Sonny chose to save Kate instead of him and that's why he got shot in the first place and is now married to the woman who planned the hit!! GAH!!! I hate this effin show!!

I'll be honest - I had a hard time picking between anger and boredom. I toyed with weariness only for a second but then had the thought that if they turn GH into the Michael Corinthos show for the foreseeable future, it would be a much welcome reprieve from the Ethan/Luke hour we've currently been subjected to. And at this point, a win is a win...right? Btw, if there were any tears shed on my part yesterday during that scene where Sonny greets his son, it might've been because I was mourning the Sonny I knew and loved during the Robin/Stone era, when he was actually likable and had some decent attributes despite his questionable choice of career. Yesterday's Sonny wasn't even marginally tolerable.

After Michael spoke to Sonny and Sonny teared up, for that one moment I lost it. Not b/c Michael's awake. I can't stand the kid, but b/c I saw, for a rare moment, a glimpse of the Sonny I loved beyond all reason back in the '90s. I couldn't believe it. I had no idea the same Sonny existed, b/c just as soon as he appeared, he vanished again and started talking about how he never gave up hope. WTF?!

As for nuMichael, so far the actor is doing an okay job, but already I'm annoyed with Michael b/c he's so concerned about why his parents weren't there when he woke up. That little attitude didn't pass me by. I guess that kid is selfish to the core like his mother. I get that he didn't know how long he was out, but why is it so hard to believe that they needed just a bit of breathing room?

Just as I predicted, the Jax-bashing has already started on one board b/c his big, bad self "forced" Carly to go home and get some rest. How dare he be all concerned about his harpy wife who is pregnant and could stroke out or die or lose the baby if she's under too much stress??? What a son of a bitch! Sadly, I think Jax will be the only one thinking of the baby in the end.

I found it quite touching, but it would have been ten times better with the original Michael. Not that I liked him but the emotion would have been so much more real and it just would have been a nice way for this storyline to end - there's no need for him to be recast after all!

I was still laughing from Friday when Lulu commented on how "big" Michael had gotten. No shit, Lulu. LOL!! 6" taller, different face, different hair and at least five years older - those year-long comas sure do take their toll!

Just some observations from yesterday's show. Jason is this kid's UNCLE and he did not have near enough emotion for me all things considered. the BORG reigns SUPREME. Sonny lost his cool for a minute and it figures he would quickly man-up so we wouldn't see that he is capable of some sort of something that may resemble emotion as well. I was not moved at all and I totally co-sign to what Sarah posted above. Get ready for the summer of bitching about whose a worse parent in Port C. and how many times the word revenge will come out Jason's mouth or his continued itching to kill Claudia all in the name of someone that is going to be an UNGRATEFUL PIECE OF SHIT OF A CHILD THIS SUMMER, Or should I say the SUMMER OF REDRUM PART DEUX???!!!

Summer story lines are usually pretty teen focused. It's too bad most teen stories suck.

I was not moved, by the way. I really wanted to be.

I teared up too. I was embarrassed. I had to justify my tears to my husband. I said he rarely does this, so it was a shock. I already hate Michael again. I know he has every reason to be pissed, but if he's not going to include Jason, I want no part of it. Well, I'll wait and see how he is with the Q's. But I'm still really annoyed.

Of all things to be at odds with your deserved bitchy persona...Titanic?!? Ick.

I'm about to descent here:

I used to be a regular reader, guys (Or is it more proper to solely address Mallory?). I find, now, that using this site to losely keep up on the world of Days & GH is not only more pointless, but less fun. In most aspects, it's harder to identify with you two. And though I'm somewhere in between your ages, with the same background and hook in soapland, there's a point when it gets old. I don't have to always agree with you (it's been quite a awhile, anyway), but once-in-a-while a bit of insight and perspective might be refreshing.

...Or not. I'm sure you're doing just fine with new and, even, old readers. For me, it's just a little sad that the luster has faded here.

And now, I will resume my right to take part in the important democratic process of voting for my American Idol so that boring dude goes away. Good night.

It seems super cold to leave a comment like that on an entry where I talk about how easily I cry!

I'm sorry that you feel that way, Lauren, and I apologize that I haven't been fun, or insightful, or worth reading lately. If you have specific criticisms, you could always email one of us.

Why couldn't they have brought back Georgie instead?

EXACTLY WHAT I WAS THINKING! I'll admit, I teared up a bit, but I don't think it was because of their acting. Honestly, I think my past love for GH was what made me sad because I know it will never be that way again. Now we have some big-toothed idiot flirting with his sister (am I the only one who remembers the incest/breeding on Passions? I about never felt clean after THAT storyline!), a once-loved adventure-seeking buffoon, a million wonderful memories of better actors and actresses being literally shot all to hell, and even more plotless development. Congratulations Bob Guza & Co. I don't even RECOGNIZE this show anymore. Maybe he and Frons will get what they want and ABC will lose its Daytime shows.

I wouldn't mind OLTL being the only one left because, come on, everyone remembers the brilliance of oldTodd strapped with armor hotdogs!

Mallory, the rest of us don't feel that way. Beth, you're too funny. I would LOVE to see Patrick and Lucky teaching their kids to swim! They could take them on a boat and...oh hell. Like I need one more dream bashed by this ass!

I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, Mallory. I admit the comment was cold and I should have read the entire entry before I commented. My feelings about not relating to you guys and the blog anymore was much more cumatlive and probably misplaced under a specific entry.

Honestly, this blog was the last tie I had to any soaps and while they all slip into a comma-like death, I had hoped for something that didn't make me turn away completely. I understand that that was unfair.

You guys are natural, incisive and witty writers and provide a lot of entertainment to many of your readers. It's the subject that's probably more off-putting. I guess I was looking to reconcile the two. The chuckles and gaffuddles you both elicited over the years was good times, though.

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