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June 02, 2009

Pretend It's Two Years Ago and This Is Groundbreaking: Serial Drama Is On Facebook

While we remain morally opposed to Twitter (related note: HA!), both of us are frequent Facebook users and decided the time has come for Serial Drama to jump on into the modern world and have a page there.  So if you're interested, become a Facebook fan of our blog here, and you can friend us individually as well (Mallory and Becca).  We will use the page to post updates, including some non-soaps-related things from time to time.  Plus we hope it will help us get to know some of you better, and give you regular commenters a chance to get to interact with each other.  See you there!

P.S.  We shut down the forums.  It turns out there were already enough message boards for everyone to bitch about soaps.  How could we have known?!  Wait...we totally did know that.  Anyway, they are no more, but head on over to Facebook to keep your discussions going.  (Click on the Discussions tab on the Serial Drama page and start a thread about whatever horrible or fabulous soapy goings-on you choose.) 


Shut down the forums? Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I loved bitching about soaps but among the mostly like minded.
Val and ilovekMc I will miss our little OLTL talks. Friend me on Facebook! I am the Laura Beebe with a pic of Rick Springfield.

Love the photo, Laura! And you guys should definitely continue your OLTL talks on FB.

Thanks for the link to the Twitter story. I too hate Twitter and take some glee in reading about Twitter-related mishaps.

Annnd...I'm a Facebook fan. Done and done.

I'm going to miss the forums!! I wonder if someone kept a running list of the commandments of St. Jaysus? I hope so! I need a copy of that.

I'm going to add you Laura (I'm Andrea). I hope we can find Val too.

Seriously, Beth R. may cry without the Commandments and also the memories of the Port Charles shirtless volleyball team!

Seriously, did you HAVE to remind me about the PCVFD/Volleyball Team/Shirtless Daycare??? Dang! Lol.

Beth R.-- We have to keep in touch on FB!

Jeanine and I'm on the Serial Drama fan list.

Thank you so much for facebooking your fans! I think a lot of us already feeeel like you're our friends, on account of the whole championing the side of good and truth thing. In this world of Sonnys and Bizarro-Lukes, some of us need that.

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