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June 15, 2009

I Hope I'm Not The Only One To Find This Creepy...

Ashley's baby-naming technically isn't the most disturbing part of her storyline, as she is actually no longer pregnant, and only thinks she is still having a baby because of Adam's full throttle gaslighting, which is truly dark, but I can't help but be disturbed all the same.

Ashley: But I'm not going to. Bottom line is, I'm really happy, and I've been thinking.

Victor: Thinking about what?

Ashley: Baby names.

Victor: Boy or girl?

Ashley: Mm, I keep feeling like it's gonna be a girl. I don't know why. The one name that I keep coming back to is Hope, but if Hope isn't an option for you, I understand.

Victor:Well, this is a child of hope. I think it's very appropriate. And I adore you.

Ashley: I adore you, too.

FIRST OF ALL, this is not a child of hope. It is a child of defying the odds, and baffling the entire medical community, and grossing out hordes of viewers.

SECONDLY, who even entertains the notion of naming their child after their significant other's dead ex-wife? Aren't those names automatically off limits?! I realize that eliminating the names of all of Victor's ex-wives doesn't leave you many names to choose from, but still!

THIRDLY, how much farther off the deep end will Adam go when he learns of this latest development? He's pretty far gone as is, but this grossly inappropriate line of thought may even make him do even crazier thing than...well, okay, not much is crazier than dressing in drag in order to drive your father's girlfriend crazy, really, but if there is anything crazier, I have faith that he will find it.


Excellent points. You're not watching OLTL has made you miss another obvious point. The baby that Starr had & Jess/Tess/Bess stole is named.....Hope.

There have been tons of lines about hope being dead or being alive or coming home. It's been eye-roll inducing to say the least.

I was hoping Victor would suggest the name Nikki. Then Ash could come back with the name Brad. Hee hee!!!

But for real, what are we hoping these two freakazoids name the "Hysterical" baby.

SO no, you are not alone in thinking this is all creepy. My vote is for super creepy.

I totally thought for a second she was going to say, "Sabrina!" Not that "Hope" isn't creepy enough.

Gosh this s/l is going for broke!? Too far? I don't know...too dark, nah. Too sad for Ashley - definitely.

The story is repeat city. Victor is quasi-suspicious but doesn't catch on (and in the end the story won't affect him anyway -- he disposes children and women like old suits). Ashley is traumatized and used as a weapon against men who can't even be bothered. Adam is EVOL and does things we are apparently supposed to find riveting...like having Ashley under the care of an OBGYN who sexually abuses his patients. If nothing else showcased the misogyny of today's Y&R, this would.

The guy who plays Adam does evil and sneaky very well....I hate when they change actors in the midst of a good, creepy storyline.
Question: Will they have to reshoot the Adam-in-drag scene so the new actor can flashback to it in his mind?

For some reason I can't wait until Ashley finds out she's not pregnant. It would have been much more entertaining to have her go crazy thinking she's pregnant and going through the change rather then this stupid story line.

Hi Serial Drama, I'm new here! I have fallen in love with the witty posts and comments, as well as the loathing towards certain characters :-) *cough, Sonny Corinthos, cough*

Anyway, this whole story with Ashley, the baby, and Adam, sort of derailed with me when the viewers were supposed to believe that partially-blind (self-induced) Adam cleaned up a miscarriage of a four month old fetus both at the bottom of the stairs and in Ashley's bed. Did he burn and change her sheets too, after he put her back in there?? Not only that, but Ash SLEPT through the miscarriage and explained it away as a dream?! No post-miscarriage bleeding or cramping? Can one go from a miscarriage to a hysterical pregnancy OVERNIGHT?? And now she wants to name the baby after her husbands ex-wife and after the mother of the monster causing all this drama.

I was REALLY enjoying this storyline and the acting involved until the miscarriage. There are just so many plot holes (IMHO) that it's hard to follow along anymore.

I'm just over-thinking things, right? Thanks for reading my rant! I'm so happy to have found this site!

Can we add Mary-Jane's cat to the creepy, WTF??? list.

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