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June 16, 2009

My Essential Person Is Hard Liquor Because Of These Two

Okay, writers. I know you think that, because I watch your show, I am a simpleton who needs things explained to me often, slowly, and with monosyllabic words, but it's not true! I can watch a scene and understand what is going on, without the characters verbalizing it for me. You're freaking General Hospital. I don't need Cliff's Notes to make it through an episode.

Like, I understand that Maxie and Spinelli like each other and have a deep connection. You know how I know this? Because all of their scenes in the history of ever have consisted of them saying those exact words, quite practically verbatim.

Matt: Oh, come on, why not? Really, I mean, you just don't like doctors, or you prefer geeks that hang on your every word? [Zing! --Ed.] 

Maxie: I prefer Spinelli over any other guy, especially you.

Matt: Yeah? Ok, enlighten me. What's -- what's the guy's appeal?

Maxie: Well, he's brilliant and sweet and kind, and I happen to love him.

I GET IT, GH. I GET IT. POINT MADE. They are meant to be. They love each other. They like each other just the way they are. They are each other's lobsters. They are each other's essential person. They will never let go. They make each other want to be a betterperson. They complete each other. They are too old for this shit.

Oh, wait, that last one is me. And by "too old", I mean "too smart, too impatient and too likely to take hostages if the show keeps this up".


Despite all that, I still don't GET their relationship. OK, he's her favorite, "essential" person, but...they kiss once in a while, and they've had sex a couple times, but they're not still having sex, right? But she treats him like more than just her BFF, but he's not her boyfriend....it makes my head hurt. I wish the whole thing would just....stop. I want her to sleep with Johnny so we can get a break from the Maxie/Spinelli love fest for a while.

Girl I feel u on that! we get it, even though we few who watch this show shouldn't cause it's just painful sometimes, but we are not a stupid audience. although I'm starting to think that they think that we are. anyways, we get it Maxie and the wired one "belong" together. even though she is not attracted to him, he can't speak English and well, to me they just have more of a BFF/brother sister vibe more than anything. dont get me wrong, I happen to like both Bradford and Kristien but seriously does anybody see those to really lasting as a real couple?! anyways, as always love reading you girls post, You guys always make it easier to watch GH. But knowing this show lady's don't use words like "hostage" cause who knows maybe just maybe one of the morons in charge read this post and well you never know we might get another stupid pointless Jason saves the day hostage story!! but than again, the morons who "write" that show are to dumb to read you guys brilliant posts!

Ditto, Dia. I don't get Spixie and never will.

I don't think there's much to get. Guza sees schlumpy, self-loathing, insecure Spinelli as himself. Therefore he has to have episode after episode of Spinelli worshipping the mob, Spinelli being a misunderstood genius, Spinelli being noble in his efforts with the screwed-up babe who loves him. Rinse and repeat this scenario day in and day out, because this way the fantasy never has to end for Spinelli. He never has to actually grow up. He can continue to live in his fantasy land as long as there's always a Matt or a Johnny for him to pout at and glare at when he remembers to get the hair out of his eyes.

Spinelli is like Guza's version of a child who will never learn there is no Santa Claus.

At this point I don't care if Spixie is together together or just friends but holy heck they need to do SOMETHING because they are boring me to tears. And if I hear the phrase "essential person" one. more. time. I am not to be held responsible for what I do to random passerbys.

guess its a good thing I only watch when I know i'm getting Greg Vaughan pretty huh? =)

Interesting theor Carl. My personal one is Spinelli and Winnie are the manifestations of Guza's conitinuing plot to give the internet fans and critics of the show a big fat middle finger by saying "oh yeah? you have these blogs and websites and claim to be smart and all? Well I think you are geeks who talk gibberish. what do you think of that losers????" Then again I have been accused of being paranoid.

Part of me wants to kick your arse for using the words "essential person" but then part of me realizes I would have to kick my own arse for just having done the same.

The Maxie I loved is dead thanks to her paring with Spinsuck.

They are each other's lobsters. (sorry FRIENDS for connecting you to GH)

Fine, essential person yada yada yada. (same apology to SEINFELD)

So be it.


Something good has to come from Spixie right? Might as well be my clam bake.

Spixie killed my love for Maxie. She was my favorite EVER. :(

I'm a long time Spixie fan, but I did chuckle at this. I'm beyond ready for Maxie and Spinelli to stop having this conversation and actually do something about it. I think they finally will get it together soon and I'm looking forward to it. But if I never hear Maxie say the words essential person ever again (and luckily she hasn't used that phrase in over a month) it will be too soon.

Thanks to Maxie every time i hear the word essential i shudder, Spixie isn't even something i'm going to consider trying to work out again, i tried once but fell into a deep boredom coma (it's not funny i still have the coffee table corner indentation on the side of my head). Seriously if it's going to happen for them like it be over with and have Matt fawn over someone more worthy of his time!

I've noticed that while I try and watch GH the words "wow, this is the worst show ever. wow, this show sucks" run on a loop in my mind...

My new FAVORITE past-time is imagining GH's fantastic actors on either One Life To Live or Young And The Restless. For most of them I keep their original characters, before Guza had at them, and then I move them to Llanview or Genoa City and figure out where they'll work and who they'll befriend and hotly make-out with. I highly recommend it for any former GH fan. It's a much better use of the hour.

Yeah, they are really annoying me. I liked Spixie, but now I just want them to be apart. Let Maxie go after Johnny or whoever. Let Spinelli be alone and focus primarily on the PI stuff.

I wish Spinelli had never been placed in her orbit. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I despise the Spixie pairing and what it has done to my Maxie.

The idea that a computer geek and a seemingly selfish fashionista can meet and fall in love is a beautiful sentiment and I applaud GH (yes, I do) for attempting to tell this s/l, but something isn't working. For one, I don't see any sexual chemistry between them and I don't see any equilibrium either. I can buy their friendship, but that's it. Spinelli will always wonder if he's enough for Maxie and Maxie will spend the rest of her life trying to convince Spinelli or herself that he's the love of her life. Well, sorry, but he's just not the love of her life at least not at this point in his development.

Quite frankly, I need Spinelli to mature. How do you mature the character without destroying the core of what makes the character unique? BA and the TPTB need to think on in, but if they really want to make a Spinelli/Maxie pairing viable they need to figure it out.

I absolutely love Spixie and I am happy to not hear the term "essential person". You do make excellent points. I do wish that TPTB exercised a little more subtlety with their storylines and varied the dialogue a bit.

I have to pop in and say that I think Spixie are a great couple! I think they have a lot of sexual chemistry - I don't understand why the writers threw in the idea that Maxie wasn't sexually attracted to Spinelli, because I never saw that. I do wish that the writers would get off the proverbial 'pot' already and give these two a proper romance and some growing up.

I think they're adorable and funny and very sweet together.

Well, I have to admit that I'm a Spixie addict and I don't even want to break the habit. I just love them together despite the reptetitive dialogue and the WTF-ness of the past 6 months or so. But I do agree that it's high time they stopped turning in circles and actually made some real progress in their relationship. I need romance. I need the ambiguity to be squished like a bug. And I need both of them to grow up a little, be perfectly honest with each other and act on their feelings.

I loathe Spixie. I hate that they have changed a legacy character to fit with Spin. It makes no sense and is not enjoyable. I want Maxie to have an adult relationship with Johnny. They would be PERFECT for each other.

Spixie has ruined Maxie. They have replaced her with a Georgie pod. If they wanted to do that why the heck did they kill off Georgie? This is not the Maxie I feel in love with and it makes me sick what they have done. I want Maxie with Johnny.

Nothing root worthy or exciting about Spixie. They just need to end they are awful but I agree Maxie would be much better with Johnny they are HOT and more important their characters fit and make sense! This is a soap and Spixie is not what I want to watch for a soap couple they have other shows for that.

I just want GH to give us more Matt and Maxie! At least when they have scenes I'm wide awake and watching the show! They need to go on the run together and have some good old fashioned fun scenes like in the 80's!

I used to really like Spixie and thought they had great potential, but of course the writers have completly ruined them with boring, repetitive dialouge. I shouldn't be surprised, good post Mal.

GH is seriously testing my nerves with this Spixie crap. Spinelli has got to be the most unattractive guy ever,then when they add in the speech,mannerisms and utter wimpy-ness,he's unbearable. Maxie,bitchy and wonderful Maxie,has been torn down to fit with him,reducing to praising him nonstop like he's the only one who ever loved/believed in her. Forget Robin,Mac,Cooper, and Georgie. Spinelli/Spixie is the wet dream of Luza, who is clearly reliving his teen years.Spixie is toxic codependency and even worse,boring.

I don't see one ounce of sexual/romantic chemistry between them. The idea that any woman would want Spinelli is ludicrous.

I used to like pixie but not anymore..

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