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June 16, 2009

A Professional Stylist Was Responsible For This. One Who Gets Paid Real U.S. Dollars.


Magenta sweater.
Red handbag.

I'm just going to let you sit and rearrange those words at random and decide if they are ever acceptable in the same vicinity as each other.

(They aren't, but I like to let people figure out that I am right in their own time.)

* With bad roots.  What the hell is wrong with the [inexplicably] Emmy-winning Days hairstylists?  Speaking of which, did I hallucinate or in the preview for today did I see a James Scott haircut?  Praise be!


You know my sister who's a redhead wore something similar like this once....of course it was when she was younger and foolishly trusted her older sisters to dress her properly.......She's since learned THAT lesson.....

All 3 of those things? Never. 2 of them? Could work.

Unbelievable that people who are paid to do style can find anything stylish in that mess.

I'm a guy...granted a gay guy but still not one known for his fashion sense... and I'm a slight redhead who hasn't worn a red shirt in public since I was 15.

(except for my high school football jersey, but I can't choose my school colors, and any fashion points I may have lost from clashing colors in a gay bar, I more than made up for by being the guy who could carry off wearing a football jersey..ah youth)

But I digress. I haven't watched Days regularly for years, but I could still pick their hair and style disasters out of a line-up. It's sort of amazing not just how wrong they are, but how wrong they are in a very similar way...always "just off" and always changing to match the current fashion but still remaining just off. It's like if you could plot fashion over the years and connect the dots into a line, Days would always be running in a parallel line.

And now I've outed myself as gay AND a math geek who can't really describe what he means. I'll be going now. Thanks for the mid-afternoon laugh.

In the world of soap opera hair and wardrobe disasters, this doesn't even get a reaction from me. If a non-televised person did this, I wouldn't think anything of it. I think that a magenta that purple is fine on a redhead. The red bag would be fine for a redhead to carry, because it's a bag, not a shirt. My only problem is the red bag with the magenta sweater, whish clearly is not good, but could be so so much worse.

off topic...but HAIR on days...what is the deal with Mia's hair...it's grey on top and blond on bottom...? wtf

So what I heard was true after all? Cool.

Also...was his haircut a nice one? Because the last thing we need is for JS to have even worse hair than before.

Eh, red heads in magenta can work. See this woman in pink, twice. Neither truly does her justice. She's pulling off the reddish pink in all kinds of ways.

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