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May 15, 2009

Reasons I Am Exceedingly Happy Today

  1. Today is my 35th birthday.
  2. Tomorrow is Mallory's birthday.  (She is considerably younger than I am, the bitch lucky girl.)
  3. Danny Gokey finally brought an end to my torment by getting voted off of Idol
  4. My best friend celebrated by birthday by placing George Clooney paraphernalia around my house.  He smiles at me from my fridge when I go to get a Coke Zero, you guys!
  5. Mallory has hilariously recapped the Daytime Emmy noms (throwing in the Gokey ouster reference for good measure!) and has me looking forward to the red carpet and ceremony live-blogging. 
  6. As of yesterday night I am ON VACATION for the first time in two years and have nearly 10 days to spend my days soaking up the sun on a tropical beach and my nights catching up on blogging, the latter being something it seems I have not done since 2006.  No Blackberry or work email, y'all; this is a serious vacay.
  7. I have not watched GH in a week.  Happy birthday to me, bitches!

See you in an actual substantive post soon.  Sorry to have been a derelict blogger, but I know Mallory has been keeping you entertained.  Much like Sephora and Starbucks are, I'm so grateful to Mal.



wow!! happy birthday to you becca!! have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your vacation!!

Happy Birthday Becca! Enjoy the vacation!

Have a great happy silly lovely birthday and an ever better vacation, because it lasts longer!

Happy Birthday to you both.

Happy Birthday to both of you Taurus girls!! And many , many more to come. I couldn't be without Serial Drama now because I am hooked.Please never change and be the snarky, funny bloggers you are.

Happy Birthday to you both and thanks for everything you do and all the fun snarkiness!

Happy B-day to you both, ladies! And congrats on the vacation, Becca!

Happy Birthday, Mallory!

Happy Birthday Becca and Mallory (young'uns).

Have fun on the vacay! :)

Aww, thanks, guys!

Am I too late for the party? Happy Birthday ladies!

Thanks you guys!

Happy Birthdays, gals!! Mine was Saturday, too. I knew I liked you ladies for a reason :)

Happy Birthday, Becca! (May 15th)
Happy Birthday, Mallory! (May 16th)
Happy Birthday, to me! (May 17th)

I knew we had to be kindred spirits and our birthdays all in a row proves it!!!!

Happy Birthday, Cece! (May 16th)

Happy Birthday to you, too, realbrenda4evr!

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