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June 19, 2009

True Romance

I have long abandoned any hope of tuning into General Hospital for love in the afternoon, because that's something that this show simply doesn't do (aside from Bob Guza's all-abiding love for Steve Burton). 

And judging by their latest attempt at recapturing the, uh, magic of Nikolas and Emily's love story, I'd prefer that they not even try, because if this is what they consider romantic, I...worry.

Nikolas: Well, you're part of Emily. Emily's part of you. I just can't really separate one from the other anymore, you know? And I -- I remember seeing you in her. I just didn't know what I was looking at. You know, that tough look that she had, that swagger that she had when she got angry [Hee! Emily having swagger. As if!--Ed.]

Rebecca: Yeah.

Nikolas: I thought it was all her. But now I understand you were there all along.

Rebecca: Wow, I never thought of it that way.

Nikolas: Yeah. I want to be with you so bad. For who you are and who Emily was.

Sometimes, you can only widen your eyes in horror and back away from the crazy.

Nikolas: You -- you have never looked more beautiful than you do right now.

"You have never looked more beautiful than you do right now, in a dress that looks exactly like the one my dead fiancee wore. Can I call you Emily? That would make me happier than I have ever been before."

Meanwhile, Sonny and Claudia continue to bring new meaning to the word glurg, having angry sex (at the exact same time that Jason is getting shot at. What up, 1999?) after foreplay consisting of:

...Claudia obsessing over her brother's sex life

...Sonny telling his wife to, and I quote, "shut the hell up"

...this conversation:

Claudia:  Maybe if you were as possessive of me --

Sonny: Why would I be possessive when I don't trust you, and I don't really like you? So why would I be possessive?


I bet that "Smack My Bitch Up" is their song. So sweet!


Forgot to mention -

PLEASE GH stop playing that wretched "Would you like it.... " song during sex scenes. It's creepy and stupid. :[

@no relation to steve: "Sorry. This show makes me angry. And not in a "I want to have sex" kind of way."


I've been clean from the show for almost 2 years -- since the still-unrivaled-in-repulsiveness Jax rape storyline. Do they make a chip for that like they do in AA? Okay...I didn't go cold turkey. I watched Carly's grief at Michael's shooting, because I do appreciate acting. And Robin and Patrick's wedding because I do appreciate Robin and Patrick. But it was just a little taste. I swear!

The only reason I am still watching this show is for the Scorpio /Drake/Jones family--that is it. I am so far enjoying the murder mystery with the mayor because the mob is NOT involved in the story (YET). This show could be wonderful again with some decent storylines and direction but until Guza is gone nothing will change. Claudia creeps me out to no end--- I would truly get rid of the mob in encompassing year long arc. In the end -- Sonny and his clan gone-- Kate, Olivia, Dante, Claudia, Johnny, Max, Milo- the whole lot of mobsters. Michael turns to the Quartermaines and Jason has regained his Quartermaine memories and tries to reconcile his two lives. I would get rid of Ethan--sending him back to Holly and Rebecca and Ethan ride off in the sunset with Nikolas' money since he is acting like a sap he deserves to lose his money. -- See solved all the ick factor

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